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When Serafina and I travel, there are two elements we tend to look for in accommodations:

  1. As I pointed out in a previous post, we very much enjoy the style and elegance of historic hotels.
  2. The other element I very much desire is an in room Jacuzzi, or similar whirlpool bath.

Most decent hotels have a hot tub in their pool area.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  Those can be suitable for relaxing and soaking too, but hotel pools are also frequented by loud children, and sometimes equally loud parents.  As such, even for just relaxing, they are sometimes less than prefect.  

And, we all know that even in the most liberal hotels, you just can’t hang out naked with your slave and friends in the pool area.  We’ve shared that sort of hot tub with our friends Dee and Gatekeeper.  It was nice to soak the aches away, and the company and conversation was outstanding (when children in the background weren’t screaming too loudly for me to hear.)  But, when there are public pools involved, it’s just not my idea of proper hot tub fun.

The only way to go then, is to grab a room with a Jacuzzi.

To be honest, I’ve always associated Jacuzzi rooms with the swinging and swapping side of adult and kinky lifestyles.  That’s not a very good description of Serafina and I, but we do consider ourselves to be polyamorous. So, it wouldn’t be unknown for us to, for instance, share our Jacuzzi room with our friend Alpha.  Serfaina enjoys occasionally having two dominants to serve.  (She’s a giver she is!)  I enjoy Alpha’s company, as well as his assistance with her training.  And Alpha’s even commented here calling her the “perfect slave”, so clearly it’s a good fit all around.

And, to be honest, none of us is getting younger.  Not only is a Jacuzzi a wonderful place to hang out with close friends, they really do help soak the ache out of sore muscles and backs.  As long as we don’t get too relaxed and fall asleep, it’s all good hot tub fun as we continue our explorations of the joy of kink.

hot tub fun


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