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After a mild winter, some varieties of Lilly would often be starting to show by now.  What we’ve had this past season has been anything but mild.  It’s been the harshest winter of my lifetime.  Only within the last week have the final piles of snow really started to melt.  

I’d love to picture my sweet slave/wife with some fresh Lillies grown in our own garden, but they are still being shy this spring.

Fortunately, there are hothouse flowers, like my Serafina, who can bloom all year round . . .

hy·a·cinth | noun |ˈhī-ə-(ˌ)sin(t)th, -sən(t)th
1 a : a precious stone of the ancients sometimes held to be the sapphire
b : a gem zircon or essonite
2 a : a plant of the ancients held to be a lily, iris, larkspur, or gladiolus
b : a bulbous perennial herb (Hyacinthus orientalis) of the lily family that is native to the Mediterranean region but is widely grown for its dense spikes of fragrant flowers — compare grape hyacinth, water hyacinth
3 : a light violet to moderate purple

She’s a gem.  She’s a precious flower.  She’s fragrant (and beautiful) too.

It’s the one year anniversary of Boobday, and the theme is Hyacinth.

hyacinth could be her middle name


note – The image accompanying this post, as it turns out, was not accepted as an official Boobday submission.  I’m told, by the author of the Boobday meme that there is “a rawness, a very potent sexual energy that makes it feel more graphic than most of the other Boobday submissions” that made it unacceptable.  After first deleting the post, I’ve decided instead to restore it, and add this note, allowing my readers to decide for themselves if this picture “speaks of breasts” in their mind’s eye . . . 

boobday icon


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Boobday Hyacinth Could Be Her Middle Name
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