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Well the preacher kept right on saying that all I had to do was send
Ten dollars to the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus
Located somewhere in Los Angeles, California
And next week they’d say my prayer on the radio
And all my dreams would come true
So I did, the next week, I got a prayer with a girl
Well, you know what kind of eyes she got
So if you’re down on your luck
I know you all sympathize
Find a girl with far away eyes

~  Jagger/Richards | Far Away Eyes

I’m not sure how many of my readers will be familiar with Far Away Eyes, the Rolling Stones song who’s lyric started this post.  But, for the record, it’s been a sort of tongue in cheek anthem of mine for some time.  I’ve been known to sing it from time to time, usually for a girl.  Yes, I’m that corny.  The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday somehow connected with that song in my mind, the line about the prayer seemed rather poignant.  I mean what is a prayer, if it’s not a wish?  It’s a specific kind of a wish, but it’s a wish nevertheless.

I once had a wish for a girl, you could call it a prayer if you like, although I’m not exactly a prayerful man.  I wished for someone who could be as loyal to me as I could be to them.  It always seemed to me that I’d give my loyalty, my trust . . . I’d give all of myself to another, only to be disappointed.

Then Serafina came along.  She will always be that girl, the one with far away eyes, the answer to my dreams, my hopes, my wishes.  Yes indeed, I got a prayer with a girl!

So tonight, I don’t need three wishes, where just one will do.

Please, Dear Lord, don’t let me fuck this one up, let me be worthy of my slave!

I got a prayer with a girl . . .


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Wicked Wednesday I got a prayer with a girl . . .
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