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It’s International No Panties Day

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Events | 1 comment

Today is International No Panties Day.


I couldn’t make this stuff up!

Consider, if you will, that No Panties Day has a Facebook event page.  

It must be real!

Yes, I know some might consider it to be a crass and sexist “holiday”.

To a great extent, I’d agree with them.

But really, who am I to argue with an internationally celebrated event?

Especially one that brings such great joy to so many!

Anyway, I’m not the kind of person who waits for holidays to celebrate.

I”ve never waited for birthdays or other holidays to give presents. I’ve never needed Thanksgiving as a reminder to give thanks.

Our life on this mortal coil is just a brief ephemeral blink in time.

If we wait to express joy, share fellowship, or give thanks, the day we’ve waited for may never arrive.

So, using that philosophy, throwing caution (among other things) to the wind, I say let’s celebrate everyday!

I hereby decree that every day will be “No Panties Day” here at Samadhi Haus!

Michael’s Annotated References

Women as Commodities? | by Beverly Lopez — “First, it was “No Panty Day”. Then, it’s “No Bra Day”. Now I see circulating photos of “Naked Women Day” . . . Don’t you feel offended that women are easily discarded to fake “holidays” to what?” – I wanted to start my annotated references with this link, as my way of acknowledging that some folks are offended by fake holidays of this sort.

I’m not.  Neither is my nesting partner (and whether or not she’s my lifestyle submissive, her opinion does matter.)  I can be irreverent, my sense of humor is twisted. I openly admit who I am, and make no apologies. I just hope no one has told Beverly about “Steak and Blowjob Day” . . .

June 22nd Is ‘No Panty Day’ – If KLAQ 95.5 FM “El Paso’s Best Rock” says it’s news, it must be!

June 22 is ‘No Panty Day’? –  ABS-CBNnews.com MANILA, Philippines – “Don’t remove your underwear just yet, ladies.”
No Panties Day – June 22nd – “Official” Facebook page for No Panties Day.


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