it’s vacation time…

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some time off work

going on holiday?

I’m off from work for the next week.

That means a vacation by the beach for many folks.  Last year I visited the Atlantic Ocean, the infamous Jersey Shore.

Of course, the beaches were closed while I was there.  Mother Nature decided to park a hurricane offshore.

It was inconvenient, I admit.  But, I saw waves as big as I’d ever wish to see rolling into shore.  I was witness to some spectacular sunrises and sunsets too.

Once upon a time for me, it would have meant a hike in the Northwoods.  Perhaps along the shores of Lake Superior or Lake Michigan.  There’s really something special about a cool breeze off those lakes.

There’s plenty of parks along the Great Lakes I’ve never visited.  Of course, I’ve never visited a park there that I wouldn’t return to again.

Or perhaps an exploration of Minnesota’s Boundry Waters area.  I’ve been all around that particular park, but have never had an opportunity to visit.  A week’s vacation at a cabin there sounds idyllic.

not so much

My plans include doctor visits…

Well, that and sleeping.

Perhaps if I’m really lucky – weather and health permitting – I’ll even go camping close to home for a night or two.  But, that’s about it.

The weather forecast is absolutely perfect, as it stands.  The primary issue is health.

I’d like to think that my best days are still ahead of me.

But at 54 years old, with a mounting list of health issues, that may also be wishful thinking.

The big issue at the moment is my potassium.  It’s been low all summer.  Despite dietary changes and huge supplement, it remains low.  One of the medicines prescribed to raise that particular electrolyte level made me ill.

And, it takes months to get in to see a nephrologist.  That’s the next step.

So, for the time being, I feel washed out.  I have no energy.  And, I really don’t feel much like doing anything…

I didn’t even come up with an image for this week’s Sinful Sunday!

Quotes it’s vacation time…
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