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Have you ever heard of Jactitation?  That term refers to those who derive pleasure, or become aroused, by bragging about their own sexual exploits.  Perhaps you think that some sex bloggers, maybe even yours truly, are guilty of jactitation?

The term jail bait refers to an underage individual who has not yet reached the age of sexual consent.  It’s ok to roleplay jail bait, but it’s never ok to even role play with jail bait.  OK?

Jealousy is something everyone deals with sooner or later.  As a person who’s practiced polyamory since 1989, I find it can be one of the biggest issues facing poly people.  I’d like to think I am immune, but I know I am not.

Jacking off is certainly something most every man will have done at some point in his life.

Jilling off is one term I’ve seen used for female masturbation, turning the masculine term on it’s head.  You go girls!

So, it should follow that a Jack-and-Jill-Off Party is a safe-sex orgy mixing masturbation with other activities, but no penetration.  Makes sense to me, how about you?

Jerk-off is just another term for jacking off.  As are jerking the gherkin, jerking the johnson, jerking the joint, jerk the Turk,  jerk your jewels, jerk yourself a soda, jerking jamby, jerking off, jerking the noodle, and jerking the turkey, among many others.

Jerking the merkin is a euphemism for female masturbation.  Why aren’t there more?

Jewelry is an important part of dressing up for some people.  Nipple and genital jewelry are certainly kinky wardrobe accouterments.

The term juice for jelly refers to the exchange of body fluids between an man and a woman.  It’s not a term I’d use, but it’s in the lexicon.

Juvenilism is a term that could be applied to some age players, just as infantilism was mentioned among yesterday’s kinky vocabulary starting with the letter “I”.

What do all the italicized words have in common?  They all begin with the letter “J”, of course.  And in one form or another, they can be associated with exploring the joy of kink.

I chose the name, the Joy of Kink originally for a blog that was going to be dedicated solely to BDSM education.  The idea was to “write the book” on BDSM from basic to advanced, tackling it in small bites via a blog.  yesterday, in talking about inspirations, I should also have mentioned a couple of websites that no longer exist.

Castle-Realm was a great influence in my desire to create the Joy of Kink.  In it’s day and age, Castle Realm was a classic resource for people just beginning to explore the joy of kink.  The Steel-Door by Mistress Steel (aka FRR Mallory) was another great resource that’s no longer on the web.

Many of the articles from those websites have been copied and re-posted at FetLife and other BDSM sites.  Both can be accessed by the savvy on the internet wayback machine.

In the end, this site has become much more personal than it’s original conception a few years back.  I bought the domain years ago, and had a blogger blog at that address.  The articles I wrote have been taken down to be rewritten and posted here, but the domian remains, with a single lonely post.

I just had to have a self hosted blog.  And once I had it, I discovered that taking part in the memes of the four influences I mentioned yesterday was far more fulfilling that just writing articles in a vacuum.  The A-Z challenge has brought me back closer to my original goal, and for that I’m thankful, but fun is fun!

But, I also wonder what the letter “K” is going to stand for tomorrow!  Whatever it ends up being, it will likely add yet another chapter in telling the stroy of my own explorations of the joy of kink.

“J” is for the Joy of Kink


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