cops wound Aussie cosplayers at sex party

Joker and Harley Quinn Shot in the Act

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Cosplayers are generally fun and adventurous individuals.

Downunder in Australia, they may be more adventurous than most.

At Melbourne’s Inflation Nightclub, cosplay and sex play have been combined to create a weekly party called Saints and Sinners.

It’s billed as “world’s raunchiest party where just about anything goes.”

Last weekend, the swinger’s party was crashed by a group of individuals wearing police tactical gear.  Complete with riot shields and ballistic helmets.

They weren’t cosplayers.

They were local law enforcement.

The result was nearly fatal for one man dressed as the Joker.  He was shot in the torso.  He was also zapped with a Tazer.

His partner in “crime”, Harley Quinn, was also wounded. Shot in the leg.

The shooting occurred just moments after the police entered the nightclub.  A mere 32 seconds elapsed between the time law enforcement entered the club and when they employed lethal force.

Venue staff have stated that the male victim was not holding anything in his hand but rather he was in a compromising position with his female partner, which is a normal activity with the nature of this event.

Martha Tsamis

Owner, Inflation Nightclub

police overreact?

From the size of the police response, you might have thought the Joker was some real life villain.  A nefarious character like the one found in comic books.

More than 40 officers of the Critical Incident Response Team were involved in the raid.

They were heavily armed. Some carried semi-automatic weapons.

This tactical team rushed into a sex club at 3:53 am.  Less than a minute later, there were two victims of the police shooting.  One with a leg wound, the other shot in the back.

Remember, just about anything goes … there are open areas where people are talking, dancing, drinking, meeting, feeling and… there are more secluded areas where people can play a little more discreetly.

Inflation Nightclub website

justified response?

Despite the fact that two unarmed individuals were wheeled out of the club on stretchers (one in critical condition,) the police seem satisfied with the outcome.

Their justification for the shooting?

They claim the Joker waved a weapon in their direction, drawing their gunfire.

“If you look at all the circumstances when a gun is aimed at you, and you ask somebody to drop the gun and that does not occur, you need to make a split-second decision to protect yourself,” Police Superintendent Lisa Hardeman explained.

“The public expects a prompt and appropriate response by police to calls such as this, particularly in our heightened security environment,” said Wayne Gatt, secretary of the local Police Association.

Gatt continued to say that police were, “Trained to take and act on threats at their highest potential.”

But club patrons and staff don’t report feeling protected by this paramilitary police presence.  

And, they report the Joker was brandishing a different kind of “gun”.

Those witnesses say he was involved in an intimate act with his partner as police stormed the club.

kinky lives matter?

Several hours after the event, police seized the hard drive containing records of the incident from the club’s internal security cameras.

In those video records, police officers are shown first arriving at the club over an hour before the shooting occurred.  Footage from those security cameras shows them on the scene at 2:52 am.  

Yes, those officers were responding to reports that a patron at the Saints and Sinners Ball was armed with a gun.  But, camera footage shows those officers calmly interacting with security guards and patrons, not rushing in to save innocent lives.

In the hour between their arrival and the shooting, police are also said to have watched the Joker from one of Inflation’s in-house monitors.

Law enforcement was told by a security guard that the gun was a plastic replica.  Security inspects props of that kind upon entry to the club, it’s part of their standard protocols.

Club security also reports that police ignored their suggestion to have an undercover officer enter the club to assess the scene.

Michael’s way

Besides the fact that law enforcement wounded two individuals, one critically.

Beyond the fact that a paramilitary team of 40 heavily armed officers, dressed in all triot gear, stormed a sex club just before 4 am.

Ignoring the fact that law enforcement was told in advance that the gun was a fake.  A replica.  A toy.

This still stinks.

There’s bad history here that makes this story smell like an open-air fish market at closing on a hot summer day.

Police recently tried to have the club restricted, wanting it to close by 1 am.  They failed.

Law enforcement recently raided Inflation, on a busy night, alleging rampant drug trafficking.  Drug dogs were brought in.  Every patron of the club was searched.

Local media was tipped off in advance of that drug raid.  Of course, that meant all patrons of Inflation who were attending that evening’s party were filmed leaving the venue after the raid.

Would it surprise you to learn that no drugs were found?  No weed.  No cocaine or smack.  No pills.  Nothing.

This is a playbook version of how law enforcement harasses adult businesses.

It’s not every day that they get to call out the tactical response team.  Granted, they usually don’t go to the length of shooting anyone.

Please do not misunderstand. I love the police when they are protecting me from violent crime or robbery.  Perhaps less so when they are doing speed enforcement and the like, but I know it’s necessary.

If a sex club needs a police presence, they will quickly call you.  OK?

Otherwise, can you just stay the fuck out of sex clubs, BDSM parties, and the like?

We are kinky, not criminal.

Please, “Just say NO!” to harassing kinky folk.

You know, it’s not even our choice to be kinky.  We were born this way!


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