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I know submissive individuals of both sexes who struggle with truly giving their submission.

Now don’t misunderstand, they very much crave the sensations and play that a dominant can provide.  They very much want what an experienced Master such as myself can give.  But, they seem (at least at times) to forget that D/s is about an actual exchange of power.  They seem to forget that to give them the scene that they desire, it is going to take a significant expenditure of energy on my part.

And, I’m not talking just the effort I put into it, because to me power exchange is really about an exchange of energy between the submissive and myself.  The rope, restraint, whip, blindfold, and gag are just props.  Crawling on her knees to me is an nice action, but it’s not actual submission.  There are actions and tools to facilitate the exchange,  but the exchange itself is a much deeper.  Individuals observing my scenes may pick up technical hints and techniques they can apply in their own scenes, but the energy exchange isn’t quite so obviously apparent.

Of all the people I’ve played with in my life, Serafina understands this best.  She has truly given herself to me, mind, body and soul.  Everyday I feel the gift of her submission, I feel the energy she so freely gives.  She gives joyous submission, without reservation.  She is light to my darkness, she is the yang that balances my yin.

How do you show that to an individual who’s being mentored?  It took years for Serafina and I to get to this point, it’s not a path that can be wandered down causally.  If you want what we share, it’s going to take work, it’s going to take real effort.  I’m not talking effort for a day, a week, or even a month. I’m talking years.

And, it doesn’t happen without allowing vulnerability. Serafina’s heart is in my hands.  One moment of callous disregard could bring everything crushing down.  With everything she gives to me, it’s absolutely essential that I protect and nurture my slave, as her gifts come from a place of very real vulnerability.  Serafina cannot give me joyous submission without reservation if I don’t create the conditions where that gift can be given safely.  I can’t truly give her the gift of my dominance without the very real exchange of power, the exchange that can be so difficult for some.

How do I describe that for an individual I’m mentoring?  How do I show all of that in a picture?

joyous submission


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