serves his guests wine from a box?

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my attempt at art

The image accompanying this post was created from an InSex video shoot.  It’s either an old still shot, or perhaps a video capture, I’m not sure of it’s true source.  I found a few years back floating around on Tumblr.  Surprised I found erotic pictures on that medium? Ya, right . . .

For this post, the original has been transformed, using a variety of effects, into a nice watercolor.

Most of the images you’ll find here on my blog are transformed from pictures I’ve encountered in my daily travels on the Internet.  I have a variety of different images processors I use, making tweaks and adjustments as I work.  When I’m satisfied that I’ve transformed an image into an artistic creation of my own, it’s ready to accompany a post.

While some may not consider the images I create to truly be art, (and I might argue that point were I in the mood ) –  it’s a process I enjoy.  I like the effects, they please me.  Perhaps they aren’t suitable for framing and hanging on your wall, that was never the point.  They decorate the walls of this blog, and that’s their only purpose.  This is Michael’s Way after all.

Anyway, I digress . . .

I first found the image this art was created from nearly 7 years ago.  I even posted about it on another blog I once wrote.  I love nearly everything about the picture, but there’s one detail that really throws me off.  It bothered me then, and it still bothers me today.


Here’s what I wrote back in August, 2011.

While the dominant in the background seems to be simply thrilled by the submissive’s hands-free serving tray/nipple clamp combination, I’d actually like to wipe that silly grin right off of his face.

What self-respecting dominant goes to all that bother, with maid costuming, lovely dark custom serving tray, not to mention the red nose ring leash, only to spoil the whole scene with the terribly ugly plastic soda pop bottle?

I wouldn’t be surprised to discover he also serves his guests wine from a box . . .

A substantial glass tumbler with an iced drink would have been far more appropriate, perhaps something like Chivas Regal on the rocks. Or maybe a nice Bacardi and Coke, if a mixed drink were more to his taste.

If a heavy tumbler and ice would have been more than this girl’s tender nipples could bear, I’d suggest the alternative of a simple glass of wine. If her limits allowed, I’d even like to see the wine bottle on her tray, along with the glass, and of course a corkscrew!

For my eye, the best option of all would be for the tray to hold a delicate champaign flute, filled and waiting for Master to toast her submission, and perhaps even her talents.

But for God’s sake, a plastic soda-pop bottle?

serve his guests wine from a box

Ya, no matter what I try to do, that damn plastic bottle ruins an otherwise outstanding image.

The host certainly serves soda pop straight from the bottle.  

Perhaps he really does serve his guests wine from a box?

It’s just so wrong.

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