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While blogging the Joy of Kink from “A” to “Z”, what pray-tell does the letter “k” stand for?

Kabazzah 1
Kama Sutra
Karezza 2
Ketamine 3
Key Holder
Kinsey Report
Kleptophilia 4
Klismaphilia 5
Kolpophobia 6
Knitting 7
Knife Play
Kokigami 8
KY Jelly

Those are the nominees.

The envelope please . . .

And the winner is . . . .


That’s mostly because klismaphilia is such a fun word.  It just sounds neat on the tongue. Kikigami was the runner up, for the same reason, it’s just a fun word to say.

The actual topic if klismaphilia, well it’s not for everyone.  But isn’t that the case for many kinks?

That’s why tolerance is so vitally important in our community.  My kink may not be your kink, but that doesn’t make it a bad kink.  Your kink may not be my preference (there might actually be a kink or two I’m not into) but I support your right to practice your kink.  I should add that there is one limit, I support you as long as your kink is practiced by consenting adults.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, today’s topic is one with a history going back to the Egyptians.  Klismaphilia is a form of sexual expression where a person gets pleasure from receiving enemas. Occasionally, some individuals can also become aroused by giving enemas to other people. Klismaphilia, as a word, is a recent invention.

It was coined by Dr Joanne Denko back in the early 1970’s, using the Greek word klisma (meaning enema) as the base term for this particular fetish. As with most other things I’ve written about, this is a topic where I have personal experience.  My ex-wife and former submissive, BlissfulTorment enjoyed receiving enemas as a part of our play.  Obviously then, I enjoyed giving them too.

It’s a “power thing” for me.  Enema play gives me a lot of control.  Not to mention being a very intimate activity.

Exploring her own potential for possible klismaphilia is a scary prospect for my Serafina.  She’s got a few fears, a couple of worries, and a nagging concern or two.  In the end (no pun intended) I’m sure those fears will melt away of we ever get serious about exploring this particular kink.  After all, I love turning fears into excitement.

Enemas do also have a purely practical side in exploring the joys of kink.  Not everyone who receives enemas is a klismaphile.  Some folks will give themselves an “anal douche” before taking part in butt sex.

“k” is for klismaphilia


  1. referring to a sexual technique during intercourse where the man and woman are both physically still and the woman uses only her abdominal and vaginal muscle contractions to bring him to orgasm
  2. a form of sexual intercourse in which the penetrative partner does not attempt to ejaculate within the receptive partner, but instead attempts to stay at the plateau phase of intercourse for as long as possible avoiding the seminal emission
  3. an animal tranquilizer used as a “date rape” drug
  4. the act of becoming sexually aroused by the theft of objects
  5. the act of getting sexual pleasure from receiving enemas
  6. Fear of genitals , especially the vulva
  7. OK, this isn’t really a sexual activity, but a young lady sat knitting in the corner at the last munch I attended. So the term was added to the list as a bit of a joke, and to see if anyone is actually paying attention
  8. the act of dressing a man’s penis up in a paper costume
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