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WARNING – this post contains nudity and is very much NSFW as well as unsuitable for minors – if you aren’t of legal age to view this – go away!

considering the clothed top naked bottom

Clothes make the man, or so it’s said.  As with most old adages, there’s more than a little truth to the saying.  Obviously that’s also true in my case when discussion turns to the topic – Clothed Dominant Naked Submissive.  I actually find that clothes are a significant element of what sets me apart from a good number of other dominants in the average Midwestern small town dungeon.  Believe me, I’m not trying to brag on my sense of style here, anything but in fact.  I always considered myself to be fashion challenged, to be quite honest.  But, somewhere between the age of 35 and 50, I realized that the clothes a person wears really does make a statement.   And, it should also be said that setting myself apart in our local play spaces is not as hard as you might think, essentially it means eschewing the “jeans and black t-shirt” look as my primary form of dungeon attire.

I suppose it’s also true that lack of clothes makes the slave, although I’m thinking that’s not exactly an age-old adage. With that said, when paraded about naked, my slave/wife Serafina’s lack of clothes in a dungeon is somewhat less than distinctive slave-girl attire.  Serafina has a beautiful body, certainly worth admiring when on display, so please don’t misunderstand.  As the introduction to the current Kink of the Week discussion points out,  a clothed male with naked female seems to be more the norm than the exception among kinky types.  So, in our case, the “clothed top naked bottom” can never raise to the level of a fetish, contrary to the Clothed Female Naked Male fetish that was the original topic for this week’s discussion.

it’s not the destination . . .

So, while my clothes may be distinctive for our locale, they sure aren’t anything special in larger venues.  I’m really just another guy with a submissive lady when we are away from home.  And while a naked Serafina truly is a sight to behold, neither of us is getting younger.  She’s not some 20-year-old whose selfies make it to Kinky and Popular over at Fetlife.  If we were a vacation destination, we certainly wouldn’t be Disneyland.  And, wouldn’t even make it to the level of a sad Atlantic City during depressed times.  We aren’t a destination at all, in terms of comparing our lives to a locations, Serafina and I are the boondocks!

But, as I’m fond of saying – The destination isn’t what matters, it’s the journey!  And pondering that point has got me thinking.  I do know what’s special about Serafina and I, in terms of considering the “Clothed Dominant Naked Submissive” topic.   It’s not my attire that makes us special, nobody’s going to be asking me to walk a runway in a leather contest anytime soon.  And as beautiful as she is, it’s not Serafina either.  Instead it’s the journey to that particular local.

What’s special here at House of Samadhi is the journey, it’s all about how we get to the point where Serafina and I portray the clothed dominant naked submissive . . .

it’s the journey!

Along my own journey, the latest fetish I’ve developed is to strip Serafina (or any other willing victim for that matter) with big sharp knives.  It’s not so much the final destination of a naked quivering slavegirl at my service, it’s the act of getting there.   I’ve grown to absolutely love stripping my Serafina down to a naked condition using knives, machetes, or even swords.  Yes, we have lots of fun once she’s naked too, but getting there, it’s at least half the fun.  With that in mind, I’m about to present the House of Smadhi “getting there” version of Clothed Top Naked Bottom.

Note – there are bonus “click-thru” images associated with each picture, in fact most of the best photographs are the “pictures behind the pictures”.

blade on bed

We begin with my lovely slave/wife Serafina bound and gagged at the foot of my dungeon bed.  Please note the 27″ knife laying on the bed behind her . . .

Serafina is wearing an outfit that was primarily sourced from Salvation Army.  I haven’t yet had the heart to tell her that good clothes are to be sacrificed to my new obsession (stripping submissive women with knives and machetes.)  Gag aficionados will, of course, note the drool running down Serafina’s shirt, an uncontrollable side effect of the harness gag she’s wearing.  At one time, Serafina found uncontrolled drooling from being gagged to be humiliating, not to mention unattractive.  The night we had this scene, she didn’t express any opinion on the topic.  Well, nothing more than a few murmurs and mews.

stripping serafina first cuts

The fist cuts are made, just a few slices on the edges of a sleeve to make her feel vulnerable.

Feeling the cold steel against her flesh made her mew, murmur, and moan even more than our (admittedly) one sided conversation about the beauty of a gagged woman drooling on herself.  Some folks say that gags are an acquired taste, if that’s so, they certainly are a taste I’ve grown to desire!

blade edition Clothed Top Naked bottom

Here we get to see my blade at work.  With this kind of play, Serafina has to fight the urge to squirm or pull away from the sharp blade, as I remind her continually that she needs to remain very still around my knives.

I’d like to note that we had a photographer friend on the way to record this particular scene, but unfortunately she was unable to attend due to a last minute emergency.  That’s why there aren’t more pictures of the fully clothed dominant in this Clothed Top Naked Bottom pictorial.  Suffice it to say that the clothed top (me) was also the photographer (me again).  BTW – I think we all know what’s happening to the lady photographer’s clothes the next time she comes to visit.  I do hope she reads this and knows enough to wear disposable clothes next time.  If not, she can’t say I didn’t give fair warning!

 more cuts stripping serafina

 I love anticipation.  And, I really love the anticipation that making lots of little cuts can build when stripping a submissive naked.  And, there are lots of ways to make a a lovely submissive like Serafina feel naked.  But, few have the sheer visceral impact of a pile of shredded clothes laying at her feet.  Yes, the ultimate goal is a naked submissive, but even the best striptease can’t last as long as the magic that can be worked with a sharp blade.

tits - stripping serafina on the way to clothed top naked bottom

Serafina is helpless to resist this sort of attention once I’ve started.  Not only is resistance futile, at this point it would be downright dangerous.  Sharp blades aren’t to be trifled with.

This isn’t the kind of play anyone should enter into without excellent judgement, great forethought, a bit of training, and outstanding knife handling tools.  Just last night in a different scene, a great friend of mine, AlphaBull, stripped Serafina with a wicked machete sized blade.  This morning, as he was driving home from the Hotel where we met, AlphaBull discovered two fine cuts on his own hands.  Going over the pictures today, Serafina discovered a small smear of blood (his) on a picture of her brassiere as it was being sliced away.

Alpha is an outstanding dominant.  He’s highly skilled, wonderfully attentive, not to mention having a great demeanor for a dominant to collaborate with in Serafina’s training.  He’s very careful not to ever harm Serafina, yet in doing so he cut himself twice.  That’s a perfect illustration of the risks involved here.  If one of the most skilled dominants I know can get cut during this kind of play, I don’t even want to try and imagine the dangers to everyone involved when inexperienced dominants try to emulate this kind of play.  I got started doing this sort of play with safety shears, the same kind recommended for Shibari and other forms of rope bondage.  I can’t advise too strongly that you do the same.

serafina's panty stripping

I know, most folks playing games based around a clothed dominant naked submissive dynamic want to get those panties peeled off.  I instead, want to cut them off.  We may have differences on how to get there, but once the slave is naked, the difference really is academic.  Because, when it’s all said and done, they are just as naked my way as any other.

Serafina as Clothed Top Naked Bottom

With Serafina stripped naked before me, her clothes shredded into tatters at her feet, while I stand over her fully clothed, I really do feel every possible measure of my power.

serafina naked submissive

Kink of the Week (KOTW)

KOTW Kink of the Week is a new feature here at the Joy of Kink.  KOTW  is the invention of Jade, aka PiecesofJade, aka Jade Melisande, a sex blogger and writer of erotica.  Inspired by a similar feature in a FetLife group, the idea is simply to have a single topic that kinksters of the blogosphere can discuss.  I’m going to try playing along each week, as the challenge of taking on a fresh unexpected topic a few times every month sounds like fun.

Kink of the Week, Jan 20-26: Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM) / Clothed Top Naked Bottom / Clothed Dominant Naked Submissive

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