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Some pictures stand alone, today’s needs just a little setup.  Serafina and I have spoken here before about her collaring ceremony last fall.  It was a marvelous occasion, better than our wedding, truly the best day of my life.  Parts of the ceremony, including our interpretation of the Ceremony of the Roses were solemn and serious.  Every little action was ripe with symbolic meaning.

Then after the ceremony, and the supper I cooked for my guests, but before the actual play party that concluded the evening, my friend Kenn shot some portraits of/for the happy couple.  We did some serious poses, including the obligatory passionate kiss.  Then, I started clowning around.

I used to be uncomfortable putting on even a playful scene for an audience.  I don’t consider myself to be a showman, and I’m not the type to plan public scenes intended to be showy for a crowd.  I have great respect for the guys who spend two or three weeks planning the scene they will put on at a local group’s monthly party, intending for it to attract attention much like a male peacock’s display.  I’ve been quite entertained watching those kinds of scenes.  But that’s not me.

I think after all of the serious ceremonial activities, I needed a little comic relief.  Playing with Serafina’s leash, I first took it into my teeth.  Then, I put it between my legs, and grabbed it, so that the leash ended up in the hand behind my back.  I think I got a catcall (or two) from the audience, as I tightened the leash’s tension, pulling Serafina’s face down just a little towards my crotch.   That was all I needed for encouragement.  I pulled her farther and farther, erupting in laughter the entire time.  We didn’t play for long, but Kenn captured a few shots of our spontaneous play, what will forever be known in our home, as the laughing scene.  It was the perfect balance for all of the solemn seriousness and ritual.

BDSM isn’t just about finding the balance between pleasure and pain, it’s about finding the balance between seriousness and laughter too.  It’s all about the joyous expression of our love, and passion.  Sometimes it’s serious, and at other times, it’s just a hoot!  Isn’t that life?

the laughing scene

 Laughing Scene

This post is in response to Sinful Sunday Week 151 – this week’s prompt is – ‘all about the laughter’.  Click on the icon (below) to see who else is laughing (sinfully) this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday The Laughing Scene
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