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Kink of the Week – Mar 3-9: Laughter

This week’s Kink of the Week is a difficult topic for me.  Not that laughter is anything foreign to House of Samadhi, not at all. It’s simply because laughter was the prompt for the past week’s Sinful Sunday.  So my most obvious pictures, as well as thoughts on laughter in the dungeon, were posted just this last Sunday.  Twice.  The Laughing Scene was my SinfulSunday entry here, and while service = satisfaction (for all) was posted at  Thankfully, I’ve got a good number of pictures in the vault, so I still have one of my favorite pictures to share today.  But still, it’s a challenge to write again on the same topic so soon..

I’ve mentioned our friends Dee and Gatekeeper before, they are a wonderful couple we’ve known for some time.  We get together when family, work, and other necessary obligations don’t get in the way.  Technically, I’m their BDSM mentor, but those lines got blurred long ago.  Nowadays the relationship is some sort of hybrid between mentorship, play partners, and just damn good friends.

It’s hard to explain.  In fact, we’ll be meeting soon to discuss where we are at, and where we all want to go from here.  Coincidentally, that chat fits in pretty well with the theme of the workshop on communications Serafina and I attended this last weekend.  Isn’t it funny how the Universe tends to deliver the message we need to hear?  And, just when we need them too?

Part of the time we spend together is serious, intended to be educational.  When we first met, Gatekeeper and Dee had only just discovered BDSM, almost by accident.  Upon our first meeting in person, I agreed to try and help them along their journey.  The relationship has grown from there into this beautiful undefinable friendship.  It’s hard to put to words, it just works.  One of these days when I put together a “cast of characters” of our family and friends I’ll try and explain it better, but that’s not the purpose of today’s post.

The real point is the joy, the pleasure, and the laughter that our play together brings to our lives.  And, ya know, that’s true for all of our close friendships in this community.  We play together, but we laugh together too.

When Serafina is warming up puppet for his Mistress Lady Jennifer, he often giggles the entire time.  That’s how puppet reacts to a number of different stimuli, he laughs and giggles.  We laughed with Dragonmoon when she came to visit, not to mention turning her sweet ass red.  We laugh with Kenn and DarkKitty when they visit our dungeon too.  And, we laugh too when our friend Alpha comes to visit, he’s a wonderful man, who is my closest friend (outside of Serafina, of course.)  And, despite the ups and downs I’ve had in my friendship with Lexxi Derrière, we always manage to laugh when together too.

I’m serious about BDSM, I take my responsibilities to my slave very seriously, as I take my responsibilities to my friends as well.  But, if you can’t take time for laughter, you can’t take time to really live.  When I take myself so seriously that I can’t laugh at myself, Michael becomes a pretty dull and monochromatic character.

Without laughter my life is like a black and white picture.  It’s joyous laughter that gives everything color.

Tell me what fills you with laughter, what makes you giggle, why you need laughter in your kink.

I need laughter along with my kink for balance.  I like to play in the area between pleasure and pain, pushing sensations one direction then the other.  It’s a razor’s edge of balance, and staying on thar edge takes huge amounts of concentration.  Without some occasional comic relief, I’m afraid that maintaining that level of concentration would become a burden rather than a joy.

Tell me what makes it hot, or what makes you giggle. Tell me why it makes you hot – or makes you snort with laughter.

Laughter doesn’t make me “hot”.  It’s a part of the play, but not the part of play that makes a guy’s pants feel too tight.    At least that how I look at it.

Tell me why it makes you hot – or makes you snort with laughter.

I probably laugh the hardest around my friend Lady Jennifer.  She’s an absolute hoot.  Oh, now don’t get me wrong, she’s also a nasty sadist.  But, she’s the kind of sadist that can spout a comedy routine while wielding a cane.  I wonder, when we are done, if I don’t hurt as badly as the masochist, because I do literally laugh until it hurts, and then laugh some more.

Tell me a time when it wasn’t supposed to be funny…but was.

My most memorable scene that wasn’t supposed to be funny, but turned into a laugh fest, was way back in the early 1990’s.  At that point in time, I was enjoying using goth music for scenes.  I very much liked the mood it set.  The dark and heavily echoed music seemed more than appropriate for helping to create a dungeon setting.  So, I put together a “mix tape” of goth, taking care to select the music carefully, building from slower paced songs up to a driving crescendo.  It was all choreographed to go along with the rhythm of the scene I’d planned.

I had two submissive ladies under my control that evening.  My ex, BlissfulTorment was the first.  Our former lover and decade long playmate who was introduced at as “Cherub” was the second.  I remember starting the music I’d prepared for the evening, and then going about the business of tying up my two girls.  Things were going smashingly, I was really feeling my power, and soaking in the girl’s submission.  It was like a picture of the perfect scene I’d imagined.

Then the song changed.  The new song’s buildup was an echoed spoken voice intro, full of dark overtones.  I thought it was a great way to heighten the suspense of the scene as it got started.  Just when the voice coming over the stereo invoking the name “Nosferatu”, my two bound beauties looked at each other, got the silliest grins on their faces, and broke out in uproarious laughter.  Not just giggles, it quickly turned to belly laughs.

Apparently, the seriousness of it all was a bit too much.  As a 50 year old dominant, as I am now, I’d probably join the laughter, then continue the scene. I wasn’t quite capable of that 23 years ago.  Looking back on the scene I smile, but at the time I was devastated.  The giggles acted like a safeword, I was done.  I think at that point I went and took a bath, telling the girls they could untie themselves, thank you very much.

I’ve learned a lot since 1991.  Most of all, not to take myself so seriously.  I had to learn to laugh in the dungeon, it wasn’t a natural thing for me.  It’s good to learn and grow, and it’s good to laugh too.

Even in my dungeon!

laughing with Dee and Gatekeeper


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Kink of the Week Laughing with Dee and Gatekeeper
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