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leash around neck, beaten by servant

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I’m reading a book about the Crusades.

Christians, in medieval times, attempted to conquer the holy lands from Muslims and rule them as Christian lands.  It was (perhaps) the culmination of the ages old quarrel between Islam and the West.  And, it’s a conflict that’s still relevant, with so much of the world’s focus on the Middle-East these days.

That in and of itself isn’t of great interest to readers here.  Of that I am sure.

But, I’m also pretty sure that one special excerpt from the book does have some relevance here . . .

In the hope of purifying his soul, he made three pilgrimages to Jerusalem, more than 2,000 miles away. On the last of these journeys, now an old man, Fulk was said to have been led naked to the Holy Sepulchre–the site of Jesus’ death and resurrection–with a leash around his neck, being beaten by his servant while he begged Christ for forgiveness.

Thomas Asbridge

The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land

A serious attempt at atonement?


At least to my twisted and kinky ears, that sounds more like a good kinky roleplay scenario than an actual attempt at penance.

To each their own, I guess …

Joy of Kink, Quotes leash around neck, beaten by servant
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