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Lingerie.  One of my favorite topics!  And lingering in lingerie is also a topic very near and dear to the heart of my Master, Michael Samadhi!

I just don’t know any other way to put it . . .  I love lingerie!

In the first image, I am wearing a very specially designed underbust corset by Amy Delicious,  a seamstress from the Philadelphia area.

It was custom designed and remains a very dear one to me

Since that particular corset, Master purchased no less that 15 more for me!  They are of all styles, and all wonderful!  Many of them are steam-punk, a style I have come to really admire and enjoy.  

Master enjoys dressing his slave for his own pleasure, and I love to do that.  It makes me feel especially desirable.

Dressing For Pleasure

Dressing For Pleasure

Silky, satin, lace; it’s not all the same, but it’s all good.

Below, I am once again “Lingering in Lingerie” – a flimsy gown that  reminds me of angels.

I feel a bit like I am floating in it.

I also am doing my best to show off two lovely floggers we had recently acquired, but that is another topic altogether.

Lingering in Lingerie

Lingering in Lingerie

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Kink of the Week Dressing For Pleasure Means Lingering in Lingerie
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