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A few years back, not long after Serafina first came to live with me, my Mother was hospitalized.

As we age, those kinds of occurrences become more and more common for most folks.  Of all the different facets of the human condition, health seems to be, by far, the most impermanent.  Mom often used to say, “We are all just temporarily able bodied individuals.”  No doubt I had a relatively unique childhood, as that’s a good example of the kind of wisdom I heard pretty much daily while growing up.

As was my custom at the time, when Mom ended up in the hospital, I stopped by the facility’s gift shop to look for a small stuffed animal to take up to her room.  I’ve always felt that good morale is an essential for getting a body healed, so a small gesture like a stuffed critter has real healing powers.  Love can’t heal everything, but it does matter. . .

Serafina and I were there in the gift shop together, as I’d asked her to help me shop.  Then my slave casually mentioned that she never, in all of her life, had ever been given the gift of a teddy bear.  Now that struck me as truly sad, but also typical of Serafina’s past.  How such a beautiful creature could have been so unappreciated is beyond my comprehension, but it’s a sad fact.  Serafina had been robbed of many of the things most women experience while they are still “girls”.   I’m pretty sure I gave a stuffed animal to a girlfriend before I turned sixteen.

Now, upon hearing Serafina’s sad tale, my first reaction was to find something for her, right then and there.  Then I thought better of that gesture.  A woman’s first teddy bear shouldn’t come from a hospital gift shop.  So, I made a mental note to make sure that my sweet slave/wife got her own stuffed bear on an appropriate occasion.  Now, what’s more a more appropriate holiday for such a gift than Valentine’s Day?

What’s better than a single bear?  Why two bears, of course.  And what’s better than a pair of bears – a pair of “love bears”.  At least that’s what I call them – the “love bears”.  I think they are adorable.  Of course the “love bears” are even more adorable sitting on a bare Serafina’s lap.  They are Serafina’s “love bears valentine” for 2014.

Oh my darling beloved, I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s day 2014!  Everyday with you is a day to remember!

love bears valentine
love bears - Valentines day 2014

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