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Serafina and I just adore Jade and her blog, Kink and Poly.

So much so that we named her among our biggest inspirations in the post “I” is for Inspiration and Influences.

But I can’t say that I’m terribly enamored of her topic choice for this particular Kink of the Week.  Sorry Jade . . .

Armpits?  Really?

Instead of maschalagnia, why not merinthophilia 1  instead?

I could talk about rope and bondage forever.

But armpits?  Not so much.  Armpits are a ticklish subject!

I’m committed to tackling my kink of the week, every week, but this is not an easy one for me.  There’s just not much there . . .

Do you find yourself sexually attracted to armpits?

Not really.  I love a woman’s body, all of it, but armpit’s aren’t a big deal for me.  I enjoy tickling, and that can include armpits.

Is it the smell? Is it the sight of them?

I’m not the kind of people that’s offended by a fellow human that’s not freshly bathed.  I was an athlete.  With that said, I love a soft freshly bathed body, so it’s not like armpit smell is an aphrodisiac.

Looking at armpits doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  I just flashed my bare armpit at Serafina and asked if she got all hot and bothered at the sight.  She giggled . . . Not so much for her either I guess.

What about hair? Do you prefer shaved?

Vive la différence I say!  I don’t shave mine.  Serafina shaves hers.

She plucks her pussy though, maybe I should make her pluck her armpits too . . .

Jade, I’d like to thank you for this thought provoking subject . . .

Have you ever done sexual acts that involve the armpits?

The answer is no.  I thought really hard, trying to remember tickling a girl’s armpits while we fucked.  I still had nothing.

Do you worship them?

Really?  Really?  Nah, I don’t think so . . .

Maybe you don’t like armpits at all?

I’m not anti-armpit.  It’s not that I dislike the humble armpit, I bear them no ill will.  They just aren’t my thing.

I guess, if I learned to properly torture armpits (I have used clothespins there once or twice, now that I think of it) I might appreciate them more.  Ya, that’s the sadist talking . . .

Let’s talk about pits!

I already gave about all there is.  <calls to slave with wicked new torture! you are going to love this one more than being tied up and having your pussy plucked with pliers!>

Is “M” for Maschalagnia?


  1. a sexual fetish characterized by a individual being aroused by tying another up or being tied up with rope
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