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There’s no list today.

I’ll make no accounting of words that are part of the worlds of fetish, or kink, starting with the letter “M”.

“M” is for masochist, pure and simple.  There was no other consideration.

Sure, “M” could stand for Master.  It could also stand for ménage à trois.  M/s is another possibility, at least in theory.  “M” could stand for Michael, or Michael Samadhi too.

But to my heart, “M” will always stand for masochist.

My identity as a sadist is part of the attraction I feel to kink.  I get to do wicked things to people, and they come back for more.  Sometimes, I even get to make them beg me for more!  Aren’t masochists beautiful creatures?

My dominant side is well fulfilled by Serafina.  Oh my, she’s a glorious slave.  I’ve never know a person more ready and eager to please their dominant.  It’s not a posture, there’s no acting or role play, it’s who she is down to her core.  She loves to please, and it shows.

Serafina, however, would be the first to tell you she’s not a masochist.  Oh, she’s got some potential to develop (I always tell her I have plans for her – I will until my dying day) but she’ll never be a full fledged masochist, and I wouldn’t want to change her into one.  She’s just perfect the way she is!  Really!

However, my sadistic side is not as well fulfilled as the dominant.  While my dominant is living high on the hog in the Monopoly equivalent of Boardwalk and Park Place, my poor sadist is on the wrong side of the tracks.   The sadist isn’t quite slumming on properties like Baltic and Mediterranean avenues, but he’s not in any sort of high rent territory either.  I have two masochistic friends I’ve played with in the past, but neither has been available much in 2014.  I got to play with our friend Dee at the Kinky Kabin in March.  That’s it . . .

So my sadist needed satiating.  And he needed it badly.  I’m prone to saying, “I’m a man who gets what he wants,” these days, simply because it’s true.  And right now I wanted needed a masochist.

You could say that my prayers were answered.  And how!  I got to play with the most wonderful masochist the past weekend.  And let me tell you, it was flat out fucking glorious!

I like to play pretty heavy.  Most of our past playmates are finishing a scene right as I get warmed up.  Dee’s been the only one to truly challenge me so far, and that’s been limited to an extent by the fact that her husband is a good friend of mine.  I play within his limits more than I do hers.

That wasn’t a problem this past weekend.  I wanted to play heavy, and I did!  I played heavy and hard enough that I really owe my friend Alpha, as I broke his handcrafted maple paddle over my new friend’s ass!  Alpha is a true craftsman, and the paddle was his own handiwork.  Oh, it was a thing of beauty.

alpha's solid maple paddle

the paddle formerly known as Alpha’s Paddle

I broke it.

I broke it on my new girl’s ass, while she laughed!  I hit her full force, with all my might, and she laughed!

OK, by the 25th or 30th blow, each of them full force, she wasn’t laughing any more.  Well, at least not until the paddle splintered.  Then she laughed more.

I have to admit, when Alpha’s poor paddle splintered, we both laughed.

I thought Serafina’s eyes were going to bulge out, she couldn’t believe it!

At first, all Alpha said was, “Really? . . . Really? . . . No way!”

Oh, it was a moment for sure.  It may be remembered as another day of infamy, right up there with Dee using her bare hands to flip hamburgers (we didn’t have a spatula) at the Kinky Kabin.

Oh what a glorious memory!  Hopefully it’s the first of many with our new friend . . .

Yes indeed, there’s no denying that “M” is for masochist!

“m” is for masochist




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