Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi – host & narrator

Michael Samadhi

Michael Samadhi -your host and narrator

Greetings, I am Michael Samadhi, a BDSM lifestyle dominant and sadist.   I’ll be your host and narrator here at the Michael Samadhi’s Joy of Kink.  I expect that I’ll be joined at times by my lovely Serafina Samadhi, who I’ll introduce to you in a moment.  With some luck, I’ll also be able to solicit contributions from some of my friends, acquaintances, play partners, and other personalities I’ve met in the lifestyle.

For the last 30 years, kink and BDSM have been a very real and important part of my life. BDSM is not just a part of who I am, it’s not something I play at, nor do only in the bedroom. BDSM is a very real and very serious lifestyle for me. Very simply said, it is how I live.  A giant St Andrews Cross crafted for me by a talented friend, and a custom-made dungeon bed (with a underbed cage) are the centerpieces of my living room.

I’m well-educated and articulate, I’ve enjoyed positions of responsibility and authority my whole life, both personally and professionally. I’m also proof positive that role of the quintessential alpha male doesn’t have to be domineering or difficult. I am firm and strong, I may raise my voice if necessary, but I’m also as good at listening as I am at speaking. You’ll never know what might be learned if you don’t have the courage to sometimes simply listen without speaking or directing.

serafina & friends

My wife, Serafina, is also my slave, my best friend, and my constant companion. I’ve known love before, but I’ve never known love like hers!  She proudly wears my collar and serves me beautifully.  Perhaps her most admirable trait as a submissive, she’s always striving to learn and grow in her service.  Serafina’s love and devotion are absolutely unparalleled in my experience.

I’m also blessed with a growing circle of beautiful friends, a couple of terrific play partners, not to mention the wonderful folks I mentor and/or protect.  I’m active in the local community: as a dues paying member of two BDSM organizations, Riverbound and CROP.  Serafina and I also attend the munches of other groups as our schedule allows.  I also take part in regional and national BDSM events as time and budget allows, always with Serafina at my side.  Last year we made it to Kinky Kollege and Twisted Tryst, as well as our annual shopping excursion to International Mister Leather in Chicago.  In the upcoming year, I expect we’ll take in those events, as well as adding Mischief in May, and Thunder in the Mountains, to our travel agenda.

live & play

From childhood’s hour I have not been
As others were – I have not seen
As others saw – I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
~ Edgar Allan Poe

I try my best to live my life without compromise. While every moment can’t be lived in a Twisted Tryst like mental state where nudity, kink, and debauchery are given totally free rein, Serafina and I do our best to make House of Samadhi a place of alternate reality. The entire purpose of our home is to offer a sanctuary from the rest of the world where it is safe to explore our own (and our friend’s) deepest and darkest fantasies.

I seem to have developed more than a bit of a fetish for BDSM gear.  And, while I doubt that the variety of available toys will ever exceed my imagination’s ability to use them, the collection of toys at House of Samadhi is ever-growing.  Impact toys are a particular passion.  When asked how many floggers I possess, I could only guess, but the count exceeds thirty, including toys made from exotic hides like Russian boar and European red deer.  The array of clips and clamps for sensation play on nipples and other sensitive bits that I’ve collected nearly exceeds the collection of floggers and whips.

While I have a great passion for sensation play of all sorts, it’s actually the mental aspects of BDSM and power exchange are perhaps the most exciting parts of the play for me.  And while extended productions like an extensive interrogation can be a huge rush, it’s the day in day out routine control I have in the Master / slave relationship that Serafina and I share, that is the most fulfilling power exchange of them all.


If you’d like to contact me, or leave feedback about the site, I’ve provided a convenient form here at the bottom of this page.  I can also be found at Fetlife, listed as MichaelSamadhi; and at Facebook where the screen name is also MichaelSamadhi.

kind regards to all,
Michael Samadhi – 12-31-2013

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Michael Samadhi