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pride in ownership

I’m a complex guy, there’s no denying that.  In recent correspondence, my dear friend Cherub called me, “A special, admittedly difficult, man.”  

Depending on your perspective, that’s probably as spot-on a description of Michael Samadhi as you get.  I’m relatively unique, and at times I’m sure I’m difficult, even for those who love me.  But, I am who I am.  I own my kink.  And, through the years I’ve explored a lot of different aspects of sexuality out of both desire and curiosity.

In an earlier effort for the Pussy Pride Project, I wrote from the perspective of man who practices Tantra in a post called – She is My Temple – Pussy is My Altar.  But that’s where my complexity comes in, I’m far from being just a tantric alone.  I’m also a dominant and a Master1.

I’m also from the relatively small minority within the BDSM community who owns their kink on a full time basis.  Serafina and I live a 24/7 lifestyle to the very best of our abilities.  Further more, I’m of the even greater minority of individuals who’s kink is about ownership and possession.

Serafina is called my slave for good reason, she’s my property.  She’s my most valued possession in the world, but she’s a possession nevertheless.  That’s how “the game” is played, and we are serious enough about it that it’s no game, our Master/slave relationship is truly our lifestyle.

Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t deny her any basic human rights.  She’s no prisoner.  It’s a complex and satisfying relationship for us both.  It’s mutually fulfilling.  And it’s certainly not one sided, even if that’s where your imagination might go when hearing the terms Master/slave and Owner/property.

But, just so you know, the one thing that I “own” more than anything else is her pussy.  She’s Michael’s cunt, have no doubt about it!

how does one “own” a pussy?

Now, I should make it clear that “owning” a pussy is going to require lots and lots of work.  Oh, it should be very enjoyable “work”, perhaps that’s not the right name.  Owning a pussy is going to take extraordinary effort. You (the potential owner) will have to learn her pussy better than she knows herself, and that’s not necessarily an easy task.

Can you make her orgasm quicker and more reliably than she can pleasure herself?  If the answer’s no, there’s still lots of work to do before you can claim ownership of her pussy.

When she also gasps that she couldn’t possibly cum again, but you are able to give her five more orgasms without breaking a sweat yourself, you might be close to reaching your goal.

When you have accomplished all of the above, and additionally she asks permission for every orgasm, you just might be there.

When she patiently begs permission to cum, holding herself on the edge no matter how hard you try to push her, then instantly cums the moment her “release” word is spoken, you my friend have likely arrived.

When you begin to teach her things about her own pussy, there’s no doubt you are an “owner”.

she’s michael’s cunt – possession & ownership

Serafina’s pussy is always available to me.  That’s not a request I made, it’s not a condition of our relationship.  Believe it or not, it’s an offer she made to me at the very start of the relationship.

There are no excuses in our home to get out of sex.  Serafina’s always available, and always desiring her Master.

That’s what possession of her pussy means to Serafina.

When I say, “She’s Michael’s cunt,” Serafina will quickly chime in, saying “Yes Sir, she is!”  And, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.  Serafina has asked permission for every orgasm she’s enjoyed sine 2005.

pussy power

Pussy’s are powerful.  They are marvelous and magical.  Pussies are capable of giving not only pleasure, but also life itself.  As, I believe I pointed out in my tantric perspective, pussies are worthy of worship.

Seriously though, what’s better than simply worshiping pussy?

Possessing pussy!

I have the privilege of calling a pussy mine, of exerting possession and control over the very pleasure it can give Serafina, not to mention the pleasure she gives me.  And, just this this last week, our new love Sinnja, began asking my permission for the orgasms I give her as well.  Soon, she’ll be Michael’s cunt too!

Oh my God, that’s heady and powerful stuff for me.


They say possession is 9/10ths of the law . . . Perhaps I should have been an attorney!

This post is a part of the Pussy Pride Project.


  1. I’m also sadist too for that matter.  Since I’m pasting labels on myself, I may as well also wear that one too.
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