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Submissive women1 come in a wide variety of shapes, attitudes, and demeanors.  Some wish to be submissive only in the realm of the bedroom.  Some are also littles or baby-girls.  Others are brats.  Some are more bottom than submissive, and still others tend more towards masochism than submission.

Serafina is pretty unique, she’s the closest to a “pure” submissive that I’ve ever encountered.  She wants to serve and please in all ways.  If Serafina feels as though she is being pleasing to me, she’s quite happy and content.  If she fears that she’s displeased me, nothing is quite right for Serafina, and it won’t be right until that feeling has been resolved.  She’s not the least bit bratty, nor does Serafina have a little girl inside waiting to break out.  Pleasing me is simply her most fervent desire.

From my perspective, her desire to serve and please pretty well subsumes her entire personality2.  So, at least in part, Serafina’s desire to serve ends up being expressed in the form of being a service submissive.  In a service oriented D/s or M/s relationship, the focus tends towards the resources a submissive can contribute for their dominant partner.   It’s not as much about sex, as it is about providing for their dominant’s needs, or advance their dominant’s goals.

My Serafina provides real service, but she’s far more than a service submissive.

Now for us, it is about the sex, very much so in fact.  The basis of our M/s is a very sexual relationship, without even the slightest whiff of vanilla present3.   Serafina’s among the most sexually submissive creatures I’ve had to pleasure to know, in addition to being one of the most sexually responsive.  So, there’s no doubt she’s an erotic slave too.

As a couple, we wouldn’t be satisfied with our relationship being based solely around service.  With that said, there’s no doubt that there is a strong service aspect to Serafina’s submission.   Does that make her an erotic slave with a service side?  Or is she a service submissive with a strong erotic element?  I guess, in the end, that’s largely an argument about semantics.  So it’s more of an academic than a practical discussion.  When it’s all said and done, she’s far more than a service submissive, and she’s far more than a pure erotic slave too.

She’s beautiful, she’s unique, and she’s mine!

more than service submissive

service submissive Serafina

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  1. It is not my intention to be sexist, or to imply that women are inherently submissive, or should be.  I know wonderful submissive men too, and beautiful dominant women.  However, the vast majority of my personal hands on experience with submissive people is with women.  So, I write from the perspective I know.
  2. Please understand that I’m not saying your relationship should be like ours, I am not.  What works for us may be offensive to you, or perhaps it simply will not work in your personal situation, or for your personality.  I’m even aware that having so much of another person tied into my happiness and pleasure may not be ideal for either of our own mental health, at least by standard definitions of what’s healthy.  However, it is what works for us, and it works very well.  Obviously then, your mileage may vary!
  3. Once again, realize your mileage may vary.  Most couples will desire at least some vanilla elements in their relationship.  What works for us may not work for you.
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