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nervous yet?

window nervous bound

Bound to the baggage cart in a beautiful historic hotel you’ve never before visited . . .
Rolled over in front of the windows . . .
Slowly stripped of your clothes . . .

exposed nervous bound slave

Would that be enough to make you a little nervous?

Perhaps when I’m joined by my partner in crime?
Still not nervous?
Maybe that would change when he pulls out a really big knife?


What happens with the knife once you are naked?
Does thinking about that make you nervous?
It probably should!

naked nervous

Serafina got all that, and more, last Friday night, when we visited Dubuque for an event.  In this case, the pictures truly say more than my words ever could.

My one and only regret?  That I didn’t capture it with the camera when AlphaBull (the partner in crime I referred to) made my Serafina squirt like a fountain.  Sadly, I was too busy just enjoying the show.


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