one word – gingerbondage

Maybe it’s the need to find ways to deal with holiday stresses, perhaps it’s just the need for creative expression, but there’s no denying that it’s the season for all sorts of silliness.  The kink community is no different from the rest of the world in that respect I guess, after all we are nothing if we aren’t a microcosm of society.  In our community, it’s trussed up turkeys and bondage bears that abound, there’s no escaping them.  But maybe, just maybe, you’re the sort who’s already seen enough shiburkey and turkeybari?

Well, don’t despair, and certainly don’t cry out “Ohh, nooo!!!!” in a high pitched voice.  I’ve found the answer to your woes over at Dumb Domme’s blog.

Michael: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.
Serafina: Yes, sir.
Michael: Are you listening?
Serafina: Yes, I am.
Michael: Gingerbondage!
(My apologies to the writers of the film The Graduate, for my misappropriation of their classic script.)

That’s right, the answer (in case you hadn’t figured it out for yourself) is gingerbondage.

Oh No Gingerbondage!

Oh No!!!

the horror . . . the horror

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.
~ Shirley Temple

The featured gingerbondage illustration is actually part of an award winning advertising campaign put together by an agency named Zulu Alpha Kilo. The advert was produced for Fangoria, a magazine devoted to horror cinema that’s been around since I graduated from High School.  I have to admit the ad is very inventive.   I’d think that it’s pretty hard to put horror and holidays together in a tasteful manner, and Zulu Alpha Kilo’s campaign really does it well.

The gingerbondage ad is by far the kinkiest of the series produced for Fangoria, but they all have at least a little fetish value.  There’s one that features some extreme gingerabrasion play . . .

gingerbread horror

Do you find the holidays grating?

And, another showing gingertemperature torture . . .

toasted gingerbreadman

I’ve got just the thing to warm you up!

Mad Men meet Mr Bill

mr bill headshotThe “Holiday Horror” campaign (aka gingerbread torture series) really is an award-winning campaign.  It recently garnered a bronze medal at the 2013 Epica Awards.  While it doesn’t quite strike me as a Don Draper style ad campaign in the best Mad Men tradition, I can easily picture this as being the inspired result of someone like Margaret “Peggy” Olson.  And, while pondering such intriguing fictional hypothetical possibilities, I couldn’t help myself from thinking that the inspiration for the series might have come from late night weekend television.  I just can’t help seeing a significant resemblance between the concept of gingerbread horror ads and the ubiquitous Mr Bill comedy series from Saturday Night Live.

Surely you remember Mr Bill, his dog Spot, not to mention as his nemesis Sluggo, and the evil Mr Hand?  In the late 1970’s Mr. Bill was a national phenomena, and his high-pitched cry of horror – “Ohh, nooo!” became a ubiquitous catchphrase.  And, once I recognized the similarity, I couldn’t help myself from making the comparison.  Now I can’t shake it.  When I see the gingerbread man trussed up on the rack between the rolling pins, I have “flashbacks” to SNL.

Ohh, nooo!!!!

Now, if I can only convince Serafina to get out some brightly colored playdough . . . Ohh, nooo Serafina!!!! Look out for Mr Hand!!!!

Humor Ohh, nooo! It’s Gingerbondage!
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