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Occasionally enjoying a good cigar has become a guilty pleasure of mine here at House Samadhi.  It started last August, when friends of ours held a D/s cigar smoking demo.

To be honest, I wasn’t originally planning to attend.  I have a history with tobacco.  I smoked cigarettes from 1984 until 2000, and quitting was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  Not wanting to return to addiction in any form, it seemed prudent to avoid the whole thing.

At the time, I was in hot pursuit of a new submissive, a lady named Eva Kaye.  Kaye wanted to attend the event, and I wanted to play with her.  So, despite the fact that the cigar demo came right on the heels of Twisted Tryst, Serafina and I attended with our friend Kaye.

It was a great event.  ProfCedar and RocketGrl (our friend’s FetLife names) put on a great demo.  It was interesting and informative, not to mention putting cigar service into a D/s context for me.  When it came time for attendees to sample a cigar for themselves, I decided to go ahead and partake.  I enjoyed the experience immensely.

onyx-reserve-cigarsThe relationship with Kaye didn’t work out, but the new relationship I formed with cigars did.  When the weather is nice outside, I enjoy a cigar once a week.  When it’s not so nice, I smoke far less frequently, primarily on long car rides, as I don’t like smoking inside my house unless the windows are open.

So, being relatively new to occasionally enjoying a fine cigar, and not being a true cigar aficionado, I can’t say that my cigar reviews are going to be definitive.  Far from it in fact.  I know my smoking palate is not highly developed, and I’ve only sampled a relative handful of cigar varieties, but I am a man who knows what he likes.

What I do have is well developed taste buds, as I used to be a chef.  I cook everything to taste, always have, and always will.  So my descriptions of a cigar’s flavor might not be standard, but instead will just be my own impressions, the best I can relate.

With that in mind, I’d like to share my thoughts on a cigar that I just enjoyed, an Onyx Reserve Toro.

Onyx Reserve

Onyx Reserve Toro – Review

Onyx-reserve-cigars-gen2For starters, since I haven’t written up an introduction to cigars and D/s, I should point out the cigar’s name is Onyx Reserve.  Toro is simply a term used to describe the cigar’s size and shape of manufacture.  The cigar I smoked for this review was a gift from ProfCedar and RocketGrl, many thanks to them for the present.

The Onyx Reserve Toro comes from the Dominican Republic.  My research indicates that the cigar was created at the Tobacalera de Garcia factory, and that it is distributed in the US by Altadis USA.  The binder is Nicaraguan in origin, while the filler is a mix of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos.

My first obvious observation is that the Onyx Reserve is a very darkly colored cigar, it reminds me of dark chocolate.  The dark and rich color is due to the cigar’s Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.  Beyond the color, the second thing I noticed was that the cigar is very dense and tightly wrapped.

The cigar is “square pressed” so it’s not perfectly round.  Essentially, the Onyx Reserve Toro’s are pressed firmly into their shipping box, giving them a more square profile.

It’s hard for me to describe the unlit aroma of the Onyx Reserve cigar.  In part that’s because I’ve not had a lot experience trying to convert my olfactory sense to words.  I also need more experience with comparison between brands as well.

With those caveats aside, the unlit Onyx Reserve has a delightful aroma.  It’s rich and earthy, with a hint of leathery undertones, and a touch of sweetness.  Of all the various cigars I’ve sampled, this one has been the best fresh out of the wrapper.  Very nice.

Although it torched up beautifully, the Onyx Reserve was more than a little bit difficult to drag, especially at first.  That’s simply because the cigar was wrapped so tightly and so dense.  After it was lit, I found myself actually cutting the cap a second time, in an attempt to get it to draw better.  If this helped any, it was marginal.

I discovered that the cigar got easier to draw as I smoked.  After it had warmed up and been smoked a little, the Onyx Reserve it seemed to loosen up just enough to pull right.  I’ve since read that a cigar spike could have likely solved my problem with the cigar’s draw.

The Onyx Reserve burnt evenly and beautifully, ash was white and dense. Unlike the cigar’s flavor when smoked, the smoke it put off as it burned was very light and mild.  It stayed together well, despite some rough handling and a touch of chewing as I smoked.  Yes, I gave my stogie the sadistic treatment, and it just asked for more!

The cigar’s flavor was rich and robust.  The Onyx Reserve is a very full flavored cigar.  There was a strong spicy character to the cigar, on my tongue it reminded me a little bit of the herb cilantro’s bite.  The hint of leather I sensed in the unlit cigar also was present in the smoke.  Serafina, who often asks for a puff or two to taste the cigars I smoke, thought that there was also a sweetness, like an undertone of molasses.  The flavor of the Onyx Reserve got stronger and stronger as it went.  The strong spicy bite on my tongue grew with time, becoming more complex and satisfying the longer I smoked.

Because of it’s dense construction, my cigar seemed to burn forever, the Toro I smoked lasted well over an hour.

Onyx Reserve


I generally tend toward milder cigars overall, but am learning to enjoy more fuller flavored varieties as I explore.  Overall, I tend towards sweeter cigars too.  What can I say?  This dominant has a sweet tooth.

The Onyx Reserve Toro I smoked was undoubtedly an exception to those rules.  It was a very satisfying smoke.  Complex, strong, and satisfying, this particular cigar seemed to share a lot of qualities with a good dominant.  Somehow that seems perfectly appropriate for my first cigar review . . .

Onyx Reserve


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