Image du jour | 8-18-17

The Kneeling Cruisequeen

I call her the Cruisequeen.

She’s in your cabin.  On her knees.  Waiting.

Dressed in only panties.  Just as you instructed.

She’s awaiting your next command…

How would you enjoy a ship bound adventure with the “Cruisequeen”?

Do you spend the entire cruise locked in your cabin, enjoying her charms?

Or, do you dress her up and take her out, to better show off your prize?

My Attempt to Create Erotic Art

transforming images into "art"

photoshop warrior

I have a hobby where I use a variety of image processing programs to transform photos.  It’s my attempt to create erotic art.

I don’t really consider myself to be an “artist”, per se.  But I do find artistic qualities in the final images I’ve created.  If that makes any sense…

I sometimes use the same process to transform photographs of the authors I quote.  Often, when I have an image I wish to share someplace like Sinful Sunday, there’s one of my artistic interpretations accompanying the main picture.

So, my “art” has already appeared here on my blog.   I also commonly post it at Tumblr.

We have art in order not to die of the truth.

Friedrich Nietzsche


I’ve been on Tumblr, as well as having a self-hosted WordPress (or site, since 2011. 

For me, Tumblr was always just a venue where I just perved and reposted other’s pictures. 

Over time, it evolved into a place where I also shared some of my own art and pictures. 

It’s a relaxing change of pace from writing here. 

Someplace I can go if I’m tired, under the weather, or generally unhappy with the world. 

There are days after work when my mind is not in any shape to write. 

That’s probably true for everyone.  Writing well is not simple. 

My transformative art is another relaxing pastime.  

I have a lot of fun exploring different programs, trying all their various settings. 

Sometimes all my fiddling creates magic.

Perhaps the effort doesn’t make anything special at all.  It happens.

If that’s the case, at least my unproductive time was passed doing something I find relaxing.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

About My Attempt to Create Erotic Art

Wherever possible, I will credit the photograph’s source.  However, when I attempt to create erotic art the images are often sourced from Tumblr.  That can make it nigh on impossible to find the image’s real author.

For instance, I only know the original source for one of the artistic creations featured in this post.  The “painting” at the top of this post was transformed from a video shoot for Bound Gang Bangs ( #11527).  The actress is Emma Haize.

It’s my belief that the majority of the images I use are essentially public domain.  It could also be argued that the transformative artworks I share are now originals in their own right.

However, I have absolutely no intent to violate anyone’s copyright.  Should the copyright holder for any of the images I’ve transformed object to their use here, please feel free to contact me.

Under that circumstance, I’ll gladly remove your work.

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