Meet the Pavlok

“Naturally, I believe that an authority figure should have real authority.”
~  Maneesh Sethi – inventor of the Pavlok

pavlok color 1Called the Pavlok, it’s a shocking new way to stay fit.  Like a mechanized personal trainer, except it has a special electric twist.  This is actually an older story, having been published at first back in February, then picked up by the Daily Mail in July.  But, it’s not old news by any means.  I only just read about it for the first time today at Fetlife, thanks to author John Warren’s posting in the The Remote-Control Devices Group.

The story goes like this – A gentleman named Maneesh Sethi has invented a device that automatically tracks a person’s exercise, and if the user doesn’t meet the device’s goals, they receive an electric shock.  The idea is that the small electric zaps will help to provide motivation for folks not willing to motivate themselves to exercise.

I could envision a number of potential BDSM uses for the Pavlok, all depending on how the unit is programmed and the conditions under which it could be set off via remote means. At the very least it’s a motivational device to keep a submissive exercising, but the potential is there for so much more.

pavlok color 2Obviously, by interacting with a smart phone, I could provide “motivation” for just about anything from hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away . . .

Here’s where I go from reality to fantasy, but I have to think the Pavlok would be most fun if the device could be somehow set to monitor a submissive’s orgasms (perhaps from some sort of galvanic skin response to sexual stimulation?) so that a required number of orgasms must be met to avoid being shocked, or conversely any attempt to orgasm would elicit a zap.  I like the sounds of having that kind of control, it could be great fun.

Alas, even the regular device, without any kinky adaptations, may be a long time coming.  So far, it seems he’s raised $100,000 on the way to a goal of $500,000 to get everything rolling.  So, he’s only 20% along the way towards his goal.  Perhaps he needs to be shocked to provide more motivation?

The device’s inventor, Maneesh Sethi, seems to need a bit more motivation in his life from time to time.  He’s already had his first 15 minutes of fame back in 2012, when he hit the news after advertising on Craigslist for someone to slap him if he became distracted.

Slapped-by-Craiglister-YouTube-1I figured, ‘This is stupid, why am I wasting this time doing nothing? When I have a boss, or someone of authority watching me, I always get my work done. How can I simulate the authority figure?

‘Naturally, I believe that an authority figure should have real authority.

‘And I am a big fan of Slap Bets. Put those together — and I realized I needed someone to make me work, with permission to slap me in the whenever I cheated.’

He then advertised the unconventional job under ‘gigs’on the San Francisco section of the online classified site Craiglist – and eventually hired a woman to hit him – saying it boosted his productivity.

pavlok designMr. Sethi sounds like a masochist to me, I just can’t see him any other way.  So, I really can’t help myself from saying – “Now get off that ass and get that money raised, boy!”

News Pavlok – Exercise Band with a Sadistic Twist
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