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I used to be a landscape photographer.  The last thing I would have shot would be something like a portrait of a slave.  My ex-wife, Blissful Torment, studied photography in college.  So, she had a practiced and well trained eye for what I called “people” photography.  I was the guy who shot landscapes.

It makes sense if you think about it.  I’ve always considered myself to be an introvert, so I never hung out taking photographs of my friends.  I was a backpacker.  I was the guy who had lived at the Grand Canyon.  I walked through the most fantastic, beautiful, and remote vistas held in trust for the people of our country by the United States National Park Service.  I took pictures while I walked.  I didn’t take pictures of people.

That all changed with Serafina.  Now, the only vista I’m really interested in photographing, is the vista of my beautiful slave.  Take me back to the grand Canyon, and I would want vistas, but they would be beautiful landscapes with Serafina’s form included.  If I’m to be an artist, she’s my muse.

portrait of a slave

serafina portrait of a slave
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February Photo Fest Portrait of a Slave
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