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Preparing the Body

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1. Do you prefer your lover:

a) fresh from the bath and perfumed?
b) fresh from the bath without perfume?
c) clean but not right from the tub or shower?
d) slightly sweaty (or musky)?


My answer is all but a) fresh from the bath and perfumed?  Cleanliness is all important.  I do like perfumed scents, however it has to be just a HINT and not a strong scent.   Nothing is yummier to me than a freshly cleaned body bathed or showered.  I do enjoy scents especially when going out for dinner, etc, and there is nothing wrong with musky and sweaty, but I personally need a clean cock for a blow-job.

2. Do you maintain your body for sex with respect to facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, fingernails or toenails?


I love well-groomed facial hair on a man, I love an unshaven man below the belt too!

Yes, I epilate frequently- probably once a week, as hairs are slower to return and there is no razor burn, or sharp whiskers to deal with.  A fine down grows back in and they are too soft and short before a week at least.  Often a 2 week interval is more likely.  Underarms- more frequently for sure.

I am fortunate to have very little body hair and since I have always been a true blond, it has never been an issue for me.  All the other girls were complaining about shaving their legs in High School at that time.

My hands are a mess-  I get very bad split and bleeding cuticles and hang-nails regardless of consistently using water barrier creams and lotions.  I am constantly in and out of water and messes as I clean and go about my day.  Master sends me to a nail salon for any occasion he chooses for a pedi and mani-cure.  It makes me feel very special to have nice looking hands for a few days. ( I think my hands are the least attractive part of me.)  From time to time I attempt my own- but it never comes out as nice and it takes hours!


3. Do you maintain/prepare according to your lover’s preferences?


There are times when Master tells me that I am to refrain from removing body hair for some time.  Once in a while he lets me know he is due to arrive in a specific time frame and I will wait at the door until Master arrives.  Sometimes I have enough time to change into something more attractive which pleases Master.


4. Do you have body adornments such as piercings or tattoos for sexual reasons? Does your lover?


I have a nose piercing that was the very first mark Master made to lay claim on me when we first met.  It was something I had already considered and Master seized  the opportunity to make that event his own.  At the same time he had his left nipple pierced for me.


5. Do you choose any cosmetics, lubes, condoms or other sexually relevant items according to how they taste? Do you not use them because of the taste?


In short no- most cosmetics I buy do not have scents, nor do I want them there due to allergy concerns.  We are fluid-bonded so we don’t use condoms as we are beyond the ability to conceive.   If ever we play with people we don’t know we always use protection


6. Is there a taste or aroma that turns you on or that you can use to turn on your lover?


I have come to appreciate the value of coconut oil as a lube that is perfectly fine for oral uses as well. and the hint of coconut is quickly becoming my favorite!


Bonus: Do you prepare a room for sex–mood music, candles, scent, cleaning it or anything? Tell us about it.


Oh yes!  A room cleared of clutter, and clean is an invite all to it’s own.  Music background or a film can inspire.  Candles,  a snack and beverage all set the stage.  Toys surround us; from floggers, whips to clips, clamps and and spiky things all within reach.  And of course most importantly to be in a good place mentally.


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