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There are a great number of things that make my Serafina special and unique.  You know, when I stop to think about it, I believe that’s probably true of every woman (and man too for that matter.)  We’re all unique, and worthy of special appreciation.  Still, there are qualities about Serafina’s history that make her more than just a little bit unique.

For instance, my sweet slave/wife was raised in a Mennonite household.  If you aren’t familiar with that particular religious sect, I can best describe them for you as being similar to the Amish, but with slightly more modern clothes.  Oh, I should add that while many Amish eschew the used of automobiles, Mennonites use modern transportation without any religious concern.  I’m told that those two particular religions are so closely related that the Mennonites consider the Amish to be religious brethren who’ve simply gotten a little carried away in their observances.

Growing up, Serafina often felt like an outcast or outsider.  Part of the issue was her attire.  While being more modern than the Amish, her clothing still set her apart from other children.  She was required to wear long skirts in an era when most girls were wearing pants to school.  She hated it!  She also had to wear drab colors in an era when everyone else was exploring tie-dies and other colorful expressions of personality.  Needless to say, Serafina didn’t enjoy that either.

Ironic isn’t it then, that she finds herself in the clutches of a man who controls her attire, and normally requires her to wear skirts or dresses.  (I do love irony, in case you hadn’t noticed!)

I make occasional exceptions.  When the temperature gets into negative numbers, I’ll have her wear pants to keep those sweet creamy legs warm.  Legs that are chapped and dry from exposure to the elemental forces of a mid-western winters day don’t feel as nearly as nice wrapped around me as legs that haven’t been exposed .  She may also wear pants when working in the garden.  Once again, the exception is to protect her sweet pale flesh for my enjoyment.  I’ve allowed Serafina to wear pants when we go for hikes in the woods too, with similar thinking to the gardening exception.  I know she could do those tasks wearing a dress, but I would rather have efficiency than strict adherence to some artificial norm I’ve set.  Ultimately, I’m a practical man.

There is one additional exception to my protocols vis–à–vis Serafina’s attire.  This one’s not a nod to practicality either.  There are occasions where I prefer for Serafina to dress in fetish attire, like the PVC catsuit featured in today’s images.  I very much enjoy the look of fetish wear.  I have an adorable submissive who belongs to me.  Why not dress her up?

My slave/wife is always beautiful, but Serafina’s especially alluring to me in fetish wear like her shiny black PVC catsuit.

PVC catsuit


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