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“Oh, pigtails!”

Perhaps it doesn’t have the same impact as saying “Oh, Fiddle!” as I’ve quoted my wife saying in a post for Sinful Sunday. And, I’m not saying my phrase should have that sort of effect either.

I’m just little bit frustrated.

It seems as though pigtails are a topic that’s designed to frustrate me. Pigtails are one thing Serafina thinks she might wish to deny me.

Now let’s be honest, Serafina’s a slave. She’s my slave. That’s the kind of relationship we have.

So, I really can’t be denied something I really want.

So I ask myself, do I really want pigtails that badly?

“You really want pigtails?”

A couple of weeks back, I had a dream about Serafina in pigtails, as a young girl.  At least it seemed like a dream.  I don’t think I’ve seen any yellowed pics from her youth with Serafina in pigtails.  Maybe I have?  I guess I’ll need to ask . . .

Regardless of the motivation, whether dream or reality, for a moment I thought it would be cute to have Serafina grow out her hair, and put it in pigtails.  More than anything it was a whim, not much more.  With that said, I’m the kind of guy who’s used to his whims becoming reality without much more effort than expressing them.  Yes, my Serafina really is that good.

Well, most of the time.  Every now and then, I hit a point of resistance.  It’s not common, but it does occasionally happen.  When I mentioned the possibility, my slave said to me, “You really want pigtails?”  It wasn’t as much a question, as much a as it was a statement of disbelief.

I’ve found that when that sort of thing happens, a bit of patience goes a long way.  When we first met, Serafina thought that sucking cock was a most uncivilized, unsanitary, and un-lady like thing to do.  As we speak she’s putting together a collection of pictures of herself sucking cock.  She’s come a long way.

Well, my dear friends and readers, I had to stop in the middle of writing this essay to talk to my slave.  I said this is a time for patience, and it’s like my words were prescient.

Serafina had to wear her hair in pigtails when she was a girl.  She hated it.  She hated her mom for making her wear pigtails.

I was informed that pigtails look stupid.  That she looked stupid in pigtails.  And, that if I wanted to put her in pigtails, it would be because I wanted her to look stupid.  Like I said, it’s a time for patience.

We all have “triggers” – things that we cannot abide.  Undoubtedly, I have my share.  I’m sure you do too.  Serafina cannot abide the thought of being made to look stupid.  We are a pretty good match in that, I prize intelligence.  To my eye, the mind is by far our largest sex organ.  If a submissive can stimulate my mind, the rest will follow . . .

So, it appears that pigtails are a trigger for my slave.  Should I choose to enforce them upon Serafina, it will be traumatic.  Perhaps for us both.

I’d like to see Serafina in pigtails again, but I do understand it would be an ordeal.  So, I ask myself, do I really want pigtails that badly?

Well . . . Not for now . . . Serafina can breathe a little bit easier.

At least for the moment . . .

Kink of the Week

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Kink of the Week Do I Really Want Pigtails That Badly?
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