As the old saying goes, “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!”

The last year has been a very long one.  I spent last spring, summer, and fall, suffering from terrible sciatica issues, so I really view 2014 as a “lost year” – it wasn’t pretty.  I had surgery in January to help relieve some of my issues, and for the most part the surgery was a success.  I have less daily pain than before, for certain, but I’ve lost a lot of sensation in my right leg.

Then in February is was Serafina’s turn.  Her back problems were actually far more serious than my own, as she had not only a bone spur, but also had to deal with pieces of a calcified disc that had shattered.

Did I say “wasn’t pretty” once already?  Well, let me say it again – it wasn’t pretty!

Then, a few weeks after Serafina’s surgery, in March, Sinnjara had problems too.  Mid-month Sinnjara had a pretty bad car accident, one that included Interstate Highway speeds, two full 360 degree spins with a 180 added at the end for good measure.  Yes you read that correctly, Sinnjara spun around 2 and 1/2 times, 900 degrees.  Her car was totaled, but she did walk away.

There was some other additional drama, I’m not going to discuss here, simply suffice it to say 2015 didn’t start off real well.  Obviously, for those who say this blog stripped down naked to a single post, you know I didn’t deal with all the drama well myself.

I eventually got over myself – it’s really far more complicated than I’m letting on, obviously, I got over a lot more than just myself, but this blog is meant to be primarily an educational tool, not my personal confessional – at that point Sinnjara helped restore the blog from a backup we’d created to do some design work last fall.

During my time away from the leather community, I’ve had time to reflect.  Occasionally there was the equivalent of a sharp stick in my side helping me, as I do have a pair of lovely submissives who can be exceptionally well behaved, and at the same time challenge me to my own limit.  So I’ve reflected, thought, pondered, studied, and considered.  The resulting conclusion is that I am what I am, there’s no denying it.

I’m kinky and perverted down to my core.  My true family (extended version) are the wonderful folks I’ve met exploring this lifestyle, whether those meetings are in person, or whether they are virtual.  As much as I was depressed these past few months from not being able to roam a dungeon comfortably, I was also depressed from not interacting here as well.  I’ve missed my friends, no matter where we’ve met!

So, I’m back.  I purchased a nice computer chair (by Lazy Boy, shudder at that name – lol) that doesn’t set off my sciatica.  I’ll be writing education pieces, participating in the wonderful internet memes like Sinful Sunday, (one of many really) that my family enjoys.  Hopefully I’m back where I was at this time last year . . . I’m feeling like a strutting rooster again . . .

Last but not least, and just for fun, I wanted to append a penis infographic I ran across this morning on Facebook.  Cock-a-doodle doo . . .


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