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For many areas of the world, this time of year is graduation time at formal institutions of learning. Thus, it is a good time for us to think back about our own education.

Below is a list of academic fields of study. For as many of these disciplines as possible, share a memory. It could be something that happened in class, an Aha! moment, something about the teacher or something that was helpful later in life.

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I should note, up front, that all my serious memories associated with education are from high school, rather than college.

During my college years I was married, working full time, as well as taking a full load of courses.  I smoked more than my share of pot to cope.  It’s a a foggy blur now.  I’m still not even sure what I learned from “higher education”, other than not to hold the joint.  “Puff, puff, pass!” not “Puff . . . . . Puff . . . . . . Puff . . . . . Pass . . . . ”

The things you can learn in a community college parking lot!

School Daze for TMI Tuesday

1. English
Because of an academic scholarship, I attended a very small, but very exclusive, college preparatory school for middle school and high school.  Because the school was small, that meant one particular teacher taught English for 7th, 9th, and 11th grade classes.  If that seems like a lot, note that he also taught Literature for 8th and 10th grades.

Arlen, what I’ll call him since that was his first name, was an exacting teacher who pushed us at a very high level.  In 7th grade, we were using College Freshman level texts.  I owe Arlen a huge debt of gratitude, as he is very much responsible for the communication skills I use today in writing this blog.

Sadly, I read in the local paper a few years back, that the best English teacher I’ve had the pleasure to know had passed.  I wrote about him on a vanilla blog I was working at the time, a tribute to the man who taught me far more than just how to write, he taught me how to communicate.

2. History
I had a history teacher named Dorian Gray – like title of the book by Oscar Wilde.  He absolutely hated his given name, and always went by his initials instead.  After natural science, history/social studies were my strongest subjects.  Never, not once in my entire life, have I had to study for a science or history test.

3. Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Latin…)
I swear, Madame Younge was a Parisian Dominatrix before emigrating to the United States.  Talk about exacting!  I had her for 7th Grade French, and studiously avoided her the rest of my middle school and high school years simply because I didn’t want to have to live through all the work it entailed being one of her “favorites”.

For some reason Mme Younge took a “liking” to me.  Apparently she saw some kind of “potential” in me that she wanted to help me fulfill.  Lord knows I’ve seen that sort of things in submissives, for instance I saw potential in Sinnja the first night we met, and knew she just needed to stop fighting herself to achieve it.  But, to be able to see the potential of a 7th grader, that’s a whole different league of taking a “read” on someone.

I did end up as a member of the National French Honor Society.  So, she was right about me, at least to an extent.  And, I’ve become a bit of an exacting dominant at times myself.

Thanks Mme Younge!

4. Psychology
I’ve never had an official psychology class.  With that said, psychology is at the heart of all human endeavors, especially the art of domination and submission.  I’ve studied lots and lots of psychology

5. Mathematics
A brilliant mathematician, my middle school and high school math teacher at the previously mentioned college prep school was a world class bridge player.  Who says math doesn’t apply in the real world?

6. Physics
I took Physics my senior year in high school.  It was a unique opportunity as the class was 1-on-1, it was just the professor and myself.  I mostly did experiments and fixed electronics for the school.

Yes, you heard right, despite paying tuition that would rival the cost of college, I spent the better part of my senior year doing “fixer-up” projects for the school’s Headmaster.

7. Chemistry
Learning how to mix two chemicals together that would then spontaneously combust . . .


8. Biology
My strongest subject.

On the ACT college entrance exam, I achieved a perfect score in the natural Sciences.  In addition to the one-on-one class I had for Physics in my senior year, I was also the only student in an Anatomy and Physiology class my junior year.  Using a 300 level college textbook for the class, I completed everything, all the assignments, inside of a single semester.   I then spent most of the second half of the year dissecting critters to illustrate comparative anatomy.

9. Gym
We had a pair of German Exchange students that were exceptionally cute my last year of high school.  Paula and Claudia were their names.

Gym class is where I learned that German girls don’t shave their armpits.

Bonus: Did you have sex education class in school? What grade or age did you have this class? Thinking back on the sex education class what was the most surprising thing you learned? Was this class helpful to you in your sex life?

Sadly, there’s really nothing to tell.  We never had sex education classes.  End of story.

While we are on the topic of sex education, I now teach sex education classes.  At least I am starting to do demos for the BDSM community.  My first is coming up in just a couple more months for a local group.

School Days TMI Tuesday: June 24, 2014


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