Beautiful Breasts!

Beautiful Breasts!

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Oh, by the way – they’re real, and they’re spectacular.
~ Sidra (Teri Hatcher) / Seinfeld – The Implant (25 Feb. 1993)

I wish we could have this conversation in person, so you could see the look on my face and the expressions I make, that’s really the only way to convey my enthusiasm for this topic.  As if I don’t sing the praises of Serafina enough, I’m here today to wax poetic about my slave/wife’s beautiful breasts.

I already posted a piece about her beautiful bottom, which is joy to spank, as well as being useful for a good number of other diversions.  There’s just no denying that my slave has a sweet ass.  The only complication is this – I’m not sure that her ass is my slave’s best physical feature.  As nice as I find Serafina’s obvious rear facing assets, I’ve really always been a breast man, and I still am today.

Serafina has beautiful breasts.  I know I’m prejudiced, but she’s damn close to my “ideal”.  I say that knowing that everyone’s preferences are different, and that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  We’ve been together a little over 10 years, and I swear they’ve only grow more magnificent over time.  Serafina swears they are a little fuller now too, and says it’s due to all the attention they get from me.

She wears a 36 C brassiere, in case you were wondering.  Serafina actually gets asked that question a lot when chatting with folks at a site like

My prior submissive, a lady by the name of BlissfulTorment, had even more bountiful breasts, and was always fairly satisfied with her natural endowment.  At least she was until she met Serafina.  After playing with and falling in love with Serafina, Blissy (as we called her) actually went out and got a breast reduction.  She and I shared the same doctor, and he actually apologized to me about giving a referral to a plastic surgeon.  So I wasn’t alone in thinking it was a shame for her to go under the knife.  But it’s what the girl wanted, and it’s what she got.  What size did she have her boobs reduced to, you ask?  Why 36 C, of course!

So, it seems that at least one other girl envied my Serafina so much that she went out and had surgery to try and match.  If imitation is truly the most sincere form of flattery, I’d think that Serafina has been duly flattered.

beautiful breasts


Boobday is a place for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.  Every Friday is Boobday . . .

Lovely Lace Lingerie

Lovely Lace Lingerie

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Boobday

I never remember to actually get my entry up in time to make it an official submission to Boobday, but that doesn’t change the fact that Friday is officially (at least in some circles) Boobday.

This week’s theme is “lace”, so Serafina is featured (in bondage of course) in lovely lace lingerie.  She’s wearing a beautiful black lace bra, while conveniently attached to a baggage cart.

You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love a man like me
And you were right
When I walked into your house
I knew I’d never want to leave
Sometimes I’m a strong man
Sometimes cold and scared
And sometimes I cry
But that time I saw you
I knew with you to light my nights
Somehow I’d get by

Lovers forever
Face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me
My lace

~  Stevie Nicks | Leather and Lace

lovely lace lingerie



Hyacinth Could Be Her Middle Name

Hyacinth Could Be Her Middle Name

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Boobday

After a mild winter, some varieties of Lilly would often be starting to show by now.  What we’ve had this past season has been anything but mild.  It’s been the harshest winter of my lifetime.  Only within the last week have the final piles of snow really started to melt.  

I’d love to picture my sweet slave/wife with some fresh Lillies grown in our own garden, but they are still being shy this spring.

Fortunately, there are hothouse flowers, like my Serafina, who can bloom all year round . . .

hy·a·cinth | noun |ˈhī-ə-(ˌ)sin(t)th, -sən(t)th
1 a : a precious stone of the ancients sometimes held to be the sapphire
b : a gem zircon or essonite
2 a : a plant of the ancients held to be a lily, iris, larkspur, or gladiolus
b : a bulbous perennial herb (Hyacinthus orientalis) of the lily family that is native to the Mediterranean region but is widely grown for its dense spikes of fragrant flowers — compare grape hyacinth, water hyacinth
3 : a light violet to moderate purple

She’s a gem.  She’s a precious flower.  She’s fragrant (and beautiful) too.

It’s the one year anniversary of Boobday, and the theme is Hyacinth.

hyacinth could be her middle name


note – The image accompanying this post, as it turns out, was not accepted as an official Boobday submission.  I’m told, by the author of the Boobday meme that there is “a rawness, a very potent sexual energy that makes it feel more graphic than most of the other Boobday submissions” that made it unacceptable.  After first deleting the post, I’ve decided instead to restore it, and add this note, allowing my readers to decide for themselves if this picture “speaks of breasts” in their mind’s eye . . . 

boobday icon


My Boobs Bound for Trouble!

My Boobs Bound for Trouble!

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Boobday

I chose this image for this week’s Boob-day because I am more than happy to show off my boobies, being a bit of an exhibitionist.

Don’t you think the lines of the ropes are beautiful?

I hope that fit’s this week’s theme as well as the ropes fit me . . .

Master Michael Samadhi is the tie-guy and also the photographer.

Michael rigged my breasts so they are now . . .

Boobs bound for trouble!

My Boobs Bound For Trouble!


Bound for Trouble!

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Boobday

The theme for this boobday is green.

That seems to be a very timely prompt.

Officially it’s the last few days of spring here. Summer solstice will arrive this very weekend.

The passing of seasons are beautiful and powerful moments in nature.

So everything in the landscape is green and lively.

Full of life, and full of color!

Is there a better way to celebrate the passing of spring into summer, then by barring my breasts to share all the color, all the life . . .

All the lovely green . . .

Celebrating Boobday with Greens!