Catching up on my A, B, C’s – The Letter “A”

Catching up on my A, B, C’s – The Letter “A”

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Back about the letter “I”, as I writing my entries for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I began to compile lists of alternative terms that the particular “featured” letter could have stood for.

For instance, in addition to Inspiration and Influences, the letter “I” could have stood for anything from Ice Play to Interrogation.

It’s a fun vocabulary exercise, if nothing else.  It’s a little bit of extra work to get all the terms together and define the most unusual ones, but I was enjoying it.  I’d considered making it a regular part of the Joy of Kink from “A” to “Z” series, but was wondering if anyone else would appreciate the effort.

Then, Serafina mentioned to me how much she was enjoying that particular feature.  I’m far from being a service top, but I do enjoy putting a smile on my slave’s face.  Then, moments later, the lovely Marie Rebel commented that she was enjoying the lists too.

So, for anyone else out there who was enjoying that part of the series, here’s a bonus for you too . . .

the letter “a”

In addition to acousticophile, the letter “A” could also have stood for:

Abasiophilia – sexual attraction for and arousal from lame, limping or crippled people
Abduction  – consensual fantasy play involving individuals who act out the mock capture, bondage , struggle, and intimidation of one or more sexual partners. The fantasy may be reinforced by the use of costumes, especially police or military uniforms, and the use of bondage paraphernalia such as handcuffs, rope, tape, gags, and blindfolds.
Abrasion – sensation play invloving abrasive/scratchy materials
Abstinence – self-enforced restraint from taking part in sexual activity
Acomoclitic – having a preference for, or being aroused by, hairless genitals
Acrophilia – being sexually aroused by heights or high altitudes
Acrotomophilia – being sexually aroused by an amputee / absence of a limb
Acupressure – an alternative medical technique similar in principle to Acupuncture
Adolescentilism – getting arousal from acting like a teenager
Adultery – some form of extramarital sex – exact definitions very to an extent depending on culture
After Care – special care given after a BDSM scene to help individuals “recover” from the intensity of the experience
Agalmatophilia – Having a fetish for mannequins or statues
Agonophilia – those who enjoy struggle and overpowering a partner (pseudo-rape)
Agoraphilia – arousal from being sexual in public places
Agrexophilia – those who become aroused by knowing others might be aware of, or hear, their lovemaking
Algophilia – sexual arousal from pain, otherwise known as masochism
Allorgasmia – being unable to orgasm without fantasizing about a more desirable partner
Amaurophilia – refers to those who are aroused by a sex partner who is unable to see them, but isn’t blind
Anaclitism – the act of achieving sexual arousal from activities, or objects, one was exposed to as an infant
Anal Sex – butt sex
Anasteemaphilia – having an attraction to others because of a difference in height
Androidism – being excited by robots and/or androids
Andromimetophilia – being aroused by females who imitate males
Anolinctus – the act of licking ass
Anolingus – similar to anolinctus, but refers to actually inserting the tongue into the anus
Anthropophagy – refers to cannibalism – yes, some folk actually have sexual cannibalism fantasies
Aphrodisiacs – substances purported to increase sexual desire or responsiveness
Apotemnophilia – becoming aroused by the idea of losing a limb or being an amputee
Arachnephilia – those who are aroused by sex play involving spiders
Aromantic – a person who has little or no romantic attraction to other people
Asexual – a person devoid of sexual drive, attractions, feelings or desires. They typically have little or no interest in sexual activity
Auctions – form of BDSM fantasy play involving a slave being “sold” at auction to a different Master/Mistress
Autoagonistophilia – a type of exhibitionism, being aroused by being on stage or performing for a camera
Autoerotic Asphyxia – self induced strangling/suffocation while masturbating
Autoeroticism – any sexual activity done by a person in private
Automasochism – the conscious act of inflicting pain on one’s self for erotic release
Axillism – using the armpit for sex

I deliberately avoided all terms referring to abortion for this list.  While abortion is the termination of unwanted pregnancy, and as such is the result of a sexual act, the topic of abortion is a subject that’s truly medical rather than sexual.  In the end, any discussion of abortion in the United States also becomes a political argument.  As such it’s not a part of exploring the joy of kink, at least not from my perspective.  Essentially, abortion is a “hot potato” – I don’t want to be left holding it!

Another that might have made the list, but that I rejected is accidental homosexuality1.  That term is usually defined as a man engaging in homoerotic activity in the absence of partners of the opposite-sex, for instance while incarcerated, or in the armed services.  I personally believe that men who take part in what’s been called “accidental homosexuality” are simply males exploring their bisexual side due to circumstance and opportunity, as such there’s nothing “accidental” about it.  Because the term “accidental lesbianism” has never found common usage, I’m also of the belief that the term “accidental homosexuality” is primarily a societal construct and that it’s prejudicial in nature, implying that heterosexuality is a more “natural” state than bisexuality in men.

Males do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. The world is not to be divided into sheep and goats. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories… The living world is a continuum in each and every one of its aspects.
~  Alfred Kinsey | Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948)

AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is another term I deliberately left off the list.  AIDS had a huge impact on an earlier generation of the leather community, we lost many of our best and brightest.  As such I won’t trivialize the topic by making it just another name on a list.   I do discuss STD/STI issues here on my blog, I’ve created a series to deal with that topic in fact – STD’s and You.

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