My Prize Cock – Penis Project

My Prize Cock – Penis Project

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Penis Pride Project

My favorite cock belongs to my Master.  I love to taste it and give him all the finest pleasure I can create.  I love this prize cock.  That is why I stepped up to the Penis Pride project.

Master has taught him how to stay at full attention for a long time.  I love how he fills me up.  And then how he thrusts into me, both deep and hanging on at just at the entrance, driving me insane with need and desire, and to have him thrust all the way again.

It has a lovely little mind of its own. It will do tricks for you if you treat it right. Touch it here or there, and it jumps right up there almost begging out loud to be touched.40thS

Here is a little excerpt from another essay I wrote about learning the art of fellatio

Cock worship is a wonderful way to serve! I love a fully erect cock anticipating and straining to feel the warmth of my soft, hot mouth to gently slide over the top of the corona and then slide as deep as he is long. (not always possible for me when there is extra length) but it is fun to try! Then to slide all the way back out to find that sweet spot called the frenulum, or to caress the corona alternately with soft or firm lips. Enveloping the cock fully with my mouth I have learned that applying firm pressure with the bottom lip while gentle suction can drive a man to frenzy. So can licks and nibbles. I like to take time to enjoy the full beauty of a cock. I like to connect my gaze to his to see his intense pleasure.