My Wildcat In Her Den

My Wildcat In Her Den

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Scavenger Hunt

Iowa is a rural, mostly agricultural state.  We grow lots of corn and soybeans.  We produce lots of beef and pork from animals that feed on the corn and soybeans.

At least that’s the way it used to be . . .

Nowadays we make lots of ethanol with the corn, and we use some of the soy to create bio-diesel.  The cows and pigs feed on wastes from ethanol production now, among other things.  So, we still produce lots of beef and pork, but it costs twice as much.

This is called progress.

Fortunately, this post isn’t really about agriculture.  I’m sure at some point in time we will have to feature pictures with pigs and cows in the background, not to mention corn and soybeans.  They are ubiquitous in Iowa, absolutely and inescapably inevitable.

Fortunately, Iowa has a few other attractions too.  For instance, the Goldfinch (pictured on the park sign in the lower right corner of the picture) is our State Bird.  We don’t have a lot of Goldfinches, sighting one is a rarity actually, but it’s photogenic bird, and it looks good on signs too.

And, for the record, it really beats the crap out of South Dakota’s state bird.  That foul state’s1 bird is the ring necked pheasant.  Pheasants aren’t even native to North America!  But hey, don’t tell the South Dakotans that!

And certainly, we’re better in Iowa than Kansas, Montana, and Nebraska, who all share the same bird, the Western Meadowlark.  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t believe in evolution, you figure when you’ve seen one state bird you’ve seen them all!

We have very nice State Parks here in Iowa.  They are a place to go to escape the corn pollen.   Well, mostly.

And, they are one of the few places where we can go to view wildlife.  Which (finally!) is the topic of this post.

Serafina is a cougar.  She’s my elder.  She’s a hot MILF too.  If that’s not a great form of wildlife to view, I don’t know what is!

She’s not in her native habitat here2, but I did manage to capture my wildcat in her den, showing her true colors in all their glory!


my wildcat in her den



“C” is for Christmas Card

“C” is for Christmas Card

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Scavenger Hunt

I’ve already completed a proper post for today’s “A” to “Z” Challenge, but I’ve had some pics waiting to be added to this blog for some time.  “C” may be for cuckold, but there’s no denying that “C” is for Christmas Card too!

The topic “Christmas Card” might not seem, at first glance, to be part of the world of kink.  But, that’s just the surface.  In addition to showing off my Serafina, and adding another Scavenger Hunt challenge location to her list, today’s post is also meant to show that most any activity can have a kinky edge added.  Even the making of a Christmas Card!

The story starts with my desire to create a Christmas Card to my FetLife friends.

It sounds simple enough, right? Well, as my friend Alpha has commented, I’m rarely one to go about doing something half assed. I’m a full bore kinda guy, it’s all or nothing quite often for me.

What I had in mind wasn’t too elaborate of a production, but I did have some requirements. I wanted to get a nice picture of Serafina. I wanted it to be from someplace special. And, I wanted it to show both the spirit of the season and some kink at the same time.

The result was quite nice . . . I was pleased. But, sometimes the story that goes with the picture is better than the image itself, and this might be one of those occasions.

I found the location, a historic mansion on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi river in Davenport that’s now been converted into a group home for low income senior citizens.  It’s on the National Registry of Historic Places too.  There’s even a former chapel (see final pic) that’s been converted into an entertainment center for residents.

With snow on the ground and a frozen Mississippi River in the distant background, it was an appropriate Midwestern winter day, with single digit temperatures and negative wind chills. It seemed to work well for setting the proper mood for our mini Christmas scene.

Because I wasn’t able to cart along much camera equipment for a quick surreptitious shoot, the nice gray overcast sky worked in my favor too. It helped to prevent harsh shadows in an exposed location that I knew would otherwise be in direct sunlight.

We arrived, parked, hiked around a bit, and looked up at our shoot location . . .

The climb to our location, up four flights of steps (still the original staircases from the mansion’s 1872 construction) was more than a little exertion. While Serafina caught her breath, I shot a couple of pictures out the window to set the scene.

High on the bluffs overlooking the frozen Mississippi River.
Not a bad view for a vanilla Christmas picture . . . Flat out fucking exceptional for a fetish shoot!

So I catch my breath, Serafina catches hers, and I have her sit on the loft’s sole chair. I produce a length of jute rope, and bind her hands together. Then I quickly secure her feet to the chair’s legs . . .

Grabbing my trusty Nikon, I shoot my first portrait . . .

Even in the relatively small space of a “widow’s watch” tower, I see that Serafina is sort of lost in in the foreground of the tall windows . . .
I zoom in a little closer. The picture’s framing is better, but Serafina doesn’t get the expression quite right . . .

At this point, I’m feeling a little pressure to get things right and get out. While I had secured permission to sight-see and shot a few pics, I’d certainly never mentioned rope or bondage to the kind folks who let me tour . . .

I shot several more pics, none of them quite right. Then just before I called it off, Serafina nailed the expression and the camera cooperated in capturing it all nearly perfectly . . .

But we aren’t done, as Serafina needs a little play too. So that means I need to get her breasts out . . .

Oh my, what lovely breasts my slave has!

And she pouts nice too . . .

At that point, I decided to leave well enough alone, and call it a successful day. Serafina got to show her breasts off on the widow’s watch of a historic mansion built in 1872, I got my pictures, and Fetlife got the Samadhi Christmas card it deserves . . .

Oh, and I got a story to tell too . . .

“C” is for christmas card

boobies in bondage across america
“E” is for Exhibitionism

“E” is for Exhibitionism

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Scavenger Hunt

Exhibitionism. When I was growing up, that word brought to mind a vision of a dirty old man in a raincoat.  A flasher. Well, either that or a “streaker”.  The ’70’s phenomena (with much older roots) of “streaking” is certainly a form of exhibitionism. I never would have thought of a growing group of women (and some men too) hell bent on flashing and exposing themselves at a wide variety of locations.  Yet, that’s exactly what a person encounters today if they find the Scavenger Hunt.  The concept behind the Scavenger Hunt is simple:

The Scavenger Hunt is a list to inspire more and better dares of places to flash, be exhibitionistic, show body parts, and let it all hang out!  The rules are simple! Rules:

  1. Take a photograph – one or more – of yourself flashing in a public place. That means not your house or backyard! You can include video, but this is primarily a picture hunt.
  2. The location needs to be somewhere people can potentially see you.
  3. There needs to be enough of the location in the photo to be identifiable (so not a macro shot of just the body part).
  4. Complete nakedness isn’t necessary – flashing your tits or your bits works fine too. The idea is to be inappropriately exposed (this means no naturist spots).
  5. Post your picture/s on your blog and then (this bit’s important) let me know so I can update this page! Email me or flick me a tweet (@curvaceousdee).

Please jump in and suggest new places for the list, or to just get nekkid/photograph yourself at them and see if the crowd deems it worthy (tip: we usually do). Then we’ll add it on.

The whole Scavenger Hunt list of places, participants, and accomplishments is tracked and administered by the always delightful and lovely Curvaceous Dee.

scavenger hunt – construction site

Serafina and I are proud participants in the Scavenger Hunt.  We’re pretty new to the whole adventure, but we’ve had more than a little fun with it.  So far we’ve managed to put a bridge, park, and historic place onto Serafina’s list.  With three locations under her belt, Serafina has moved up from bronze to silver, in terms of the Scavenger Hunt level she’s achieved.  And, we’re always looking for more.

An opportunity came upon us a weekend or two ago, as we were out for a Sunday drive.  Cruising down the road, I spied a construction site . . .

“Slave?” I said.

“Yes Master,” she replied.

“Are you ready to expose yourself?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I am,” was her response.

Now, of course, the advantage to visiting a construction site on Sunday is that the equipment isn’t in use.  A new county park was being put in at the site of a former sand and gravel company, and construction equipment was on site for the building and grading of boat access ramps.

There was still more than a little chance of being seen, not by ogling construction workers, but by passing motorists, as well as a guy who was doing some rock hunting a few feet away from the equipment.  We stopped and spoke to him first.

“Huntin’ rocks?” I asked.  (I’m called the Master of the Obvious for a reason, I’ll have you know!)

“Uh huh . . . ” he said in return, stretching up from the bent over position he’d been in.

“Havin’ much luck?” I replied.  (I’m not called the Master of Small-talk, and that’s for a reason too!)

“Not bad . . . ” he said, holding out a quart sized plastic bucket half full of smallish agates.

We exchanged a few minutes more scintillating conversation about agates and rock hunting, before I excused Serafina and myself to explore.  I wanted a good construction pic for the Scavenger Hunt, and there was a large tracked shovel/crane just begging to be the place.


If you take a careful look at the picture, you’ll see the rock-hound near the top right corner.  The site was a little too sunny, a little to cold, and way too breezy for Serafina to be truly comfortable.  But, we made it work . . .

"Mmmmmaster, it's really cccccold!"

“Mmmmmaster, it’s really cccccold out here!”

Serafina is a good slave, she’ll endure lots to please her Master.  And I have a passion for turning my beloved into art . . .


But, there really was no denying that sitting out exposed like that wasn’t really comfortable for Serafina.  Not to mention, at that point it really did look like our rockhound friend was becoming more interested in the photoshoot going on over his shoulder than in his hobby.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him turning and craning his neck, trying to be a better glance at everything my sweet slave was exposing.  I actually thought about walking over to the guy and asking if he’d like to see my wife’s breasts, but thought better of it, not knowing if perhaps he might be an undercover cop or similar.

Instead, we headed for a little more protected spot . . .


Unfortunately, my shadow was far too prominent with the sun directly over my right shoulder.  So I changed perspective just a little . . .


Then. with just a moment spent in photoshop, I had the final result I want for this post . . .


“e” is for exhibitionism



Where Is That? On The Map?

Where Is That? On The Map?

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Scavenger Hunt

Serafina and I have been enjoying taking part in the Scavenger Hunt so far.

While we never considered ourselves to be big exhibitionists, it’s a little stronger fetish perhaps than we knew.

We’ve even gotten to the point of putting together a special “kit” to ride in my truck, so we are ready at the drop of a hat when we see a location.

We tried to get a couple of locations in over the last week, but had issues with running into too many prying eyes to be safe in risking a little exposure.  I mean I’m not beyond having Serafina flash her breasts at a truck driver, but we aren’t going to play games in a restaurant with children around.  Kiddos of all kinds are hard limits for play.

Arriving home yesterday, I kept coming back to an image we had picked up.  It was a tad bit chilly, so that shows more than a little in Serafina’s face.  But, I really liked the shot, it “spoke” to me somehow.

My biggest problem was that I couldn’t find a proper Scavenger Hunt category for our picture to fit into.  We’ve already checked “park” off the list.  It’s not a street sign location, although my slave was certainly next to a sign.

Then I had an epiphany.  There’s no scavenger hunt location for “map”.

Maps show up in all sorts of interesting locations.

Map are found at parks, and in highway rest areas, all sort of locations where showing some skin could be fun.

Flashing next to a map is a classic!

Why hadn’t I thought of that before?

where is that? on the map?  can you point the way?

Scavenger Hunt - Map

Where is that on the map? Can you point the way?


boobies in bondage across americaboobies across iowa

Bodacious Backyard Beauty

Bodacious Backyard Beauty

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Scavenger Hunt

normal? average? yeah right!

It must have been a Sunday, because (quite obviously) that day is more sinful.

So that means it was your normal average Sunday morning round these parts.

Except for the fact that nothing is ever quite normal here at the House of Samadhi.

Not to mention that we strive to be far from average as well.

And, the day was actually Saturday.

So, let’s forget the calendar, and just call it a typical Sunday morning here, and leave it at that!


If you can get together with me in agreeing to call it a typical Sunday morning, it shouldn’t be too big a stretch for the next leap I’m going to ask you to take.

You see, this is the Scavenger Hunt posting that’s not really a scavenger hunt post.  You are still with me, right?[ 2. for the impatient please note that there is a sweet pic of Serafina flashing her snatch in my backyard that accompanies this post – good things come to those who wait – right?]  See how easy it is once we decide we can suspend reality . . .

the setup

Sinnja is with us most every weekend these days.  She comes to visit later on Thursday, and departs Monday morning.  That still gets her a good share of quality time with her youngest son, while also giving her three full days a week here.  With some scaled back work obligations, I’m not working Fridays or weekends, it’s a perfect fit all around.

Sinnja and I tend to be up earlier than Serafina, so most weekend mornings nowadays finds us in my backyard, sitting on the patio, conversing and smoking.  Serafina then joins us once she’s also awakened, and we lounge together for a while before breakfast.

Our typical Sunday morning started just like that.

location, location, location!

They say the first three rules of real estate are:

  1. location
  2. location
  3. location

Sadly, we’ve got none of that.

In terms of location we are nowhere special – it may even say that on google earth!

We live in the midwest, in an average home (where nothing average happens – remember?) that sits on an average lot, with neighbors surrounding us on every side.  Yes, there is a street on one side of the house for access, so neighbors to the south are an extra 25′ away.  Big whoop!

the act – exposing her bodacious backyard beauty

So, it was more than a little risque of me to ask Serafina to expose herself there in my backyard early one Sunday morning.

There she was, looking cute (as usual.)  Yes, Serafina’s beauty rolls right out of bed with her.

What?  You don’t believe me?  Well, certainly, have a look for yourself!

bodacious-backyard-beauty-dressedOK, so she’s scowling a little.  I think she knows I am up to something!

“Master!” she says.  “Really?  So early in the morning?” she asks.

“Oh, you know I can ask what I want from you when I want it from you.  Can’t I?” I reply.

“Seriously?” She asks.

“Yes!  Now!” I say indicating that I’d like my sweet slave to give us a nice look at her pussy.

“Fuck!” says Sinnja, under her breath, knowing Serafina must comply.  It’s never a wise move to start the day disobeying a request from one’s Master.


So, while it may not be worthy of achieving an actual scavenger hunt location, there was real risk of unwanted exposure in our own backyard.

And really, when I think about it, I’d prefer the risk of exposure in front of strangers, not the very people who live next door.

It’s almost enough to make a girl go pale!


Well, except where it counts!

My sweet slave really was able to bear it all quite well, as she bared herself to Sinnja and I.  That’s the story of my sweet Serafina, exposing her bodacious backyard beauty!

Come on over to visit, and you can be next!