Baggage Cart Bondage

Sinful Sunday 1-26-2014

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oh bellboy! – baggage cart bondage

1-26-2014 sinful sundayAccompanied by my beautiful slave/wife, I traveled this weekend to visit the inaugural meeting of the Dubuque Area M/s & D/s Discussion Group.  Because the weather was a bit uncertain, not to mention that the event was about an hour and a half drive from home, we spent the night at Dubuque’s historic Hotel Julien.  We stayed in the Jacuzzi suite, and invited our friend Alpha up for some fun (another story for another time.)

While we were waiting for our friend to arrive, Serafina managed to get herself tied to the baggage cart.  So she wouldn’t get bored while we waited, I rolled her over by the windows.  Isn’t baggage cart bondage fun?

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Sinful Sunday

Oh! Those Nipple Suckers!

Sinful Sunday 2-2-2014

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With the outline of the earlier, larger nipple suckers still very visible on her breasts, a second round of smaller nipple suckers now do their magic.

A vibrant (and sexy) lady submissive, with an absolute penchant for erotic suction games, has been joining Serafina and I for play.  Her name is Lexxi Derrière, and if we are lucky, she may join us here at the Joy of Kink for some toy reviews.  We are actively enabling her own explorations of the joy of kink, who knows what kinds of erotic mischief we might help her get her into . . .

Nipple Suckers!


Sinful Sunday

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Sinful Sunday

Whipsmart & Burlap Sack Bondage

icon whipsmart
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The coarse burlap sack covered her face, pulled down over her head.  Burlap sack bondage.

A long sinuous extension of my arm strikes, with a smart snap and a rush of air.  Sometimes the lashes come in a rhythm.  Their strike, sting, and burn can be almost be anticipated.

Sometimes the strike comes without warning.  There’s no pattern, no comfort.  Each moment it’s own agony, wondering when and where.  Oh God, is he really going to use that whip between my legs?

Then a crack inches away, almost deafening.  A reminder is growled . . . “That could have been your flesh.”

That’s when the screams began.

“Scream all you want sweetheart.  There’s nobody to hear, but you and me.  And, we both know, nobody expects to see you again until Sunday . . . “

whipsmart & burlap sack bondage


I’m a man of many loves, many passions.

One of my passions is the singletail.  I love whips.  The feel of one in my hand is like the feel of coming home.


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Sinful Sunday

Restrained and Waiting at the Kinky Kabin

Sinful Sunday Week 149

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We have discovered a very special place for outdoors escapes and kinky fun.  A location we call the Kinky Kabin.

On one of the visits there we had arrived before anyone else so Master Michael had me strip and lay on the bed and he very quickly restrained my hands over-head and feet yo an upper rail.  Master left me there while he set out all his toys.

Before long I heard a cheerful greeting of Sir Alpha as he darted up the last steep stretch of the path that leads to the Kabin, and Master’s voice in reply.  After exchanging a few more words, Master invited him to see how he had laid all his playthings.

Sir Alpha was appropriately impressed and especially delighted to see Master’s favorite toy ready and waiting.  They both took some time to caress and tease before Master and Sir Alpha went outside to catch up on Dominant conversations and to smoke cigars.

After an hour had passed – (the time it takes to smoke a good cigar) they returned to check on me and by now the sun was streaming through a nearby window bathing Master Michael’s toy in sunlight as captured in today’s photo.

Restrained and Waiting at the Kinky Kabin

restrained sunlight kinky kabin

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Joyous Submission

Sinful Sunday Week 150

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I know submissive individuals of both sexes who struggle with truly giving their submission.

Now don’t misunderstand, they very much crave the sensations and play that a dominant can provide.  They very much want what an experienced Master such as myself can give.  But, they seem (at least at times) to forget that D/s is about an actual exchange of power.  They seem to forget that to give them the scene that they desire, it is going to take a significant expenditure of energy on my part.

And, I’m not talking just the effort I put into it, because to me power exchange is really about an exchange of energy between the submissive and myself.  The rope, restraint, whip, blindfold, and gag are just props.  Crawling on her knees to me is an nice action, but it’s not actual submission.  There are actions and tools to facilitate the exchange,  but the exchange itself is a much deeper.  Individuals observing my scenes may pick up technical hints and techniques they can apply in their own scenes, but the energy exchange isn’t quite so obviously apparent.

Of all the people I’ve played with in my life, Serafina understands this best.  She has truly given herself to me, mind, body and soul.  Everyday I feel the gift of her submission, I feel the energy she so freely gives.  She gives joyous submission, without reservation.  She is light to my darkness, she is the yang that balances my yin.

How do you show that to an individual who’s being mentored?  It took years for Serafina and I to get to this point, it’s not a path that can be wandered down causally.  If you want what we share, it’s going to take work, it’s going to take real effort.  I’m not talking effort for a day, a week, or even a month. I’m talking years.

And, it doesn’t happen without allowing vulnerability. Serafina’s heart is in my hands.  One moment of callous disregard could bring everything crushing down.  With everything she gives to me, it’s absolutely essential that I protect and nurture my slave, as her gifts come from a place of very real vulnerability.  Serafina cannot give me joyous submission without reservation if I don’t create the conditions where that gift can be given safely.  I can’t truly give her the gift of my dominance without the very real exchange of power, the exchange that can be so difficult for some.

How do I describe that for an individual I’m mentoring?  How do I show all of that in a picture?

joyous submission


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Sinful Sunday


The Laughing Scene

erupting in laughter the entire time

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Some pictures stand alone, today’s needs just a little setup.  Serafina and I have spoken here before about her collaring ceremony last fall.  It was a marvelous occasion, better than our wedding, truly the best day of my life.  Parts of the ceremony, including our interpretation of the Ceremony of the Roses were solemn and serious.  Every little action was ripe with symbolic meaning.

Then after the ceremony, and the supper I cooked for my guests, but before the actual play party that concluded the evening, my friend Kenn shot some portraits of/for the happy couple.  We did some serious poses, including the obligatory passionate kiss.  Then, I started clowning around.

I used to be uncomfortable putting on even a playful scene for an audience.  I don’t consider myself to be a showman, and I’m not the type to plan public scenes intended to be showy for a crowd.  I have great respect for the guys who spend two or three weeks planning the scene they will put on at a local group’s monthly party, intending for it to attract attention much like a male peacock’s display.  I’ve been quite entertained watching those kinds of scenes.  But that’s not me.

I think after all of the serious ceremonial activities, I needed a little comic relief.  Playing with Serafina’s leash, I first took it into my teeth.  Then, I put it between my legs, and grabbed it, so that the leash ended up in the hand behind my back.  I think I got a catcall (or two) from the audience, as I tightened the leash’s tension, pulling Serafina’s face down just a little towards my crotch.   That was all I needed for encouragement.  I pulled her farther and farther, erupting in laughter the entire time.  We didn’t play for long, but Kenn captured a few shots of our spontaneous play, what will forever be known in our home, as the laughing scene.  It was the perfect balance for all of the solemn seriousness and ritual.

BDSM isn’t just about finding the balance between pleasure and pain, it’s about finding the balance between seriousness and laughter too.  It’s all about the joyous expression of our love, and passion.  Sometimes it’s serious, and at other times, it’s just a hoot!  Isn’t that life?

the laughing scene

 Laughing Scene

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Sinful Sunday

Did You Really Say, “Oh Fiddle!”?

Sinful Sunday Week 152

This entry is part 7 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

The always lovely Serafina, modelling a bondage fiddle.

Also commonly known as a shrew’s fiddle, or neck violin, the device’s origins go back to medieval Germany and Austria, where it was known as a Halsgeige.

The title for the post has a double meaning.  Obviously, it refer’s the the device my slave has been locked into.  But it has a second more personal meaning as well.

Serafina is not real big on cursing.  She truly wants to be as mannerly and as ladylike a slave as possible.

So, she really does, upon occasion, blurt out the phrase, “Oh fiddle!”

I don’t really think I’d need to tell you what I’d say under the same circumstance.  Needless to say, it wouldn’t reference a musical instrument.

oh fiddle!

oh fiddle

Sinful Sunday

Brought to Heel!

Sinful Sunday Week 153

This entry is part 8 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

I tied the adorable and sexy Serafina up the other day, using her attire against her.

High heels make for such convenient appendages for rope.

Before she knew it, my slave had been . . .

brought to heel!


Sinful Sunday

You’ve Heard of Hitachi? Meet Mr Wahl!

more fun with Dee and Gatekeeper

This entry is part 9 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

There’s no denying the great fun we have with our friends Dee and Gatekeeper.

Of late, it’s been rare when our schedules manage to coincide and allow for play.

Undoubtedly, it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to get together.

Thinking about our dear friends, and missing them badly, Serafina created a triptych image for today’s post.

The triptych was created from three different pictures of a two day play session with Dee and Gatekeeper last year.

Sinful Sunday is all about the picture, but it’s hard for this writer not to include at least a little more commentary . . .

  • that’s Gatekeeper – standing in jeans just above Dee’s head
  • the Wahl vibrator in my hand is more powerful even than a Hitachi
  • Dee’s breasts really are that magnificent
  • I wrote about this weekend once before at my SpiritualBDSM blog – Falling for Ice Storms and Undeserved Reputation
  • we are also practicing our triptych skills for the upcoming Sinful Sunday competition

Meet Mr Wahl!
Triple pic


Sinful Sunday

Meet Mr Wahl!

Beautiful Breasts Lovely Lactation

Sinful Sunday Week 155

This entry is part 10 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

We played with some lovely new friends a couple of weeks back.

One of the mementos we have from that evening is this marvelous image.

I titled it – Beautiful Breasts Lovely Lactation.

But, then again I am occasionally known as “Master of the Obvious”.

Thank you to a pair of beautiful ladies, swichlove and HerJustine, for a memorable evening.

Hope to see you again soon!

 Beautiful Breasts Lovely Lactation


I saved this image back, just to share it for today’s Sinful Sunday.  It’s the last Sunday in March, and I wanted to feature a macro shot in recognition of Kazi G’s March Macro Madness over at Dragon’s Kink.

Sinful Sunday


They Used a Sword to Cut Away my Clothes – Twice!

Sinful Sunday Week 156 - Triptych Competition

This entry is part 11 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

they used a sword to cut away my clothes – twice!

Cabin fever4 resized for blog

Last weekend Master Michael, Sir Alpha, and I headed out to the Kinky Kabin.

We hadn’t been there since Thanksgiving weekend.  That was a very special five days, as the entire time I served Sir Alpha while Master Michael played with another submissive lady.  That was a very unique, and a very special experience.

This time, I was to serve both Masters.  I felt like I was up to that challenge, but I also knew there was a new experience that awaited me.  I was going to be undressed (that part’s not so unusual) by having my clothes cut off with a very sharp Samurai sword!

Last year Master Michael set out to perfect the art of cutting a lady’s clothes off.  It was something he and Alpha had been talking about.  The first time Sir Alpha joined us at the cabin last year he brought a machete.

And, he cut my clothes off with that  machete.  Very exciting stuff!  No matter how warm it is in the Kabin, the steel feels very chilly against my skin when my clothes are getting cut off.

Then, for Christmas, Master received a Samurai sword.  I knew that, sooner or later, I’d feel it’s cold steel against my skin.  I didn’t have to wait long either, only until our first Kinky Kabin visit of the year.

I lost two different outfits last weekend.  Master Michael and Alpha both took a turn at using the sword to cut away my clothes.  It was another memorable weekend, and there’s no doubt I’m a very lucky girl.  And, I got one more special thing from the experience.

An opportunity to create a triptych from the weekend, something special just for Molly’s Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition!

This is my entry in the competition, good luck to all!
Serafina xxxooo

Sinful Sunday

Triptych Fun

Inspired by the Sinful Sunday Contest

This entry is part 12 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

Serafina and I participate in a number of sex blogger memes.

We post to the Scavenger Hunt when we can, and we’ve joined month long challenges like the Feb Photo Fest and the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Most prominently though are the weekly memes, as they show up here on a regular schedule.

Week after week they are a part of our blog.

Kink of the Week, Wicked Wednesday, TMI Tuesday, and of course Sinful Sunday, are all regular features here.

I guess you could say that Internet memes are inspiring to Serafina and I.

They provide ideas, and a real sense of community, not to mention increasing viewership.

And in the end, isn’t that the point?

I mean writers want to be read, exhibitionists want to be seen, ya know?

triptych fun

a collection of artwork by serafina samadhi inspired by sinful sunday’s triptych competition . . .

Cabin feve3Triple picCabin fever2.Cabin fever1

I tend to be a relatively slow and plodding writer.  It used to be that I wasn’t happy until a piece I wrote had something like 14 revision before the final edit.  Part of that, I suppose, comes from my former profession.  Crafting press releases for statewide release was a precise task, especially in the dog eat dog world of Illinois politics.

But, working on a deadline is always good motivation to keep going.  It forces me to get the job done with a minimum of revisions.  To participate, I’ve got to finish on time, and I don’t usually have a week’s lead time to craft my writing like I would have with a new release.

I think my writing is fresher now, even if it’s somewhat less precise.  And, some of the memes aren’t about the writing anyway, like Sinful Sunday.  Which does, finally, bring me around to the point of this post1

My point is that we were given some lead time for Molly’s Triptych contest.  And while (thankfully) there aren’t 18 different revisions to show, we did create a few alternatives along the way.  Call it practice if you like, it’s part of the creative process, and I’d like to show our work.

Anyway, it’s also an opportunity to brag on my Serafina.  While we are both photographers, she’s the wizard with photo editing software.  In the end, all of the triptychs posted here are her work.  The  two triptych’shave been previously posted, I think one was here and one was at  The rest of what I’ve shared here today is new . . .

Cabin fever4curl
Sinful Sunday

Eat Meat on a Friday?

Sinful Sunday - No Easter Eggs Edition

This entry is part 14 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – Easter Edition

The traditional religious observance of Lent is described as lasting for forty days.

That is in commemoration of the forty days which (according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke) Jesus spent fasting in the desert before the start of his public ministry.

It’s said in those Gospels, that while fasting in the desert, Jesus endured temptation by the Devil.

Devilish or not, Serafina and I prefer not to endure, but instead to embrace temptation.

eat meat on a Friday?


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Sinful Sunday

Smiling With Sinnja

Sinful Sunday Week 159

This entry is part 15 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

Serafina absolutely adores the woman.

To say that Sinnja feels likewise about my slave/wife would be an understatement.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of our play potential.

But, it should be abundantly clear from the glazed look in Sinnja’s eyes.

Not to mention the smiles on both our faces.

There is already an absolute abundance of joy, passion, and love to be found in our relationship.

I hope you know, I’ll be missing you, until we are together again.

smiling with sinnja


Picture credit to Sinnja’s girl, BabygirlLilith, her first time using my Nikon camera. I cropped her photo and used photoshop to correct for skin tone / white balance.

Sinful Sunday