Handcuff Warehouse – A Vendor Review

Handcuff Warehouse – A Vendor Review

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handcuffs are everywhere!

Handcuffs are a classic form of restraint, frequently used as a part of kinky role-play and BDSM games between consenting adults.  Lots of folks who consider themselves to be “vanilla” own a pair of handcuffs for bedroom play, and that was true even before the “50 Shades” phenomena.

So, it’s not at all uncommon for a pair of handcuffs to end up in an adult toy collection.  They are often the very first restraints to show up in that special “bag of tricks”.

To be honest, from a psychological perspective, there are a number of reasons why handcuffs are such popular forms of restraint.  Handcuffs are full of implications that can make us tingle.  They are imagery with impact.

That’s because handcuffs are some of the most potent symbols of authority and domination we see in our regular lives.  They are prominently featured in both television dramas and in motion pictures, so much so that their presences is relatively inescapable.  Anyone watching the media much at all is going to see handcuffs in daily use.

don’t buy handcuffs from your local sex-toy store . . .

With that said, today’s essay isn’t about the romance, or the reasoning, behind handcuffs.  And, it’s not about their use and/or safety either.  Although I will quickly say it’s commonly advised to avoid the cheap variety of handcuffs often found in adult stores.  Cheap toy cuffs, manufactured specifically for the fetish market, are generally unreliable.

The cheap stuff can even be dangerously unsafe if used improperly.  It’s not uncommon for cheap adult store handcuffs to have relatively sharp edges.  It costs time and money to finely grind and polish machined metal (or stamped metal) parts.  That’s effort a manufacturer of “toy handcuffs” can be bothered to do.  As such, the cuffs found at adult toy stores are far more prone to causing nerve or tendon damage to wrists than professional quality gear.

That is exactly what makes today’s topic so very relevant.

If I’m going to advise against buying handcuffs at the local adult toy shop, I need to offer a viable alternative.  Today’s topic is simply a review of one potential source for your handcuff purchase.  Professional quality handcuffs are far safer, and far more reliable to use than anything you’ll find at a store also selling dildos.  And, because the price markup at sex toy stores is usually pretty extreme, professional quality handcuffs don’t need to be any more expensive either.

finding Handcuff Warehouse

I recently decided that I needed to add a pair of professional quality handcuffs to my own adult toy collection.  So, I began shopping around for the items that suited my own personal fetish interests the best.

When I begin shopping for a new toy, I’m apt to start where I am familiar.  So, I begin to (as the famous line from the movie Casablanca so aptly put it,) “round-up the usual suspects.” My search started with Stockroom.com (nothing there that excited me) and progressed to Mr-S-Leather where some handcuffs really caught my eye.

The Clejuso Medium Weight Handcuffs that I wanted are made in Germany, where they get used for police escort work.  The handcuffs I wanted are made specifically to move inmates back and forth from prisons to courts.  How perfectly appropriate!

These particular Clejuso handcuffs are also oh so very sexy!  I should probably add here that mom always did say I had expensive tastes.  The handcuffs I wanted also came with a price-tag of $149.95.   There’s no denying that’s a pretty far cry from the $14.95 a pair of cheap cuffs might have cost.  I mean a ten-fold increase is a pretty steep price incline!

I greatly enjoy the fetish items found in my collection, and rarely balk at all at price-tags.  In the end, I know that the quality I enjoy usually costs at least a little bit more.  But, dropping $150 on a single pair of handcuffs would create a significant enough dent in the budget that I might have to forego something else on my wishlist for a time. With that in mind, I began to look for another source.  To make a long story short, Google eventually led me to handcuffwarehouse.com where I found the Clejuso Medium Weight Handcuffs I was lusting after for a price that was a full one-third less – $99.82! Before I knew it my shopping cart also contained a pair of Clejuso Model 8 Leg Irons.  I also picked up a five pack of disposable restraints1.

shopping handcuffwarehouse.com

handcuff warehouse logo

I’m always a little bit worried when trying a new vendor from the internet, it’s hard to find proper reviews of a company, until you’ve had some personal experience you never know what to think. Well, rather obviously I took the leap and made my purchase, or this review would not exist.

And, I have to say, I was very impressed.  My pleasure was with more than just the price too.  Handcuff Warehouse’s service was outstanding.  Their shipping and delivery time were absolutely unbeatable.  I placed my handcuff order on a Thursday afternoon.  By the following Monday morning everything was delivered, waiting for me at my post office box.  The Clejuso products I ordered were in their original manufacturer’s packaging, fresh from the factory. The price (as you already know) was also outstanding.

While you may never personally desire a pair of German manufactured handcuffs weighing two pounds for your own toybag, you may very well wish to find a pair of cuffs for your toybag that’s both high in quality and economy.  Everybody wants a pair of handcuffs sooner or later it seems.  On that count, I’m pretty sure Handcuff Warehouse can deliver.  They carry handcuff products from a variety of manufacturers, all of the best handcuff makers.  And, it’s all marketed to law enforcement professionals.

I think that is one reason the service, selection, and price at Handcuff Warehouse is so superior.  They are used to dealing with the one group even more used to getting their way than the average dominant – law enforcement professionals.  There’s a reason local LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) can be more demanding than lifestyle dominants.  If you refuse to cooperate with your own dominant and there could be real consequences, but  refuse to cooperate with a law enforcement officer and you could end up in a very real (not to mention very non-consensual) lock up with no safeword or escape clauses for consent.  Nobody openly screws with LEO.

That’s good for you, it mean when handcuff warehouse meets the standards of demanding and discerning law enforcement officers, they will very likely meet your’s too.

what’s the catch?

There is a caveat in dealing with Handcuff Warehouse.  Because they are so closely affiliated with law enforcement in the United States, there is one very real legal restriction.  You and I cannot buy products considered to be “medical restraints” from handcuff Warehouse.  Federal Law in the United States actually prohibits the sale of “medical restraints” – excepting only licensed medical facilities from the ban.  So, unless you happen to have a friend at some sort of medical institution willing to flout Uncle Sam on your behalf, you’ll find the classic medical restraint line from the Posey Company still beyond reach.

It’s not the most rational law, at least in my not so humble opinion.  The restriction is only the most humane of all restraints for long term confinement, the idea being they are the most likely to be used for nefarious purposes.  Frankly, I don’t think that a victim’s long term comfort is much of a concern to the average murderous psychopath, nor will real terrorists give that sort of thing much thought.  To my way of thinking, the law doesn’t seem to be a barrier to any real world problem.  It was probably passed as a knee jerk reaction to a one time situation.  As legislation it was most likely crafted to build an elected official’s political standing, nothing more.  At least that’s been my own experience with laws of that kind.

I don’t like the law because I don’t want to be considered to be a criminal because I want a medical restraint scene that is authentic.  And, if an individual is really interested in obtaining medical style restraints, the law isn’t much of a barrier.  There are a number of sources willing to find a way around the federal law on medical restraints that Handcuff Warehouse willingly obeys.  I’ve got a lovely pair of medical style wrist and ankle restraints there were sold to me legally (to the best of my knowledge) by a vendor who has them shipped directly from the manufacturer.  Obviously, then, the only one who loses (the way the law stands today) is a reputable retailer like the Handcuff Warehouse.  That’s kinda sad.

So, if you want/need medical restraints, a different source will be in order.  Otherwise, it would appear that something like 98% of the handcuffwarehouse.com merchandise is available to dominants like you and I.

don’t ask, don’t tell

The legal restrictions on medical restraints aside, I found Handcuff Warehouse to be a wonderful source for beautiful handcuff and leg-iron style restraints. I didn’t ask if they were kink friendly, and they didn’t ask any questions of me either. I suggest you treat your potential future business relationship with handcuffwarehouse.com with he same sort of respect.  Very obviously, a vendor like handcuffwarehouse.com has to know that their customer base includes more than just law enforcement officers, but there’s no sense in advertising your personal predilection towards kink in this instance either. “Don’t-ask-don’t-tell” seems to be an effective outlook when purchasing law enforcement products for personal perversion.

The website is pretty good, and the shopping experience overall is also pretty positive.  My only complaint would be that some specialty products, like the line of Clejuso handcuffs I enjoy so much, aren’t always easy to find.

With those thoughts in mind, I gladly share my very positive personal handcuffwarehouse.com experience with my friends in the kink community. I got great service and great prices on some very special fetish products. Delivery was quick, the website and shopping cart were relatively easy to navigate as well.

I’m a very satisfied customer, and would very much suggest Handcuff Warehouse as a quality source for my friends looking to purchase professional quality handcuffs and other similar metal restraints.

A version of this Handcuff Warehouse vendor review was originally posted at JoyofKink.com, about 12 months ago in early 2013.  It’s been edited for style and moved here to MichaelSamadhi.com as a part of an effort to organize my writing, and bring all my reviews to a single home.  The big advantage to my current blog is that this site is self hosted.  That means I now have much greater control over my site’s appearance, and I can offer my readers a lot of extra features too.   It should be also be noted that a quick check of Mr-S-Leather currently shows that Clejuso handcuffs are no longer available from that source, so clearly some of the article’s specifics (like product price and availability) have been left in their previous state to keep the review as true to the original as possible.

Neither Michael Samadhi nor the Joy of Kink recommends or suggests the purchase of law enforcement style products if their personal use (or possession) is illegal in your local jurisdiction. Please use adult toys only in a safe, sane, and consensual manner.  To answer further questions, please see our disclaimer.

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