Nervous? – Wicked Wednesday #87

Nervous? – Wicked Wednesday #87

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nervous yet?

window nervous bound

Bound to the baggage cart in a beautiful historic hotel you’ve never before visited . . .
Rolled over in front of the windows . . .
Slowly stripped of your clothes . . .

exposed nervous bound slave

Would that be enough to make you a little nervous?

Perhaps when I’m joined by my partner in crime?
Still not nervous?
Maybe that would change when he pulls out a really big knife?


What happens with the knife once you are naked?
Does thinking about that make you nervous?
It probably should!

naked nervous

Serafina got all that, and more, last Friday night, when we visited Dubuque for an event.  In this case, the pictures truly say more than my words ever could.

My one and only regret?  That I didn’t capture it with the camera when AlphaBull (the partner in crime I referred to) made my Serafina squirt like a fountain.  Sadly, I was too busy just enjoying the show.


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Decisions? They Are Mine!

Decisions? They Are Mine!

This entry is part 2 of 22 in the series Wicked Wednesday

Decisions . . . Decisions!

decisionsToday’s Wicked Wednesday topic is all about the word decision.  I should start by saying that a discussion based around the word decision is actually a easy topic here at House of Samadhi.  Most every decision is mine to make.  It’s always been that way, and as long as I am capable and competent, I expect that it will remain that way.  Not only is my sole decision making ability one of the “conditions” that are the basis of our Master / slave relationship, it’s actually Serafina’s choice for our dynamic.  And, it has been from the beginning.

Serafina’s first husband was a sorry man.  I don’t say that out of jealousy or pique, it’s more a matter of fact statement than anything else.  He was a poor provider, he was a poor father, he was a poor husband.  The only thing he wasn’t poor at was in the sexual realm, there he was even more deficient.  It’s actually very easy for me not to feel any sort of animosity towards the man, because, were it not for his deficiencies, were it not for his complete negligence of his marital responsibilities, Serafina never would have become mine.

The one thing that a submissive like Serafina craves in a partner, is confidence and the ability to take charge of a situation as needed.  Only, in her previous marriage, the roles were close to being polar opposites of what Serafina desired.  When she and her former spouse owned an upholstery shop, he could do very little on his own.  It seems he didn’t have the confidence to set an upholstery tack without the need to consult his wife.  I know Dommes who would thrive in such a situation, but it was the last thing Serafina needed.

My slave would be quick to tell you that there’s a huge difference between being Masterful and being inept, they are exact opposites in Serafina’s opinion.  In her prior relationship she got the latter.  Ineptitude is never really a desirable trait in a spouse, but it’s doubly destructive when it puts a natural submissive into a situation where she has to take charge.  Serafina’s well beyond being just competent, so it should be said that not only did she rise to the occasion, she rose to it well, conquering every challenge that headed her way.  She’s a resourceful, intelligent and vital woman.  Of course she did well.  But, deep inside she always wanted to follow, not to lead.

I’m a leader, it’s what I do.  Leaders lead, it’s just that simple.  Now, please don’t misunderstand.  I’m no neanderthal, I don’t demand that anyone follow me, in fact I often shy away from leadership opportunities, as I generally prefer to be outside the spotlight.  But, I was blessed with what’s called a “command personality”, for whatever reason the Creator decided that I’d be so endowed.  Personally, I’d have taken a couple of extra inches length in a different endowment.  Give me that bump from 7 1/2″ to 9 1/2″ and I’d have gone into porn.  With that said, I don’t think there’s any potential surgical enhancement for one’s leadership skills, so I am rather satisfied with my endowment of all types, thank you very much.

From the beginning of our relationship, which started as a BDSM triad by the way, I’ve been described as the “lead wheel”.  Back in those days we used a tricycle as the metaphor, today it’s a bicycle, but the analogy is still the same.  The lead wheel provides the direction, the back wheels the propulsion.  So, I make the decisions, it’s our dynamic.  It’s the way my slave prefers to be, and it suits me perfectly.  Serafina gives the support and drive needed to make the destinations I’ve picked.  That’s how true partnerships work.

Do you find it difficult to make a decision?
Not in the least.  Being the “decider” comes as naturally to me as swimming does to a fish.

All decisions or only some of them?
They are all mine.  When I occasionally ask Serafina where she’d like to eat, the response I often get is a look similar to a deer in the headlights of a car.  Stunned indecision.  Why am I asking her?  Don’t I know where I want to eat?  She wants me to decide.  I do normally let her choose what she’d like to eat, but I like to order for her, so even there the final say is mine, I’m the one talking to the wait staff.

Are you even allowed to decide everything or are some decisions made for you by others?  Why?
As much as we are generally loathe to admit it, there are things beyond the control of even the most powerful and authoritative dominant.  My government is making health insurance decisions for me right now, and they decide a number of other things I’ll never effect.  No matter what, some decisions in life are made by others.  Serafina decides plenty for herself, as far as she’s concerned.  I always listen to her, she’s never stifled or left out of the decision making process.  She will always be my closest confident and advisory, her opinion is invaluable to me.  But, in the end, I’m the one who says yes or no.  It’s the lead wheel that chooses which way to go.

How do you cope when a decision is made for you and you are not happy with it?
I’m pretty much like everyone else here. I complain about the Democrats, or the Republicans, as needed.  I vote.  I protest.  I also take my frustrations out on needy masochists.

Have you looked back on some decisions that you have made and regretted that what you have done? Or maybe even realized it was the best decision you could have made?
Of course!  I’m human, so some of my decisions will turn out to be regrettable.  I have to allow myself the ability to make mistakes, otherwise I’d be eternally paralyzed by fear that a decision would go wrong even before it was made.  The important thing there, in my opinion is to avoid repeating the same mistake again.  There are plenty of mistakes for me to make, even as Master, so it’s important to me that I avoid making the same mistake over again.

The First Time Serafina Was Shared

The First Time Serafina Was Shared

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Everyone’s version of a master / slave relationship is different.  That’s actually one of the things I like about kink, it’s like a giant smorgasbord, and folks are free to sample what they like, and leave the rest behind.  So, to me the diversity of kink is one of the beauties of the lifestyle.

I just wanted to say that up front, because some people might be appalled by the prerogatives I take as Serafina’s Master.  For instance, I believe a master has the right to use his slave as sexual property, and to assign her service as he see’s fit.  I guess that’s my way of saying that it is my prerogative to choose any other dominant she might serve.

Of course, it’s not as one sided as all that might initially sound.  In reality it means I’ve coordinated a few mfm three ways for my slave.  It means I found a quality dominant (Alpha) whom Serafina enjoys and respects for play and training.  And, in all honesty, she’s loved every minute of the adventure.

There was a lot of communication and discussion in advance.   Our conversations on the topic started about a year before we actually even began to meet other individual’s in person.  We went into the experience with our eyes relatively wide open, and feel enriched for the experience.

And, just so our friends and readers are aware, the image that accompanies this post was actually picked by Serafina.  She originally picked it to be included in the February Photo Fest series of posts.  With Wicked Wednesday’s theme today being firsts, it was proudly re-purposed.

Serafina is proud of the inhibitions she’s overcome, and she’s proud of the pleasures she’s both given and received.  And, I think her choice for today’s post illustrates that point very well.  it’s the first time serafina was shared, her first mfm 3-way, and the first time she ever experienced a “double header” with 2 cocks in her mouth.

the first time Serafina was shared (her 1st mfm 3-way)


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Balancing Pain And Pleasure

Balancing Pain And Pleasure

This entry is part 4 of 22 in the series Wicked Wednesday

I’m a dominant.  I’m also a sadist.  Give me the power to control, that’s all the dominant wants.  The sadist brings an entirely different pallet of desires to the table.

I love to create sensations.  Sometimes the sensations are totally pleasurable.  I love giving orgasms.

Of course, I love delivering sensations that aren’t quite so obviously pleasurable too.

It’s about finding the thin line, the razor’s edge, between pleasure and pain.  That’s the territory where I like to live and play.  I enjoy creating sensations strong enough to make my partner struggle.  In their minds, I want them to wonder if they can take any more, yet not dare to ask for it to stop either.

That is the “balance” my sadist seeks, balancing pain and pleasure.  It’s a place where time seems suspended, where reality and fantasy meet.  It’s a place where orgasms are extended and amplified, where limits (internal and external) are tested.

Struggle, gasp, and moan all you want.  Scream profanities, or scream out my name, it’s all the same for me.  It’s the sensations that matter, and watching your internal struggle.  If we stop now the game is over, you don’t want that, do you?  You’d never discover the pleasures on the other side . . .

Oh you do want those pleasures?  Well then, just give me a little patience, bear with those sensations a little longer.  I know you can do it for me.  Take it for me girl, that’s the gift I want today.  To watch you suffer for me, as you get wet to your knees.

That’s right, now beg me for more!

balancing pain and pleasure


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Here’s the inspiration for this post – the Wicked Wednesday prompt for this week (in case you missed it) . . .

Balance… what does balance mean to you? Do you think of physical balance, or balance exercises in a yoga class? Or do you think of a weighing device and at the same time your thoughts travel to a diet you might be following or want to follow? Maybe you think of a stable mental/psychological state or emotional stability. Or maybe you think of something that is left over, the balance of the big sum? What does balance mean to you?

Whatever thoughts are triggered in your mind, we look forward to reading your (sexy) post.

I got a prayer with a girl . . .

I got a prayer with a girl . . .

This entry is part 5 of 22 in the series Wicked Wednesday

Well the preacher kept right on saying that all I had to do was send
Ten dollars to the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus
Located somewhere in Los Angeles, California
And next week they’d say my prayer on the radio
And all my dreams would come true
So I did, the next week, I got a prayer with a girl
Well, you know what kind of eyes she got
So if you’re down on your luck
I know you all sympathize
Find a girl with far away eyes

~  Jagger/Richards | Far Away Eyes

I’m not sure how many of my readers will be familiar with Far Away Eyes, the Rolling Stones song who’s lyric started this post.  But, for the record, it’s been a sort of tongue in cheek anthem of mine for some time.  I’ve been known to sing it from time to time, usually for a girl.  Yes, I’m that corny.  The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday somehow connected with that song in my mind, the line about the prayer seemed rather poignant.  I mean what is a prayer, if it’s not a wish?  It’s a specific kind of a wish, but it’s a wish nevertheless.

I once had a wish for a girl, you could call it a prayer if you like, although I’m not exactly a prayerful man.  I wished for someone who could be as loyal to me as I could be to them.  It always seemed to me that I’d give my loyalty, my trust . . . I’d give all of myself to another, only to be disappointed.

Then Serafina came along.  She will always be that girl, the one with far away eyes, the answer to my dreams, my hopes, my wishes.  Yes indeed, I got a prayer with a girl!

So tonight, I don’t need three wishes, where just one will do.

Please, Dear Lord, don’t let me fuck this one up, let me be worthy of my slave!

I got a prayer with a girl . . .


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