I’m fascinated by the D/s dynamic.

I just don’t know any way around that fact, it seems my mind is occupied by dominance and submission to the point that some could say it’s an obsession.  Maybe it is an obsession, that’s not the kind of thing a person can often see in themselves.  I prefer, however, to call it a passion.

I have a very real passion for D/s, as well most everything associated with BDSM.  It’s not a game, it’s not something I can do only in the bedroom.  It is at the core of my essence.  In many ways, the D/s lifestyle defines who I am.

And, while D/s wasn’t who Serafina was when we met, it certainly is today.  You can see it in her smile, her actions, her service.  She has embraced my lifestyle, it’s become a part of who she is as well.

There’s nothing in this world, to my eye anyway, more beautiful than my slave signalling that submission.  Serafina shows it beautifully by assuming specific positions, or postures, to please her Master.  Position training is worthy of a post of it’s own, if not a series, so I’ll not go into that too deeply here.  I’ll just say, for now, that there are certain postures that further inflame that inner core, that set my dominance afire.

And, one of the positions Serafina assumes, is just perfect for our first Moony Monday post.  Not only does it display my slave’s beautiful bottom, it’s also a display of abject surrender.  When I’m satisfied with her display, I’ll allow my slave to crawl to me.  She moves beautifully on all fours!

Maybe someday, I’ll have her crawl for you too?

signaling submission



They call it Stormy Moony Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad . . .


Moony Monday signaling submission
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