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Did you know that 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Soccer (Football to the rest of the world – but not us here in the USA . . . ) matches are happening as we speak?  

You’d probably have to be living under a rock not to know.  I mean, I seem to have picked up on the grand event, even though I’m not watching television these days.  And, not just because of Molly Moore’s upcoming SinfulSunday challenge either.  So, it seems appropriate to have a “sports desk” edition of Throwback Thursday this week.

I do have to say, it’s truly amazing what the human body can be trained to do . . . And I’m not just talking sports! Yes, it would seem that some porn starlets, those who are playing on the more extreme edge of bondage, share a similar skill set with professional athletes.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t want our porn to cost as much as a football game!

You make the call . . . I can’t be the only one to see similar skill sets at work here!

“Top rhythmic gymnasts must have many qualities: balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength are some of the most important . . . “

I guess it’s good for dominants to remember that not all submissives are as flexible as the models featured on the internet at sites such as, same as not all girls aren’t as flexible as world class gymnasts competing in the Olympic Games.

With that said, it sure is fun to watch world class athletes of all kinds do their thing!

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