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Michael Samadhi

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My personal blog, Spiritual BDSM, is dedicated to the wonderful lady who is the love of my life.  She also happens to be my wife and slave – she’s the beautiful Serafina Samadhi.  In the end, everything is (and always will be) for you, my darling beloved.  Like everything else in my life, this truly is dedicated to you!

This blog does need its own separate dedication however, no matter how important she is to my journey, it won’t do to list only Serafina.  With that in mind, Michael Samadhi’s Joy of Kink, is dedicated first, to all the friends I’ve met and learned from along my personal journey, everyone who’s helped me discover the joy of kink.  Quite obviously, it’s not a journey I could have experienced on my own. I thank you for what you shared with me, and allowed me to share of myself with you.

But, more specifically, I’m writing this dedication with everyone I consider to be part of my leather family in mind.  I’ve met and grown to know the most wonderful group of people.  You are the world to me, you truly are my family!  So, this blog is for the lady I met at a now infamous munch, where I established my bona fides as a dominant who could “read” a submissive across a table, at a crowded restaurant no less.  No doubt you challenge me, I hope I do the same for you.  And, thank you for the quip about ruining the Hitachi for you, it’s a high honor indeed to have taken you to such heights.

This blog is for the  MILF who one day realizes that there is a name for the kind of secret fantasies she’s harbored her whole life and that there are real people out there doing those kinds of naughty things to each other every day. This blog is for the husband who desires to fulfill his wife’s fantasies, if only he knew how to do it in a safe and sane way where he could be confident she’d get everything she wants while also never suffering any ill from those more aggressive desires.  It’s for a sweet submissive woman I decided to protect, and has now become a valued friend.

This blog is also for my serious young friend, the dedicated rope artist, and it’s for my even younger friend, just as serious, who’s named TheRopeArtist.  This blog is for another couple, the lady dominant who stood with me as “best dominant” at Serafina’s collaring, and her wonderful submissive guy, I can’t imagine making this journey without you.  It’s for the gentleman who crafted my St Andrew’s cross, and his slave; not to mention the hypnotist who was the master of ceremonies at Serafaina’s collaring, and his slave too.  This blog is for a massage therapist who I haven’t seen in person in a decade, but is family too, nevertheless.

Thank you!  Many thanks to all of you, for your friendship and help, your guidance and care and affection.  Thank you for the honor of allowing me to join you in your own journey through this world.  And thank you to those who honored me by suggesting – “You should write a book.”

The thought of writing a book actually terrifies me, and there are few things in the world with that power.  I simply can’t help but envisioning a hard bound tome full of blank pages waiting for me to write everything down in a coherent order.  Sad to say, that’s a task I simply can’t envision ever completing.  Thankfully, I can picture myself sitting down on a regular (or at least semi-regular) basis to write essays and share stories of my knowledge and experiences. While I can’t be there in person to help (or mentor) everyone who needs help understanding and finding their own place in this world, I can help at least a little by sharing what I’ve learned on the pages of this blog.

Michael Samadhi

a simple dedication - Michael Samadhi

“a simple dedication” by Michael Samadhi – your humble narrator

Michael's Musings A Simple Dedication
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