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Before any of my PETA type friends get themselves up in arms about today’s content, let me say up front, that the mink shrug/stole that Serafina models in today’s post is an antique.  In actuality, it’s older than myself, or my slave.  The shrug/stole she’s wearing once belonged to my maternal Grandmother, so I suppose it could be considered a sort of a family heirloom.  It’s not exactly what I’d call a useful piece of attire.  The little mink coat is not exactly the kind of thing she’s ever really likely to wear out for an evening on the town.  Davenport, Iowa, isn’t exactly the kind of place where folks wear furs anyway, and we’re not really “fur people” – if you know what I mean.  So, to my eye, it’s just another piece of fetish wear for my slave to model.

Of course, I do think of kink and furs together.  The association is inescapable for folks born of older generations, at least the kinky ones.  The association is really the work of one man, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the author of Venus in Furs.  Sacher-Masoch had a strong fetish for women dressed in furs, just as he had a similar fetish for ladies who were both dominant and cruel. I enjoy irony, so I simply can’t help occasionally dressing my slave in furs.  It’s not expected.  It’s not what a person usually encounters.  And that’s a prefect fit for for me!

That’s really a big part of what drew me to BDSM in the first place, I’m a sexual rebel.  I get a thrill from acting outside the norm.  And really, in her heart, Serafina is the same.  So, while a slave in furs is an uncommon sight to behold,  it’s still powerful imagery.  Having a naked slave girl crawl sinuously across the floor to me is good, having one clad in furs acting likewise, is perhaps even better.  Furs are powerful attire, and Serafina would be quick to tell you they are sensuous to wear as well as being sexy to behold.  Yes, I’m well aware that real live animals with feelings suffered and died to create this attire.  Perhaps that’s even part of a fur’s erotic power.  No synthetic material yet made can really come close to matching the look and feel of real quality fur.

Yes, we know fur is decadent.  We know we shouldn’t really enjoy fur, that it is “forbidden” these days in civil society . . .

So is the joy of kink, and we certainly enjoy that too!

slave in furs



serafina - slave in furs

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