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Serafina likes to collect colorful, “smart” looking socks.  I, on the other hand, like to collect all sorts of interesting and unusual BDSM gear.  Here we manage to blend the two hobbies together, as Serafina models my aluminum breast press, along with some bright colorful socks.  The breast press can create sensations ranging from a tight “fullness” right up to some intense pain.  The more intense sensations are reserved for masochists.  Serafina’s not so much a masochist.  From the blissed out expression on her face in the accompanying picture, it’s pretty obvious that the breast press has a milder side too.

It’s not the breast press I want to talk about though.  It’s the socks that make the picture!  And they are where the story lies too.  Like many in others in Master/slave relationships, I have clothing restrictions for Serafina.  When we shop for clothes, I always pre-approve her purchases, so her wardrobe will always be pleasing to me.  When it pleases me, I actually dictate her outfits as well.  It’s great fun to have her dress for my pleasure.  One of my rules is that outside the home she can only wear pants for gardening and hiking, or when it’s more than -20°F including windchill.  And, in our home, she’s never allowed pants or panties at all.

That’s where the socks come in.  In the summer I like our home to be pleasantly cool.  Too cool for Serafina.  In the winter, I like my home to be pleasantly cool.  Once again, too cool for Serafina.  If you were to ask her, the answers would be similar for Spring and Fall too.  So, Serafina is allowed to wear socks to stay warm.  That keeps everything I’m interested in accessible, but give a nod to her comfort as well.  With that said, my slave’s not going to be caught dead in purely functional monotone dark socks, that kinda stuff’s for the Amish!

Serafina likes color, and her smart socks show it!

smart socks & breast press

smart socks breast press
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