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naked – except for sneakers

Put on your high heel sneakers, throw that wig hat on your head.
Put on your high heel sneakers, throw that wig hat on your head.
Honey I know you’re gonna get real high, honey I know you’re gonna knock ’em dead.
~ Buddy Guy (original by Tommy Tucker) – High Heeled Sneakers

After reading my last Kink of the Week essay, discussing the clothed dominant and naked submissive, readers here at the Joy of Kink may be thinking that I keep my sweet slave/wife Serafina naked a good majority of the time.  It’s true that I have a great appreciation of the naked female form, there’s no doubt about that.  Last summer’s Twisted Tryst experience was a truly peak event for me.  I was able to keep Serafina, as well as another lovely submissive guest, gloriously naked for 4 unforgettable days of kinky erotic fun.

Naked, that is, except for sneakers.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twisted Tryst, it’s a great gathering a kinksters, all camping together in the woods for an extended weekend of kinky debauchery.  While I’m sure a fair share of folks who attended spent the weekend barefoot, I had my girls wear shoes.  The shoes they wore weren’t fetish attire either.  A hot 90° August day in the Wisconsin woods isn’t exactly my first choice for Serafina to be modelling her thigh high leather boots.  Obviously then, my girls were wearing sneakers.

function over form

I know there are people out there who have a great appreciation for sneakers, folks who find them irresistibly alluring and incredibly desirable.  That’s not me.  I don’t consider myself to be a “shoe guy” at all.  Not that I don’t know (and appreciate) people who can spend hours looking to find just the right pair of shoes, it’s just not my personal cup of tea.

I have a good friend, a fellow 24/7 Master, who is into shoes.  Everything his slave wears is important to him, he chooses every stitch of her clothing.  In addition to foundation garments and all the trappings of a proper old-fashioned lady, she’s nearly always attired in some sort of fashionable high heel too, picked from an extensive selection.  Taking a tour of treasure’s closet is more than a bit overwhelming for a guy like me.  It’s really not that far from the total “shoe store experience”.  I’m not even sure how they keep track of them all, although I’m sure they do.

It’s probably no struggle at all for them, as in Gaspar’s house, shoes matter.  In my house, shoe’s aren’t so much a fashion statement, but instead are much more a matter of function.  Please don’t misunderstand, I understand the allure of a beautiful pair of high-heeled shoes.  When I met her, Serafina had nothing of the sort.  Now, at my bidding, she has some very nice shoes worthy of wear with fetish attire.  Serafina’s even learning to walk in them!

sneakers – not for work, for scenes

I imagine that Gaspar’s treasure might have a pair of sneakers, for yard work perhaps.  If that’s true though, I should add that I’ve never seen them.  I’d imagine that her Master would turn many shades of pale if his slave were to wear sneakers to entertain, not to mention for a scene.  That’s his standard, and I do think it’s admirable, in some ways I wish I had that kind of dedication to requiring my slave to always look her best.  Sadly though, I somehow lack the proper motivation.  It’s not the standard in my house, and probably never will be.

Of course, when I met Serafina, it was clear that she had plenty of sneakers.  It’s safe to say, she still does.  While I don’t consider them to be her sexiest foot attire, they even have a place in one of our “dungeons”.  One of our favorite venues to play is a remote location forever embedded in Samadhi lore as the Kinky Kabin.  The rustic atmosphere of the Kinky Kabin is pretty much without compare, and the scenes that happen there are always incredible.  But, the bare wood floor has more than it’s share of splinters, and that’s where the sneakers come into play.



My friend Alpha, who sometimes lends a hand with Serafina’s training, is wielding the flogger.  And there is Serafina in all her glory at the Kinky Kabin.  Naked as the day she was born, except for her sneakers.

Who said sneakers weren’t dungeon attire?  Certainly not me!

Kink of the Week (KOTW)

KOTW Kink of the Week is a new feature here at the Joy of Kink.  KOTW  is the invention of Jade, aka PiecesofJade, aka Jade Melisande, a sex blogger and writer of erotica.  Inspired by a similar feature in a FetLife group, the idea is simply to have a single topic that kinksters of the blogosphere can discuss.  I’m going to try playing along each week, as the challenge of taking on a fresh unexpected topic a few times every month sounds like fun.

Kink of the Week, Jan 27-Feb 2: Sneakers

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