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We find ourselves in a pretty unique situation, Serafina and I do . . .

Her kids are grown and in Canada, I had no children of my own.  No relatives live nearby either.  That gives us a very unique freedom t live our lives as we wish.  It also gives us the “freedom” to spend most of our holidays alone, with only each other.  Now, if ever I were trapped on a deserted island with only a sole companion, Serafina would be my choice.  So, I’m not bemoaning my fate, I enjoy my life the way it is, and wouldn’t trade for anything.

But, I have to admit, holidays can get just a touch melancholy.  Lot’s of traditions don’t fit quite right.  For instance, there’s not a lot of sense in cooking a turkey on Thanksgiving for just two people.  Of course, there’s another complicating factor in our family, Canadians somehow picked a completely different date for the holiday.  The folks living under the banner of the red maple leaf celebrate Boxing Day too . . .  What’s a D/s family to do about odd traditions there?  My idea of a Christmas Box is between my slave’s legs, it’s not a gift she’s getting for herself!

So, we’ve decided to celebrate our own holiday traditions.  In 2012 that meant Spanksgiving was celebrated instead of Thanksgiving.  I took Serafina out to a remote area along the Mississippi, where we had a great time.  I ended up spanking her, and giving her some appropriate use too.  We told the story here and here over at  (BTW – that was all before we realized there is actually an event called Spanksgiving!)

flashback – spanksgiving 2012

my spanksgiving
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