Streaked Iridescence | Sinful Sunday Week 341

By | October 21, 2017

Streaked Iridescence | Sinful Sunday Week 341

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Michael's Art, Sinful Sunday | 9 comments

Sinful Sunday Week 341 | Streaked Iridescence

streaked iridescence showing shower fun at another historic hotel

You’ve probably already noticed that I’m calling today’s image Streaked Iridescence. For this week’s Sinful Sunday, I have returned to another my digitally processed images.

If you’d care to compare, the original unprocessed image is part of a post I made earlier this week – A Steamy Shower Silhouette. A second image in the other post gives a good clue of what’s happening too.

The original image was taken at the historic Hotel Blackhawk, in Davenport, Iowa.

I have great affection for nice historic hotels. I first wrote on that topic ten days ago – Playing at the Historic Hotel Julien Dubuque. I really love the atmosphere they provide and find it very conducive to my mindset for BDSM play. And, I can’t go without mentioning that the showers at the Hotel Blackhawk are absolutely to die for.

The room filled with steam. The action was steamier still. The streaked iridescence on the glass was beautiful to behold. Add to that the feeling of being a voyeur through the glass, virtually nothing hidden. I developed a real fetish for glass showers after my first stay there.

It’s that good…

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9 thoughts on “Streaked Iridescence | Sinful Sunday Week 341

  1. Elliott Henry

    I like your image. I did figure it out and it was fun to see the other post. Well done on the edit, Michael.

    When you said Blackhawk Hotel I thought you meant the one in Chicago. I’ll have to google Davenport.

    1. Michael Samadhi Post author

      Thank you, Elliott. There’s a link to the Davenport hotel in the text – in the line right underneath the image. Although I’m only three hours from Chicago, I don’t know the hotels there at all, outside of the venue for KinkyKollege out by the Airport, and a couple of downtown hotels I’ve been through for IML.

  2. Aurora Glory

    Beautifully edited! I did have to check out your other post to work it out and it still took me a little while lol! Really great idea for a photograph!
    Aurora x

    1. Michael Samadhi Post author

      Thank you Aurora! I was hoping it would be a little more obvious what was happening, it is to me, but I took the pic. Thanks again for the lovely comment!

  3. Molly

    Oh I am so with you on beautiful hotel rooms and bathrooms. I once stayed in a place that had the shower as the divider between the room and the bathroom so you could lay in the bed and see your lover through the glass wall in the shower.


  4. Sweeten Dirty

    That is a very lovely and interesting image. I t took me a lot longer than I would like to admit to figure out what was going on in the image. One of my favorite types of images. I also went and checked out the original image, which I found very hot and steamy. Pun intended. :p


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