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I’m sure there’s more than a few different “T” words that could be candidates for this entry of the Joy of Kink from “A” to “Z”.  I’d post a list, but I’m actually saving those back for another project.

With that said, there wasn’t any consideration at all on my part what today’s topic should be.  There is one word that’s at the core of everything I am, as well as everything I want the Samadhi name to mean to my family, to my friends, to those I mentor, and even to those I meet . . .


I am all about trust.  Building trust.  Maintaining  trust.  Keeping trust.

Trust is at the core of how I play.  Trust is at the core of how I live too.  And, without a doubt, trust is the very bedrock of how I love.

Lust and trust may rhyme, but they don’t necessarily have a whole lot to do with each other.  Maybe I’m jaded, but that seems especially so in the vanilla world.  The hook-up culture is all about lust, with little thought for trust.

Trust has everything to do with the other “L” word – not lust but love.

There can be no love without trust.  When trust is lacking, everything else erodes quickly.  It’s my belief that trust is the bedrock of all truly loving relationships.

But, trust isn’t like some other emotions. Trust isn’t something that can simply be given.  Trust must be earned.

That’s why trust is such a hard thing for impatient people.  It doesn’t happen overnight.

Yes, there may very well be such a thing as love at first sight.  But let’s be honest, there isn’t such a thing as trust at first sight, it doesn’t happen.

Sadly, trust is also a very fragile emotion.  It’s like the finest blown glass, beautiful and fragile, yet broken so easily.  Once shattered, it falls apart in painful shards.  Once shattered, it’s beauty and form can never be totally restored again.

Sadly, trust is often parodied.  The word is invoked without intent.  The politician, with promises only meant to be kept through election day.  The grinning used car salesman saying “trust me”.  The so called “lover” mouthing the same words.

That’s the worst kind of lie, the most vile of all deceits.  Invoking trust, knowing full well it will be shattered.  That’s true betrayal.

And, in the end, that’s why it’s so hard for many to trust.  Their trust has been broken again and again.  Shards of that fine glass that might have been mended, are broken instead, again and again.  Then the finest shards, the last little vulnerable pieces that remain, are ground down again under the boot-heel of deceit and betrayal.

Real trust is more precious than diamonds or gold, and probably more rare. That’s why it is so important to me, so vital, so precious.  Did I say trust is at the core of everything?

I did, and I meant it!

“t” is for trust

T is for trust

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