Tell Us About A Humorous Kink Experience

Tell Us About A Humorous Kink Experience

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series 30 Days of Kink w/ Michael
  • Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had. If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.

I’ve been doing this BDSM thing for a long time.  I was thinking about all that experience today, and what it adds up to . . .

I turn 51 later this year, but I tied my first girl up for sex when I was 17.  I actually think I tied a girl up for the first time at 12 years old.  But, that’s not exactly a BDSM story, it simply shows my perverted predilections at even that tender young age.

So, I was considering all those years, and at the same time Serafina and I had just traveled to visit Sinnja, staying with our love and her brood for her birthday.  That gave me opportunity for further reflection, as her house is far more crowded with people than any I ever lived in.

a unique lifetime
Growing up an only child, and then not having children of my own, has given me far different perspectives and opportunities than most.    I never have had the joys of fatherhood.  But, I’ve never had the responsibilities or obligations either.

I’m realizing more and more that I’ve ended up having a relatively unique life.  Unique like having far more opportunity for BDSM play than just about anybody who has lived with children ever could  have found.  I made the most of those opportunities too.

Now, in pondering all my unique opportunities and experiences, humorous kink experiences weren’t exactly at the top of my list.  Oh for sure, among those unique opportunities have been more than my share of humorous kink experiences.  But, comedy isn’t always the very first thing in mind when I’m in the leather and dungeon mindset.

I think it’s natural to think of “firsts”.  They tend to be memorable, even if the actual action isn’t always perfect.  At least that’s been my experience.

I also tend to remember those absolute peak moments where everything came together perfectly.  That kind of thing can be pretty rare, perhaps even more rare than a “first”.  But, I’ve got to admit, I’ve had more than my share of times where everything went perfectly and left a mind blowing scene in it’s wake.

opportunity + persistence = awesome experiences
Michael-&-Abbie-art3I think the collection of mind blowing experiences I’ve felt and shared, at least in part, are a question of opportunity.   If a golfer plays enough he’ll have a hole-in-one to his credit, the bowler a 300 game.  If a fisherman makes enough casts, everything else being equal, he’ll catch his trophy[ 2. my good friend AlphaBull landed his prize Muskie this last summer – it took thousands of casts before she arrived – but that’s how it goes – that particular sport rewards Alpha’s exacting persistence and patience.].

My primary hobby as an adult has been sex.  In the sexual realm I’ve rolled my 300 game, and shot my hole-in-one.  I’ve landed my prize trophies too.  In the past I’ve always practiced “catch and release” there . . . But, I have to say that Serafina and Sinnja are sure “keepers”.  I’m quite well satisfied with my good fortune.  And, in thinking that’s already one over the current “legal-limit”, I’m done “fishin”, at least for this lifetime.

Which brings me around, finally, to begin to relate a humorous kink experience from my past.  With more than thirty years of BDSM and kink behind me, it’s only human that I’d have more  than my share of silly and laughable moments to relate.  Perhaps the biggest issue is simply deciding which story to tell.

I’m a storyteller by nature.  I love sharing anecdotes and interesting experiences.  It’s a way of reliving my past fun, as well as remembering previous lessons too.  That’s part of my motivation in blogging.

pick just one humorous kink experience?

Michael-&-Abbie-artSo, my first instinct was to share a story from my more distant past.  Heck, I could go as far back as 1981.  I could relate how I accidentally “ruined” ketchup for my ex-wife – there were a couple of years where she wouldn’t eat ketchup at all because of a food play experiment gone wrong.  Oooops!

I’m sure lots of folks would get a kick out of hearing how I let one girl shave my legs and paint my toenails.  Ya, I let her shave my chest too.  Oh the things a 20 year old will do to get some pussy.  Perhaps that one falls more under the category of ‘personal embarrassment” than it does actual comedy.  I’ll let you, my dear reader, be the judge of that.

I could share what is now a humorous kink experience revolving around a girl tied up on the bed of my small efficiency apartment while another desperately knocked on the door wanting attention herself.  At the time, there was nothing funny about it.  But, in retrospect, I have to smile and laugh, I mean what else can you do, right?

I spent over a decade with a lady named Blissful Torment as my wife and bottom.  While laughing as a part of our sexual games wasn’t really our forte, no doubt we had our moments.  Although it was mortifying to me at the time, one particular scene with our friend Cherub stands out in my mind.

Michael-&-Abbie-art4I’d prepared a plan for a scene that included both Bliss and Cherub as my submissive, to both be restrained and teased in turn, one after the other, for a long evening of torment.  I’d also selected a series of 5 cd’s of gothic music and had them in a changer set to play songs at random from the various discs.  My “dungeon” area was lit softly with candles.  A stick of incense burned slowly in the corner.

Then, not long after the second song came on to play, the incident happened.  While a spoken word incantation to Nosferatu as the second song’s intro droned on like a dirge, Cherub and Bliss looked at each other, and both broke out spontaneously in uproarious loud laughter.

As I said, it was mortifying for me.  The scene I’d planned, the mood I’d so carefully set – gone!  Maybe it wasn’t so funny at the time, but I look back and I laugh today.  Like I said before, what else can you do?

choosing a current humorous kink experience . . . finally!

Michael-&-Abbie_FotoSketcherBut, none of those past scenarios appealed to me.  For this post, I really wanted something current.  I really desired something that included not only my Serafina, but also our new partner in love and life, Sinnja.  And, while there are plenty of moments, the joyous feelings we share in the dungeon are a big part of our mutual attraction, few of those translate well into a written anecdote.  As with so many things in life, you really needed to have been there to get the humor.

And, because blogging is such a visual medium, I really wanted to find a moment we’ve captured.  While we are prolific photographers, the last requirement really upped the ante significantly.  Humor is often spontaneous, and without a doubt random spontaneous moments are most difficult to capture on film.

Still, we are prolific enough that we do have a few humorous kink experiences captured recently.  To be honest however, Serafina already took the very best one.  Her story of being released from rope bondage on a picnic table just moments before the arrival of a park ranger – priceless!

Fortunately, I do still have a silly story, with appropriate visual.  Well the visual itself really is the story.  Obviously then, the attached images of me with a furry dinosaur is not the kind of thing I’d usually post.

I’m serious about kink and BDSM, and I’m also a sadist.  I like to create strong sensations and elicit strong feelings.  Being a a serious sadist is not only what I am, what I enjoy, it’s something I’m not shy about sharing either.  I deliberately cultivate that image.

Michael-&-Abbie-extrudeAnd the sadism is not just posturing.  The first time I played with Sinnja I was rough enough that her nipples were raw and scabbed for the better part of a week.  The next time we played the scabs opened up and I got a little blood on my hands.  She got some blood on her shirt too, that day, just a spot.  It was a detail I wasn’t totally shy about sharing with my circle of friends at a munch we attended later that day.  See what I mean about deliberately cultivating an image?

So, when Sinnja first came to visit our home, with a girl in tow that she was involved with at the time, it was rather out of character for me to pose for a picture with a stuffed animal, let alone a purple freakin’ dinosaur.  Pictures of me without my goatee are pretty rare too.

The stuffed critter was her girl’s, and to be honest I can’t remember how it ended up in my hands.  The lack of mustache and goatee were intended to be a temporary situation.  I’d wanted Sinnja to see what she was getting, see the man without the facial adornment.  If, for instance, I lost the beard because of a fire play incident gone horribly wrong, I didn’t want Sinnja to cringe at what she found exposed underneath.  She needed to at least see the bare man once.

The reason I didn’t have a beard isn’t terribly important to the story, nor is my thinking in grabbing the stuffed dino.  Sinnja’s reaction is what made the moment.

‘This I’ve got to capture!” she said, grabbing her cellphone from her purse.  Everyone roared with laughter, and I mugged for the camera to produce the image just below.

It was only a few days later that the  picture ended up featured on the opening screen of Sinnja’s cell.  Every time she opened the phone she was greeted by the purple dinosaur on my chest, alongside my bare smiling mug.  Sometimes it made her giggle.

And, in the end, that is the reason for this post.  Her giggles on opening the phone.  They touched me very deeply.  To the core.  For a woman who had an abusive background in her childhood, who still suffers a form of PTSD nightmares due to her abuse, to be able to give her that giggle . . .

Well, it’s priceless to me.

I hope this post makes you giggle too, my sweetheart, my love!

tell us about a humorous kink experience



The Mostest Hostess – Serafina Samadhi

The Mostest Hostess – Serafina Samadhi

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Dramatis personæ

The idea behind the Dramatis personæ series is to introduce my readers to the wonderful cast of characters in my life.

This blog was originally intended to portray the story of my love affair with BDSM.  I believe the blog does that pretty well.

And, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty difficult to discuss my life without mentioning Serafina. She really is my partner in everything.

So, more than anything else, the Joy of Kink has ended up telling the story of my love affair with Serafina.

Obviously then, everyone who’s been reading my posts here already knows Serafina pretty well.  At least to the extent that I’ve been able to portray her with my words and pictures..

But, to be very honest, I have to confess that my words really don’t even begin to do her justice.  Nor do the images I post truly capture her beauty.

Serafina touches my life everyday, in most every way a woman can impact her spouse’s life.

good morning beautiful

mostest-hostess-serafina-samadhiWithout a doubt, our sweet submissive Sinnja could probably add a few words to my description.  Every morning, Sinnja greets Serafina with the words, “Good morning beautiful.”

Serafina befriended her when Sinnja was relatively new to FetLife.  It was Serafina who invited Sinnja to come out to her first munch.  It was Serafina who gave me a bit of a nudge (almost literally) and told me that I should take notice of Sinnja, that there was something special about the lady. Their friendship is what enabled me to comfortably begin to explore Sinnja’s submission.

In other words, the chemistry I’ve discovered with Sinnja is the direct result of Serafina’s influence and intervention.

And, the same thing is true when mentioning my best male friend AlphaBull.  Right after we first met Alpha, he had some personal issues arise that prevented him travelling to meet us.  The issues lasted for a period of weeks, and ultimately for several months before being resolved.

Without Serafina’s influence, I very likely would have given up on meeting him again.  She was the one who quietly said to me one day, “Master, it’s pretty difficult to meet top quality people like Sir Alpha.  I’m just sure our first impression of him was correct, and patience doesn’t cost us anything . . . Right?”

And how right she was!

I could spend days listing the many ways she’s had a positive impact on my life.  I could go on and on ad nauseum with examples of her influence.  But, rather than continuing in that vein until I am flogging a deceased equine, I’ll just give one more example.

I simply would not be here without Serafina.

I mean that in the sense of being a sex blogger.  Serafina is the one who has always encourage me at every step of the way.  Serafina is the one who said, “Let’s do it” when it came to posting my erotic photography at FetLife and this blog.  Serafina is the one who, on more than one occasion, has said, “Master, you really should share your knowledge and wisdom, won’t you write a book about BDSM?”

serafina-breast-bondageThat “book” became this blog!

I also mean that in the sense of — I would not be here on this mortal coil, I would not be alive were it not for Serafina. —  I’m not exaggerating when I say that either.

And, I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who would express that same thing.  Without Serafina, there are other’s in my life who very likely would not be alive too.

Think about that for a moment.

Think about the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, where an angel is sent down to help George Bailey realize his life was worth far more than he’d ever known.  Think about the way that movie, that black and white film from nearly sixty years ago, can still bring some people to tears.

I know an angel just like the one from the movie, only this one’s real.  She’s quite sexy too.  Not only does she save lives, she cooks, she cleans, she keeps my home and heart healthy.  Her name is Serafina Samadhi.  She’s the mostest hostess, and oh so very much more.

It’s a wonderful life we live together!

more than the mostest hostess – Serafina Samadhi – my slave, my wife, my beloved, my life


Dramatis personæ Samadhi

Dramatis personæ Samadhi

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Dramatis personæ

dra·ma·tis per·so·nae

noun plural \ˌdra-mə-təs-pər-ˈsō-(ˌ)nē, ˌdrä-, –ˌnī\

: the characters or actors in a play, movie, etc.

There is no other way to describe the folks I hold near and dear to my heart, my friends and family, than to portray them as a “cast of characters”.

Of course I don’t mean to imply that we are all just playing roles, I don’t use the term “character” in that sense at all.  I mean the word character like my mother used it, to describe a person who was exceptional, unusual, or flamboyant.

I think mom used it as a bit of a derogatory term.  Obviously it has the exact opposite connotation to my eyes.  I like characters.  And, there’s no doubt I’ve got an exceptional cast at the moment. But, it might take a scorecard to keep track of them all.  With that in mind, I’d like to give a quick outline of the dramatis personæ for Samadhi House.

The primary subject of the blog is myself and my immediate leather family.  The blog is about them, and for them, at the same time . . .

  • Michael Samadhi – Your Humble Narrator – Master of Serafina, Dominant of Sinnja.  Lifestyle dominant, sadist, eccentric, writer, photographer, and (believe it or not) philanthropist.
  • Serafina Samadhi – The Mostest Hostess, slave to Michael, submissive to AlphaBull.  Serafina is a porcelain skinned beauty with dignity, class, and grace.  She’s my beloved, my wife and my partner in all things.
  • Sinnja – my recently collared submissive, our new love and best friend. Sinnja’s smart, sexy, sassy, and sweet.  She’s got the biggest heart, a smile to melt my own heart, and eyes that entrance my soul.  Now she’s mine!

Deserving to be mentioned in nearly the same breath . . .

  • AlphaBull – my best male friend, an outstanding dominant, he joined us to assist for a few scenes as a part of Serafina’s training, and now has become family.  A ruggedly handsome outdoorsman and craftsman, Alpha’s biggest fetish is the cuckold lifestyle.  I’m currently encouraging Serafina and Alpha to find a single male they could cuckold together.

There are a couple of former girlfriends / play partners who are still close friends who’ve been mentioned here before, and will probably earn mention again . . . .

  • Cherub – a dear friend who I used to play with for the better part of the 1990’s.  She’s an artist, healer, and writer.  Someday we will collaborate together to write the great american novel.
  • Lexxi – good friend and play partner for the last half of 2013.  A complex lady with an intuitive sense for energy play, ultimately we found we did far better as friends than in any sort of relationship.

Then there are the folks I mentor / protect . . .

  • Gatekeeper0613 – a good friend, my first student (along with his wife Dee), father, family man and business manager, he’s trying to learn the ropes while juggling heavy work and family responsibilities, at this point he’s really more friend than student, but I continue to list him as someone I mentor out of respect for the way the relationship began.  Very loyal to and protective of Dee.
  • Dione12 / Dee – a good friend, my first student (along with her husband Gatekeeper0613) who has, in return, helped me to explore and better understand my sadistic side.  Our relationship has evolved from mentor/student, to play partners, and ultimately to being great friends.  She’s a mother and career woman, as well as being able to flip hamburgers without any utensils.
  • nova3434 / Stephen – A serious student of mastery – we see each other far less frequently than I wish, but his smile as well as his enthusiasm and dedication to kink are infectious.
  • TheropeArtist / Shawn – A serious student of BDSM – we see each other less frequently than I wish, but his serious nature and studious manner are very rare in young dominants.
  • dragonmoon1970 – The victim of a vindictive and vengeful former dominant, she was placed under my protection late last fall.  A dear sweet lady who’s health has not been the best in the year we’ve known her.

And of course we have some wonderful close friends too, folks that could get called extended family:

  • Lady Jennifer – there aren’t many Dommes on my Dramatis personæ, you won’t run across one again until the listing of my more casual friends, but Lady Jennifer is at the top of this list.  As I’ve often said in her presence, I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit for Jennifer.  She’s a hell of a lady who helped me double team Dee for my birthday last year in a scene some folks are still talking about.
  • puppet – Lady Jennifer’s wonderful submissive man.  He’s kind, intelligent, witty, funny, not to mention the fact that he giggles beautifully when Serafina occasionally has warmed him up for Jennifer.
  • Dark Kitty – a dear lady friend of ours from California, a sweet submissive and a kind hearted lady who’s ass glows nicely for a good flogging!

Then there are a couple of kinksters we’ve met through Sinnja, as they are her family.

  • shadowborn  – Sinnja’s husband, who believe it or not has wished me well with his wife.  I don’t know him well yet, but any man who writes me to wish me well in my relationship with his wife will make my list of friends.  And that is one thing we do have in common for sure, we both love Sinnja enough to want her ultimate happiness. I just happen to think her ultimate happiness is to be found serving me, and it seems Lewis agrees, at least for the moment.
  • addar – Believe it or not, he’s Sinnja’s oldest son.  I met him for the first time at the munch where I first met Sinnja.  He’s a really cool guy, has hit it off really well with Serafina.  I consider him family too!

Then there are a pair of ex wives, one of whom get’s mentioned at least infrequently . . .

  • BlissfulTorment / Bliss / Blissy– My partner for close to 20 years, my submissive for a decade, we were married from 1993 until 2009.  A physically beautiful creature who was a lifeguard, personal trainer, and nude model, Blissy was also a narcissist.  Ultimately I found she could not be trusted, and in the end, without trust there is no real love.
  • Charley – My first wife, we were married for 3 years in the early 1980’s.  I shared my first BDSM wedding night with Charlie, three days after my 18th birthday.  A good woman, we were just married too young.  I see her out at a restaurant once a year it seems, and we always exchange friendly smiles and kind words.

Finally, there are a number of more casual friends, folks we don’t see as often as we’d like, but are still an important part of our lives.

  • _his_Owner / Mr_Ellen – a great person, wonderful presenter, very serious about the lifestyle, she’s the reason I have a suspension frame that was originally designed as a swing stand, we gave her our kitchen table in return.
  • Sir_Eric – outstanding dominant and great all around guy, organizer of Kinkstock, dominant of Aly.
  • Aly –  great lady, submissive to Eric, fun, witty, and just a little bit bratty (sometimes more than a little!).
  • Lady_E – another great lady, a local Pro-Domme who has hosted a couple of private parties we attended, I borrowed her airsoft rifles for an interrogation scene last November.

I’m almost positive I’ve missed folks who deserve to make the list, but that’s always something I can catch up on later if necessary.  Some of these folks will likely become the “victims” of a more detailed individual write up.  Lucky them, right?

For now though, that’s a pretty good basic scorecard for the folks who want to keep track of the cast of characters that surrounds my life.

Dramatis personæ Samadhi