Rain Speaks… It Calls Me

Kink of the Week July 16-31

Getting wet in the rain
Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. Roger Miller

The splatter of gentle rain against a tin roof.  Soft patterns of percussion overhead.

The even tonality of an overcast sky.  It’s soft diffused light.

The fresh smell only rain can provide, unlike any other.

Rain is a sensuous experience.  Or, it can be.

If only you allow yourself to feel it.  Really feel it…

I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face. Katherine Mansfield

I love the power of Nature, in all its aspects.

I’ve always felt the power most strongly away from the works of man.

In the woods.  On a shore.  Standing at a canyon’s precipice.

I once lived in a National Park for a year.  It was glorious.

But, no matter where I am, no matter what I might be doing, rain connects me to nature’s majesty and strength.

The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfillment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall. Helen Garner

The vital power of rain speaks to the primal within me.

It awakens my senses.  And, it arouses my desires.

The Tantric and the Master within me both revel in the energy rain provides for play.

Soak it up.

Soak it in.

Life is the fire that burns and the sun that gives light. Life is the wind and the rain and the thunder in the sky. Life is matter and is earth, what is and what is not, and what beyond is in Eternity. Lucius Annaeus Seneca

desert showers

I went to the desert, and there I found rain.

The skies opened up.  It rained for days until the sand itself became saturated.

We walked and laughed in the rain at first.  Joking about being beavers, we dammed a little stream in what was usually a dry desert gully.

The sprinkles from the sky came down harder.  Then harder still.  Soon, they were no longer sprinkles at all.

The dam burst.  Beavers would have done better, I’m sure.  So, we walked and laughed again.

I’ll share a little secret I learned that day.  Don’t start a walk in the rain with the wind to your back…

We wandered for about an hour, then we turned, and headed for home.

The skies opened up.  Water poured down harder and harder.  The wind picked up.  Nature’s power can be unrelenting.

It felt like my face was being scoured by the rain.  My fancy raincoat soaked thru and stuck like a second skin, colder still than my own.

Arriving at camp, we shed our clothes, quickly.

I will always remember the rain beating down on my naked skin, like a full body shower. 

Save a boyfriend for a rainy day – and another, in case it doesn’t rain. Mae West

finding bliss

We nearly knocked each other over crawling into the tent at the same time.  Both seeking the warmth of our bedroll.

Inside the confines of our tent, snuggled into a giant sleeping bag together, Bliss and I smiled and laughed some more.

The sound of rain beating on the tent roof was hypnotic.  So was her naked body.

We made love.

It was glorious, intense, and satisfying.

We lay together then for another hour, listening to the storm, basking in the glow of our lovemaking.

Time seemed suspended.  We lay together almost as if in a trance.

The afterglow continued, as did the storm.  But, the feeling of being sexually sated drifted away.

We explored each other’s bodies again.  Perhaps less frantically, but still filled with the rain’s sensual energy.

Still more fully satisfied, the sun’s glow receding, we fell asleep with the dusk. 

Rain, whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains.

Henry Ward Beecher


I came semi-awake, in the dark, to a roar.

A deep rumbling.  Earth lightly trembling under me.

The sound of rain falling on the tent was still present.  But, this was deeper

A grip of fear struck me for a second as I fumbled for a flashlight.

I’d always wanted to witness a flash flood in the desert.  But, not like this.  Not in the middle of the night.  Not while camping in an isolated campsite.

Grabbing the flashlight, I wandered off into the night, moving towards the rumble.

Sure enough, the arroyo we’d been playing in was flooding.  A solid wall of red-brown water filled the gulch.

The water surged and rolled like an angry beast.  The closer I got, the louder the sound.  Large boulders, heavier than Bliss and I could lift together, were rumbling in the stream.  Rolling and crashing like dice being tossed.

Then I realized we were stranded.  The only way out crossed another similar ravine.  I could hear a muffled roar in that direction too.

If the water got any higher, our camp was in danger of being flooded.

What to do?

Certain emotions just take you to the notes – being furious, heroic, sad, erotic, when rain comes.

Jeff Buckley


Rain pouring down on me, I scurried back into the tent.

There was Bliss, awake now herself.

I explained the flood.  I told her about the boulders rolling and tumbling against each other.  She could hear the roar, feel the ground’s vibrations.

What to do?

“Let’s fuck!”

Fuck the rain, the storm.  Oh, fuck the flood.  Just fuck it all.

Hey, let’s just fuck.

We did.

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.

John Updike


When the morning came, the storm had passed, only light rain remained.

It was three days before the dirt road to our campsite opened back up.

When it was over, I was raw.

Anytime we lacked a purpose, anytime we lacked a plan, one of us would ask the question…

“What do you want to do now?”

“Let’s fuck,” became our refrain.

It took us all three days to work off all the energy we’d absorbed from our walk in the rain.  The power infused from the ground trembling beneath us.

What glorious days they were…

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A Ticklish Subject – Is “M” for Maschalagnia?

A Ticklish Subject – Is “M” for Maschalagnia?

This entry is part 11 of 12 in the series Kink of the Week

Serafina and I just adore Jade and her blog, Kink and Poly.

So much so that we named her among our biggest inspirations in the post “I” is for Inspiration and Influences.

But I can’t say that I’m terribly enamored of her topic choice for this particular Kink of the Week.  Sorry Jade . . .

Armpits?  Really?

Instead of maschalagnia, why not merinthophilia 1  instead?

I could talk about rope and bondage forever.

But armpits?  Not so much.  Armpits are a ticklish subject!

I’m committed to tackling my kink of the week, every week, but this is not an easy one for me.  There’s just not much there . . .

Do you find yourself sexually attracted to armpits?

Not really.  I love a woman’s body, all of it, but armpit’s aren’t a big deal for me.  I enjoy tickling, and that can include armpits.

Is it the smell? Is it the sight of them?

I’m not the kind of people that’s offended by a fellow human that’s not freshly bathed.  I was an athlete.  With that said, I love a soft freshly bathed body, so it’s not like armpit smell is an aphrodisiac.

Looking at armpits doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  I just flashed my bare armpit at Serafina and asked if she got all hot and bothered at the sight.  She giggled . . . Not so much for her either I guess.

What about hair? Do you prefer shaved?

Vive la différence I say!  I don’t shave mine.  Serafina shaves hers.

She plucks her pussy though, maybe I should make her pluck her armpits too . . .

Jade, I’d like to thank you for this thought provoking subject . . .

Have you ever done sexual acts that involve the armpits?

The answer is no.  I thought really hard, trying to remember tickling a girl’s armpits while we fucked.  I still had nothing.

Do you worship them?

Really?  Really?  Nah, I don’t think so . . .

Maybe you don’t like armpits at all?

I’m not anti-armpit.  It’s not that I dislike the humble armpit, I bear them no ill will.  They just aren’t my thing.

I guess, if I learned to properly torture armpits (I have used clothespins there once or twice, now that I think of it) I might appreciate them more.  Ya, that’s the sadist talking . . .

Let’s talk about pits!

I already gave about all there is.  <calls to slave with wicked new torture! you are going to love this one more than being tied up and having your pussy plucked with pliers!>

Is “M” for Maschalagnia?


Pinching Tits for KOTW

Pinching Tits for KOTW

This entry is part 10 of 12 in the series Kink of the Week

When I saw the topic for this week’s Kink of the Week, the first thing that came to mind wasn’t BDSM.

I know, shocking isn’t it?

Instead the prompt almost immediately brought to mind a couple of lines from a classic 1970’s movie called Silver Streak.  The comedy stared Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor1.  Essentially, it’s the story of a man who suffers a series of misadventures surrounding a murder plot while travelling cross country on a train called the Silver Streak.

In one of the movie’s scenes, Wilder’s character has been thrown off the train, and in order to get back to the train, he must help Rita2 finish her farm chores before she will help him get back to the train.

George Caldwell: I’ve never milked a cow before.
Rita: Cut the gas, Steve, you’re a grown man. I’m sure you’ve had some similar experience.
~ Silver Streak (1976)

Then after arriving back on the train, he encounters Ned Beatty’s sex obsessed character, Bob Sweet.

Bob Sweet: What were you doing back there? Getting a little ass?
George Caldwell: No, I was squeezing tits!
~ Silver Streak (1976)

You’ll have to excuse me.  I could have sworn the joke’s punchline was “pinching tits”, hence the title of the post.  I suppose that’s not the worst fopah I could make.  And, it’s rather understandable that I’d get a detail like that wrong.  The last time I saw the movie was probably 30 years ago . . .

I don’t want to get too far off track with the movie references.  The point of the post isn’t to become some sort of kinky IMBd.  I was just doing a bit of “free association” with the word pinching, and that movie’s jokes were the first thing that came to mind.

Hopefully the old jokes serve as an adequate and unique introduction to a brief discussion on pinching (and squeezing) breasts3.

Yes, there are other body parts to pinch and squeeze.  Grabbing a woman’s ass is second to “pinching tits”, but it’s a relatively distance second place.  I mean, everybody loves boobies4, right?

Nipple play is a passion for me.  If a woman’s body were a web browser, nipple play would be my home page.

And I do like to play with sensations of all kinds, and not just on beautiful breasts.  The pinching sensation is a big one in the sensation player’s arsenal, no doubt about that.  I have a box with 250 clothespins in it, and that’s just what get’s taken on trips to the Kinky Kabin!

What are your thoughts on pinching – good, bad, indifferent? Something you do a lot, a little, occasionally?

Daily!  At least in terms of nipple play with Serafina, some pinching is a daily activity.  Early on in our relationship I told her that I’d keep her nipples extraordinarily sensitive all the time.  And I am, after all, a man of my word.  it’s take some work and “training”, but now when I apply the right pressure during our lovemaking, it will trigger an orgasm for my sweet slave.

Are there places that you get pinched that send you to the moon, or through the roof? Certain body parts that are okay to pinch and others that are not?

I’ve been known to make a woman orgasm by pinching her clit, so there are no body parts that are off limits for pinching.  But, of them all, pinching tits is by far the best!

What kinds of pinching do you like? Sharp, needle-like ones or big hand grabs, or something in between? Are there times that one kind of pinching is okay, or one place to be pinched, and others when it is not?

Variety is truly the spice of life!  I employ a variety of techniques, a variety of pinches on my partners.  Everything from big boobie mash squeezes to tiny little fingernail bites on nipples, and all points in between.

Does it make a difference if it’s a hand pinching, or pinchy toys, like clothespins or clamps?

I’m a hands on kinda guy, no tool will ever match the subtlety of sensation I can create with my fingers.  With that said, I love my toys.  I’ve already mentioned the plethora of pins I take to the Kinky Kabin.  Clamps and clothepins free my fingers up to wander and do other mischief.

If you have piercings, do you like having those played with so that they pinch, or do you have a partner with whom you like to play this way?

My own left nipple is pierced, I had it done based on a promise by a former submissive of mine who said she’d get her nipples pierced, but only if I had one of mine done.  After I fulfilled my end of the bargain, she reneged on her half of the bargain.  I don’t know that it creates better sensations than the un-pierced nipple.  I like to have them both played with.

When we first met, Serafina vowed to have her nipples pierced for me.  I’ve never had it done, because piercings can limit some forms of play, especially while they heal.  That’s not to say it won’t happen tomorrow, I think that I’d just need to be caught in the right mood at this point.

If you are the Top, do you employ pinching for pain or punishment, or because it elicits sexual pleasure?

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again (and again) – Variety is truly the spice of life!  I love pinching nipples to elicit pleasure.  It’s really fucking hot to spend an hour tormenting a bound victim’s breasts, to discover that without touching her anywhere else, she’s become wet, nearly to her knees.

I also love to apply enough pressure to make my “victim” wince, perhaps make those knees buckle.  Oh yes . . .  No doubt that the sadist in me loves pinching tits!

pinching tits


Pinching our friend Dee’s tits. (January 2013 – photo by Serafina)

Kink of the Week

“I” is for Inspiration and Influences

“I” is for Inspiration and Influences

This entry is part 10 of 26 in the series Blogging from A to Z

The letter “I” could stand for a lot of different things within the concepts behind Joy of Kink from “A” to “Z”.

Ice play.
Ice Queen.
Illegal Sex.
Impact Play
Insect fetish.

For instance, an essay on “inuction” could include, not only a discussion of the fetish1, but also a discussion of the phenomena of Mazola® parties2

What?  You haven’t heard of a Mazola® party before?  Well, you’ll have to wait until at least next year to find out more, because this year “I” is for inspiration.

I don’t know that a discussion of the inspirations for my kinkiness is possible.  I really have no idea why I am the way that I am.  Frankly I’ve always been this way, it’s really the only way I know how to live.  I am who I am, and previous attempts to understand why, tend to be more than a little bit inscrutable in their result.

So, rather than have a discussion about me, or about my kink, I’d like to discuss the lovely sex bloggers who have inspired me to create the Joy of Kink.  My work has been influenced by a relatively small handful of people and sites, but each is important in their own way.

The Big Four

There are four sex bloggers who have been the primary inspiration for my own work . . .

Curvaceous Dee

Pansexual, polyamorous, and kinky, Curvaceous Dee is the moniker of an absolutely lovely writer (and exhibitionist) who hails from New Zealand, as well as a site’s name.  Far more than anyone else out there, Dee has been a key inspiration for all of my blogging efforts.  Dee is intelligent and witty, not to mention the fact that she’s a very kinky lady.  I adore intelligence and wit, always have and I always will.  I learn from Dee, especially the other blogger’s posts she features in Intriguing Reading.  I think there have been 78 posts in that ongoing series, they all have made me think.  I’m a (mostly) heterosexual male dominant, as such I come from a place of privilege.  The diversity of Dee’s friends pansexual offerings, if nothing else, help to remind me of the wonderful diversity that make up our community, and usually do far more for me than that.  The mind is our biggest sex organ, and I know Dee understands that.  She’s also very brave, her exhibitionist exploits are a very real inspiration to Serafina.  She’s the organizer of the Scavenger Hunt which Serafina and I recently started taking part in, what great fun it is!  Although I’ve never told her so, I’ve got a long distance crush on Dee, I have for a long time.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly is the Queen of sex bloggers.  OK, I don’t know that’s a universally accepted fact, I haven’t seen her crowned as such.  I’m sure there are others who might claim the title.  I mean it certainly could be argued that the “Queen of all Sex Bloggers” is Violet Blue.  But to me, Ms Blue blogs about sex rather than being a sex blogger.   Molly’s Daily Kiss is the epitome of what sex blogging is about today in the year 2014, and for that I give Molly her title.  At least that’s how she’s thought of here in my household.  Molly may be a submissive, but she’s also a natural born leader, and that shows (very much) in the great success of Sinful Sunday.  That meme is easily the most popular and successful one of it’s kind in the world of kinky sex bloggers.  Molly’s Pussy Pride Project is another place where her organizing and leadership skills show.  Her photography skills are also outstanding, and the makeover her site just got is visually stunning, a beautiful look and design.  She’s a beautiful woman too.  Don’t let all the skills fool you, she is definitely a sexy sex blogger. . . What a lady!  Perhaps I don’t have the long term crush on Molly that I have had on Dee, but being newer doesn’t make it any less true.

Rebel’s Notes

Marie Rebel is certainly sex blogger royalty, no doubt about that.  I think of Marie as being something akin to Molly’s sister – that would make her Princess Marie Rebel!  Like Molly’s site, Rebel’s Notes is truly the epitome of what sex blogging in 2014 is all about.  I guess the association in my mind is made stronger by the fact that Molly and Marie are real life friends.  I’ve seen posts of them traipsing about the countryside together, collecting scavenger hunt locations as they go, and can’t help imagining what fun it must have been to be the photographer!  Ms Rebel has great organizing skills too, she’s the host of Wicked Wednesday, another one of my favorite internet memes.  And, she’s yet another beautiful submissive lady blogger.  Now, if I say that I have a bit of a crush on Marie, I’m going to sound like some hopeless headcase, but I have to say this at the very least, she’s a sexy lady who’s more than worthy too.

Kink and Poly

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record here.  Everything I’ve said so far about other outstanding sex bloggers is true also about Jade Melisande, the author of Kink and Poly.  Jade is sexy, very sexy.  Her blog is, like Rebel’s Notes and Molly’s Daily Kiss, everything I could imagine a sex blog should be.  She’s exhibitionistic, intelligent, and she writes great erotica (which is also true of everyone who has preceded her, lest I be remiss in mentioning that.)  Did I mention that she’s sexy?  Oh, ya I did.  The other thing I should mention is that she’s also the first blogger on the list who resides on the same continent.  And, she really only lives a few hours drive away.  I’m guessing our paths will cross someday, at Twisted Tryst, Kinky Kollege, MadtownKinkfest, or maybe something in her home town.  I lived there myself as a community organizer back in 1990, and have to say I never met anyone like Jade.  It’d be great to share a meal, meet her guys.  Maybe even find a way to do a joint Scavenger Hunt or two with Jade and Serafina, tie them to each other or something!  I should also mention that Jade hosts another popular meme – Kink of the Week.

Plus Two

Two other bloggers have been significant influences, even if it’s not as openly apparent.  I’m still working to find the “voice” I want in writing reviews, but it’s still a goal of mine.

Dangerous Lily

The sex toy reviewer’s sex toy reviewer.  Lily’s blog – Dangerous Lily – has always been my greatest inspiration to write sex toy reviews.  She’s incredibly informed and proactive when it comes to the safety of sex toys. Her no nonsense reviews, and outstanding advice for fellow bloggers is greatly appreciated.  It seems like often, she’s just a step ahead of me.  I’ll have an idea for a great blog post, only to do a quick google search and discover that Lily already had the idea, and wrote the definitive blog post about it.

Hey Epiphora

The queen of sex toy reviewers.  Hey Epiphora is THE classic sex toy review site.  Doing reviews of BDSM tools and sex toys is always a part of my inspiration in creating a blog, but writing the reviews is not so easy for me.  I tip my cap to sex toy reviewers like Lily and Epiphora, it’s a tougher job to do right than you might think.

 Honorable Mentions

There are a couple of sites that are still in existence that deserve mention, even if they don’t rise up to the level of the “Big Six”.

bondage blog

In terms of original content, Bondage Blog is by far the weakest of all the blogs I consider to be among the inspirations for the creation of the Joy of Kink.  It’s really little more than a collection of items that have been found elsewhere on the web, and are then re-posted to Bondage Blog.  I rarely visit there anymore, the blog has little to offer me today.  But, ten or twelve years ago, that was a different story.  Bondage blog was the first kink blog I ever found, it led me to dozens of other sites.  It earns it’s place on the list only because it was the very first kinky blog I ever found.  In fact it was probably the first blog I ever actually read.

No Need to be Coy

Run by yet another lovely lady blogger, Coy Pink, No Need to be Coy has a special place in my heart for a very unique reason.  Ms Pink bears a striking resemblance to a lady who was a former love interest of mine back in the 1990’s.  Several years ago, back in 2008, after finding coypink.com, the resemblance between the Coy Pink and my friend led me to look the friend up again, after being out of contact for the better part of a decade.  We are fast friends again, I’m even helping to edit her novel.  While the relationship we once had is well beyond being rekindled, the mutual respect and love we once shared still endures.  Besides Serafina, she is currently the other woman to whom I sign letters to with the word love.  No Need to be Coy earns an honorable mention for rekindling my friendship.

 your blog

I could probably list a dozen others, but the word count for this post will exceed 1800 now before it’s all said and done.  Examples include You Won’t Tame This Sassy Cat, Malflic, Just Like Heaven, Kinky Mia, Dragon’s Kink, Beck and Her Kinks, and ALY- an aspiring and evolving Buddhist slave girl, among others, but there are many more.  I’m nothing, after all if I’m not verbose, and I do love to read, perhaps even more than write.  If you have commented here, and/or I’ve commented on your blog, than you’ve probably had an influence.  The community of sex bloggers is a wonderful place, I’ve made many new online friends in the past few months, and I look forward to making many more.

Finally- the Conclusion – “I” is for Inspiration and Influences

Hopefully, the individuals who have influenced and inspired my blogging efforts will understand that I really wish I  had the time and room to write even more wonderful things about you.

For all the named blogs, as well as the newer discoveries who are not named (at least not this year – I hope to Blog from A-Z in April every year) I thank you all, each and every one of you, for enriching my life.


Triptych Fun

Triptych Fun

This entry is part 12 of 35 in the series Sinful Sunday

Serafina and I participate in a number of sex blogger memes.

We post to the Scavenger Hunt when we can, and we’ve joined month long challenges like the Feb Photo Fest and the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Most prominently though are the weekly memes, as they show up here on a regular schedule.

Week after week they are a part of our blog.

Kink of the Week, Wicked Wednesday, TMI Tuesday, and of course Sinful Sunday, are all regular features here.

I guess you could say that Internet memes are inspiring to Serafina and I.

They provide ideas, and a real sense of community, not to mention increasing viewership.

And in the end, isn’t that the point?

I mean writers want to be read, exhibitionists want to be seen, ya know?

triptych fun

a collection of artwork by serafina samadhi inspired by sinful sunday’s triptych competition . . .

Cabin feve3Triple picCabin fever2.Cabin fever1

I tend to be a relatively slow and plodding writer.  It used to be that I wasn’t happy until a piece I wrote had something like 14 revision before the final edit.  Part of that, I suppose, comes from my former profession.  Crafting press releases for statewide release was a precise task, especially in the dog eat dog world of Illinois politics.

But, working on a deadline is always good motivation to keep going.  It forces me to get the job done with a minimum of revisions.  To participate, I’ve got to finish on time, and I don’t usually have a week’s lead time to craft my writing like I would have with a new release.

I think my writing is fresher now, even if it’s somewhat less precise.  And, some of the memes aren’t about the writing anyway, like Sinful Sunday.  Which does, finally, bring me around to the point of this post1

My point is that we were given some lead time for Molly’s Triptych contest.  And while (thankfully) there aren’t 18 different revisions to show, we did create a few alternatives along the way.  Call it practice if you like, it’s part of the creative process, and I’d like to show our work.

Anyway, it’s also an opportunity to brag on my Serafina.  While we are both photographers, she’s the wizard with photo editing software.  In the end, all of the triptychs posted here are her work.  The  two triptych’shave been previously posted, I think one was here and one was at SpiritualBDSM.com.  The rest of what I’ve shared here today is new . . .

Cabin fever4curl
Sinful Sunday